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Caitlyn Build Guide by iRapeUnicorn

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iRapeUnicorn

Caitlyn, the ultimate guide

iRapeUnicorn Last updated on July 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I have been going through mobafire in search of a good Caitlyn build, and to my dissatisfaction i haven't come across anything that is to my liking and so I've decided to make a build of my own.

My Caitlyn builds objectives:
*Maximize her damage with items, rather than runes, thus also giving her maximum damage on her ultimate and piltover peacemaker. Reason: as the runes are better suited to build for attack speed and armor penetration.
*Allow Caitlyn the ability to still be able to fight people 1 on 1 even with her skills on cool down.

Her 2 Summoner Spells would be ghost/flash (for discussion about summoner spells, find them in the masteries chapter).

***please feel free to message me if you find any errors/ disagreements. :) thanks
iRapeUnicorns<-- also my user tag on NA server, feelfree to add me

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Nothing much to cover, Armor Penetration, just because it's armor penetration, and attack speed because Seal's and Glyth's don't give you much attack damage with the runes, so attack speed is a better option.

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Masteries can vary a bit, if you don't like to use ghost/flash combination.
Alternative combinations would be exhaust/flash, and in this case the point on the first row of the offensive chart should go towards exhaust, and the ghost point would go towards death time reduction.

and with that being said, any other combination should be adjusted accordingly.

I don't really recommend using ignite, as it's mastery gives Caitlyn AP, only AP skill that caitlyn has is the snap trap, which is a still that should bind a hero, so a team can jump on them, rather then a damage dealing skill.

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Why should you get an infinity edge first when you already got the items to make a blood thirster?
The BF blade is bought first to give your ultimate an extra 50-60 damage early game, this would give you a better chance of suppressing tankers early game, and allowing you to hunt them down late game.
The vampiric scepter is just there to allow you to regen hp after a gank, if your not really a risky farmer, then i wouldn't recommend you going for this, and you should skip straight onto infinity edge.

On the other hand if you have stacked 2-3 doran blades, the vampiric scepter wouldn't be necessary, and i wouldn't recommend stacking doran blades unless, you have had a few early deaths you need a couple of extra hundred hp.

I inserted a Phantom Dancer to give Caitlyn that extra push in 1v1 situations where her skills are still on cool down.
Reason for choosing Phantom Dancer: It gives Caitlyn extra critical chance, and it also gives her extra attack speed which allows her to maximize her life steal on her opponents and movement speed, so she can chase down her opponents, or run away from them.

Banshee Veil?
If you find that a Banshee veil isn't rather helpful, because the opposition doesn't have a really standout AP character, then here would be a list of items that i would strongly recommend that you get:
a second bloodthirster
a second phantom dancer
a sword of the divine, if they have someone with alot of

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Skill Sequence

As stated in Masteries, Snap Trap is a skill defined to secure a hero to a location so that your team can jump on them and hopefully kill them, so 1 point at lvl 4 is simply used such that your opposition can't roam around freely in the bushes in the side lane, or get ready to jump you from the rivers.

If you ever find yourself under enemy turret and an opponent closes in on you, rather then flashing out or just using net to push yourself out, i recommend the peacemaker/ net combo, which is simply firing your peacemaker at your opponent, and whilst that action is happening place the net such that it shots itself at your opponent but also pushes you away from the turret such that the turret can not damage you.

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When farming, unless if your in middle lane, try and situate yourself such that your in a bush, this doubles your passive count, and hence allowing you to steal more hp on average per hit.

Caitlyn, is a great farmer and especially with peacemaker, and so i would recommend spamming this skill, and it would be a added bonus if you line up heroes with peacemaker whilst farming creeps with that skill.

After stacking 2-3 Doran Blades/ getting a vampiric scepter, it is always a good idea to clean out jungle/ a lane with alot of creeps after a gank, especially if most of your opponents are on low hp. advantage of having the life steal is that you don't need to worry that much about how much hp you have as your head shot passive would allow you regenerate the hp that is lost during combat.

A good place to start if you do decide to start farming after a gank would be blue, as this allows you to regenerate mana alot quicker, and the reduced cooldown would make farming alot easier. I found that Caitlyn is able to solo blue at around lvl 7 with 2 doran blades/ a vampiric scepter with 1 peacemaker, and 200hp. Situate yourself in the bush and then use peacemaker to line up both of the smaller creeps around blue, and then finish them off first before actually hitting the blue golem.

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