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Caitlyn Build Guide by Drahque

Caitlyn - The TRUE Carry build

By Drahque | Updated on January 16, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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If you like this build, then why not check out my new OFF-tank Swain build out? He is gonna be the new Evelynn:
- Link to: Swain, The Real Painkiller! (OFF-tank)

* Before reading: I focus more on the actually BUILD (items / runes /masteries), than the written guide - and I am gonna update the written guide and make it much better, if people like my build.

First of all, sorry about my language, but english is not my native language. I hope that you'll understand what I want to tell you.

So this build I got inspired by MadMack's Ashe build, which is currently #1 build on Mobafire, with whole 92 %. I wanna thank MadMack a lot for opening my eyes for playing ranged carries, and the big change in the build, where it's armor penetration (''true damage'') instead of high crits, that is the goal.

Everything about why it's better to go attack damage than crit chance on most carries, is explained in his very well written guide here (For short - Crit is unreliable):

About Caitlyn, she is probably the best top solo laner /in my and many high ELO gamers opinion, for example HotShotGG), especially with this build. And the reason to that is the brushes and her good harass abillities, but I will talk about this later in the written guide.

Please comment and try the build and strategies before voting. Thank you.

P.S. as you asked for an example of a Ranked game with this build, here is one:
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My choices are:
* 9 piece of Greater Mark of Alacrity:
Cause this is an AS build, and there is no other options in marks that is worth it, and the reason to not choosing armor penetration runes, is that this is an ARMOR REDUCTION build, and armor penetration wouldn't really help much (only for early game, but this build is mid game).

* 9 piece of Greater Seal of Vitaly:
175 hp at level 18 is really nice, and it really helps on her surviveabillty in mid-late game.

* 9 piece of Greater Glyph of Clarity:
This really helps on her mana problems, if you are a player who are really good at handling their mana, then you will never run out of mana in the laning phase nor in team fights. Also don't forget the 5 mana regen you get from 3 in Meditation in Utility mastery.

* 2 piece of Greater Quintessence of Vigor:
This gives her rougly 20 hp/5 (together with the Strength of the Spirit from masteries, which I will talk about in next chapter), which means she can stay on the lane forever and harass the opponent. She doesn't even have to go back unless the team needs her, but a top laner shouldn't be leaving the lane the first 11 levels. And at level 11 without going back, I usually have enough gold to build Boots of Speed + The Black Cleaver, and that's when the real deal stats!

* 1 piece of Greater Quintessence of Fortitude:
This makes you start with 612 hp, makes you look stronger than if you had 580 hp. But it can be swapped out with a third Quintessence of Vigor, all after what you like, and if you are moroe of an harassing player or less good at avoiding spells, then I would recommend a third Vigor.
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Here I choose to got 1/8/21, mostly because of how much more usefull Presence of the Master utility is, compared to Havoc in offensive. Since Havoc only gives 5 % boost to the BASE damage, which is rougle 3-5 extra attack damage, while Presence + Blink of an Eye makes you able to flash every third minute and also decreases the cooldown on Exhaust quite much.

The extra health regen / mana regen (4%);
the extra XP (5%);
the extra mana regen (5mp5);
the extra buff duration (30%);
the extra movement speed (3%);
the extra cooldown reduction (6%);
And especially the about 20 % lower cooldown on Flash and Cooldown

I can't tell how many times more this would safe you, than the 10 extra AD you get from offensive mastery at lvl 18, or the 2 % crit chance (1 out of 50 hits, you like to roll a dice?).

Even more important is the 8 in offensive, this gives you the godly 0,3 % health regeneration from mana, which makes you have so much more health regeneration than you're opponent. Already at lvl 1 you have 18, and at lvl 5 you have about 30. This is 4-6 health per secend, while you're opponent most likely will be getting 1-2 health per second.

Just try it out, you will see how much you're gonna love utility and health regeration more than offensive. And don't forget you also get extra 6 magic resistance and 4 armor. ^^,

The lower cooldown on flash, the mana regen, the extra XP, the extra movement speed, the longer NPC buff durations, the extra health / mana regen,
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This is a AD build based on Attack Speed and Lifesteal and Armor Reduction instead of Armor Penetration. Basically instead of every other Caitlyn guide, which was made the day she was release, and not 2 days after testing all the possible builds, whom choose to go Crit chance and less armor penetration, attack speed and lifesteal.

