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Caitlyn Build Guide by Madkuntt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Madkuntt


Madkuntt Last updated on December 9, 2011
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Hello fellow summoners, I play on the North American server but am an Aussie and would wish for something a bit closer. But anyway this is my Caitlyn guide. I'm not going to do an in-depth at the moment, maybe a bit later on when I have more time. I will cover the neccessites here but pretty much if I can go all out and own on 250-300 latency from here in Aussie you American fellas and ladies should have it pretty easy. I'd recommend this guid to any new/old Caitlyn player however I wouldn't recommend it to a NEW player to the League. Anyway please read through the whole thing before making any judgements and give it a go yourself.



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Pros / Cons


- Caitlyn is GREAT to farm with, can easily out-farm your opposition also without having to over-extend. This is easy enough to do whether solo in mid or in a duo lane.
- She has an extremely annoying range. Which makes good against most enemies you can pick bits of health off and when they think they can get away or have had enough, in comes the Ultimate.
- Great damage all through out the game. I find early game and late game being the most damaging.
- I've found a lot of people not understanding her properly so with her passive I find quite a few people viewing it as a crit. So if you're smart this passive is game changing.


- Big target in team fights, you really have to pick your position carefully.
- Very squishy (this build at full will counter this issue)
- Mana can be an issue (although with this build I have this countered also)
- Her ultimate can be blocked by another enemy champion, this can render it useless to clean up team fights etc at times.
- Traps are visible and have a delay when being set making them useless as an escape route. The net is a tad slow also for an escape route but more viable than a trap. So no real escape mechanism.
- With this build late game only thing I generally use is her ultimate for clean up only if they are lucky enough to escape.
- This build is very expensive. You need to be able to have a high farming ability and have some skill to gain a kill or two early game.

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Summoner Spells

OK. So I get flamed quite reguarly in ranked and even blind pick for my choice in Summoner Spells. Please let me explain in why I choose these and how they work for me. Keep in mind I play aggressive, I have minimal escape.


I choose Clarity based on the fact that Caitlyn chews through a lot of Mana. This is quite a pain in the butt if you like to play aggressive and harass whilst dealing considerable damage. Having Clarity allows me to harass a lot with Q. With her range this is quite effective and is quite annoying for your opposition. For one it hurts, so they then tend to back up a bit which leaves them with no CS as for when they come to kill creeps Q is on the go again. I find generally as I am going to OOM Clarity becomes available. The amount of times I would have missed a kill because I have had not enough mana to use my ultimate is not funny now all it takes is a click of D and then R and BOOM thanks for coming.


I argue taking this spell with myself nearly every game. It's either this or Flash. The reason I generally always take Teleport is for back dooring towers. Mid to late game, when there is a team fight going on or has just been on or when another lane is being ganked and creeps have pushed to a tower you can teleport over and knock it over pretty quickly. This does leave me with no real escape mechanism but a quick games a good game and towers win games. In the same sense it can also be very hand to defend towers, if there has been a wipe in another lane and the enemy champions are pushing forward it's easy enough to go and defend with teleport, and since Fortify no longer exists this is your next best thing.

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Skill Sequence

So Skill Sequence...

Caitlyns passive is Headshot (Every 8 basic attacks Caitlyn will deal additional damage 150% to champions 250% to minions if you attack from the bushes 1 attack will equate to 2 therefore every 4 basic attacks)

This is great for duo laning as you can hit from the bushes and crit hit a champion on a stupidly regular basis. If you get to lane with someone like a Taric or Sion who has a stun, champion kills will come very easily if you use her passive correctly. It will also give you that slight edge when laning solo/mid over your enemy champion.

For the other 3 please refer to skill sequence at the top of the guide. Build your Q as fast as possible. I tend to build the net next based on it being my really only semi escape mechanism. But really you could level your trap first if you wanted to.

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Feel free to add me on LoL to discuss this item build further. But overall from a full build you will have 100% critical strike, 53% lifesteal a decent whack of damage and around 420 movement speed.

You will notice one to many items on the list if you add them all up. The third Phantom Dancer will be in replacement of the Bersekers Greaves. And by this point you should have two full Bloodthirsters and this will pretty much make you unbeatable. Pentakills should follow and if the other team hasn't surrendered to your awesomeness then a defeat will be inevitble quite quickly.

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Well there is my Caitlyn build. I will re-do it all as an in-depth guide when I have the time, and effort. But this should give you the jist of things. I think my best with this particular build is 34-1-7 and they ended up surrendering. I only managed a qudra though. Please try it for your self before criticising it. Thanks.