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League of Legends Build Guide Author BruteMan

Caitlyn - The Team Player

BruteMan Last updated on January 5, 2011
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This is my first attempt at a guide for Mobafire readers so i wont be upset if i get allot of -1's lol this build works for me but you might not play the same style as me to be as successful at it give it a go its done me well so far with 15 wins 1 loss due to team feeding.

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I chosenArmor pen runes and quintsto get that impact early game that you need to control the lanes.
Mana Regen Seals but remember if you abuse Q too much your oom allot.

finallycool down per level glyphs not as much use early but late game it helps a pile.

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I went with 21 / 0 / 9 as you can see focusing less on the attack speed more on the magic pen it helps with traps and your E net skill do a bit more damage when triggered combined with the bit of AP boost you get from items and in the 9 get the golem buff duration for 1 point it makes a bigger impact then all your other choices cause you will be eating golems by lvl 8!

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Summoner Spells

I useandwith Ghost Mastery. you can try other combos this works the best for me cause i get to help the team when hurting to either continue a push or retreat and live with the Heal, Ghost i use for both escape and for getting across the map to the action in a hurry.

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ok heres where I have played many diffrent varations of items but your core should always be to start with a Dorans Blade and a HP Pot.

Then head for a side lane I NEVER MID with Cait shes not bad mid but you excel helping a teammate and yourself harass a sideline and get some kills far better then you will at getting anything in mid.

1st trip back depending how well you did in the 1st phases of laneing usally nets you a full set of

and possibly even an extra

this is where i finish core after this its all about how well your doing if your getting the early kills and not feeding the other team and raking in some big gold then id head for big damage items first likefor yourotherwise if your not doing well farm more and hit faster by building your Maladyand keep setting traps in bushes.

Note: I have in 2 games had a bad start against a lane with a Cait and Lux in the lane together they are impossible to lane against without ganks in this case i spent the gold and went with my
the impact after buying these changes the lanes as the blades were cheap to get and the impact was huge then selling them off as soon as the mid game started for more of my normal build items.

Either way after this you should be mid game and with a good team you should be with your tank harassing and helping get kills / assists. I don't play Cait as a KS get the kills toon more of a team player to assist in all the kills and get a few as they try to run with the ult.

Then you can follow whatever order you feel will help your game more be it more speed head for ginsoo's or more DMG finish your IF.

I have also played other builds that work just as well with Cait i'll icon them below for reference. the biggest thing I find that wins games is work with your teammates help get the kills don't charge in to steal a kill you'll just get killed help the beefier guys by weakening them down to let the tank even get a kill keeping you safely at the rear sure 175 gold instead of 300 isn't as nice but giving them 300 after you get a kill and get ganked doesn't help either.

Heres a couple Alt builds i use as well try them if you wish.


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Basically I play for my team and for a Win and less for what my scores reflect in the summary. by doing this i play as a glass cannon always behind someone and never caught alone without an escape. your literally glass 1 hit and your shattered you have a minor amount of survivability unless you rake in the gold and build the warmong's build Never think your invincible soon as you think that your dead.

Early Phase Laneing:

Side lanes with your partner take your traps and get in your lane as fast as possible trap the bush if your good you'll get 2 traps in their side of the bush before they even arrive trapping both of them (or same guy twice or even 3 times if your traps are already cooled down) and getting you some early pot shots if your partner is as fast as you you have a chance to get first blood most of the time it just lowers their hp to start laneing or forcing them to drink HP / use heal . After the minions are coming focus on keeping the bushes trapped and every 7th shot save it to harass them with it best way is to 1 hit a minion out of bush then 3 hit them inside bush then 7th hit the opposite team. If you have a real squishy focus on them but if they are both decent hp / armor champs share the love lower their hp to a level they will stay in lanes for but wont dare any over extending / tower diving. if they are dumb to stay low HP when you hit 6 headshot for the kills.

Midgame / Late Game :

By mid game you should be with your tank and you should have either speed hits with malady or big damage with a BF sword at least. by now its a push and pull game don't get caught in the middle or front of pushes keep the the rear once the team has committed to a fight then enter at range and start trapping in the middle of the fight and hit a few with Q keep track of your mana last you want is 1 to get away because you were low mana and cant use your Ult. I usually always have Blue Golem buff on for team fights this ensures you have the mana for the kill shot if needed.

Later game you will see who your doing allot of damage easily to and who you are not assess their tanks / big HP's if they are getting allot of armor get armor pen and adjust your builds to fit late game is really adjusting to penetrate the other team with either more speed more ap damage or more armor pen i leave it up to you to know the game and items well enough to adjust to fit.

Anyway Comment if you vote me down so i can see where this guide sits with you all if you like it but have comments please add them too!