But because of her passive, I really think that attack speed is a must, and because of noone of her spells can crit, nor her passive, there is no idea in going crit chance. Also Infinity Edge gives just 20 % crit chance, which is extremely unreliable - but all this about why go more attack speed and life steal is explained in MadMack's (currently #1 build:

Also the new Black Cleaver buff makes it the new Last Whisper 2.0, just even better. And the lifesteal in this build makes he able to stay much much longer out farming, and even more importantly IN TEAM FIGHTS!

But the main reason for this build is the ARMOR REDUCTION, black cleaver gives whole 45 armor reduction after 3 hits (which takes just 2 seconds to apply in mid game), and the permanent 20 armor reduction from Stark's fervor and together with 10 armor reduction from Exhaust, you can get a total, which is also the maximum, of WHOLE 75 armor reduction. This mean, if the person you're focussing have under 75 armor, you can make them get -ARMOR, yes MINUS ARMOR, which makes you attack even more on them.

Please test this item build out before complaining about it, you're gonna love it. If you got any suggestions on changes in the item build, please feel welcome to post it below.

P.S. if you got the money after Black Cleaver or Phage, then it's a good idea to purchase the B.F. sword a little earlier, or even buying Bloodthirster before Stark's Fervor - but this is only if the game is going really good or you're farm is excellent.
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Skill Sequence

Can be made changes here, this is what I thought would be the best skill sequence for early harassment, but please feel free to comment below if you got any ideas for changes in skill sequence and you're reason for it.
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Summoner Spells

* Why Flash:
I choose to go Flash, beacuse it's just a life safer, it's an security button if you over-extrend and also if you get ganked it's really helpfull. Actually it's more helpfull on Caitlyn than most champions, because of her next is like 2 flashes.

This can actually be used quite smart, if you net over a wall, and one or more opponent flash over the wall, you can just flash back, and they will have their flash on cooldown, and won't be able to follow you. Just like LeBlanc's W spell.

* Why Exhaust:
I chooset to go Exhaust as second summoner abillity because it really helps her being able to 1v1 the harder ones, such as Olaf, Xin Zhao, Poppy etc. or even mages, because it now also affects mages / hybrids because it also affect magic spell damage now.

Even more important is the slow, it can really be used defensive and offensive really well, I've actually saved quite many teammates with exhaust.

But the main reason for exhaust is the -10 armor and magic resistance it gets with the 1 in offensive mastery, which makes you have a total of 75 armor reduction (BC = 45, Starks = 20 and Exhaust = 10). If people have under 75 armor, you can make then get LOWER than 0 armor, and even more important is that it helps you team a lot, by reducing opponent team with 65-75 armor, together with the armor penetration the other carry or physical damage dealers on you're team, it really helps taking tanks down. It's just luuuve, except that the opponent team is gonna hate you.
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Pros / Cons

- Really long range (650, which is the second longest after Tristana)
- Good farmer (better than most other carries, except Miss Fortune)
- Good ultimate (really helps killing thoose ''runners'', also in team fights)
- Huge Damage (The best DPS, if not the second best ranged single target DPS)
- Good to escape (Double flash, slow and a sweet stun)
- Useful in almost any situation

- Easy killed (if too many focus her, the life steal won't keep her alive, but it's easily countered by running away or flashing away, untill just 1-2 target's is focussing you, and you can start attacking again).
- Primary target in most of cases.
- Low amount of mana.
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A really good farmer, one of the better ones of ranged carries and with this build she can stay on the lane nearly in an eternity.
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Caitlyn is a really good carry, especially with this build, she is something between Ashe and Miss Fortune. Try the build out, you will love the armor reduction and lifesteal and on top of that out DPS'ing an opponent carry who decides to go Infinity Edge and crit damage.

You will most likely out DPS any carry who have went Infinity Edge and crit items, because of the extra armor reduction and attack speed. For example normal Ashe's with IE, got around 1 attack speed, while you will have 2+ with this build. Also the life steal, makes you able to damage for a much longer time.

Practially this build makes around 36,9 % more DPS than any Infinity Edge build, after I've tested almost every build. Yes, 37 % is gonna win you the game if you're opponent carry have decided to go IE and crit build, instead of AS/Lifesteal.
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Conclusion (ending)

Thanks for reading the guide.

P.S. Guide made by Drahque, from EU server.

Please comment and try the build and strategies before voting. Thank you.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Drahque
Drahque Caitlyn Guide
Caitlyn - The TRUE Carry build
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