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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaberos

Caitlyn will never let anyone down

Kaberos Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Pros / Cons

Guys here it is:

Pros: -great damage
-very big aid and killer
-escapes easily and fast
-teamplayer and carry
-she can slain even usin only her autoattack
Cons: -easy to kill as no Magic resistance or Armor is added
-depends on 1st and 4th skills a lot so sometimes her whole battle
-1st target in teamfights
-if she doesn get 1-2 kils at beginin her items delay ( but the items help gold production)
-needs some skill to do the sequence and tricks in the needed time

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HY everyone or should i say... Summoners.
Caitlyn has impressed me with her power and skills and i soon got close to her. This specific build occured to me after some games with her and it has never let me down so far.
Most of my scores are like my 2 last: 43-5-18 and 32-6-19
also my bigest crit with autoattack so far is: 2100 on a fidlesticks

One more thing to add: if she is played in a good day she can save a bad game

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Why these runes and masteries!

I am an Attack Damage(AD) nerd so i usually play like this. Moreover caitlyn has two aspects which aid her become like a criter, such as tryndamere or gankplank. First and most serious her ulty can CRIT (i know most know this). Also her most basic skills (her ulty and 1st spell) are ad when the more "escapin" ones are ap.
So imo these runes are the best ones and so far they havent left me down

(One could add some hp seals but the phage and afterwards the Frozen Mallet gives her enough hp to make her way through the game)

also these masteries aim to destroy the oponents armor, give her ad and a lil bit of speed to have more chances of critin AND getin her passive asap!

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Why these items? Well caitlyn is a very good damager and mostly autoatackin char. The whole build aims in giving balanced crit chance, atack speed and damage to caitlyn while, in the same time, aids in getin hp and not goin down as easy as most carries.
Here are some sugestion while usin her against diferent type of oponents:

If the opposing team is a high defense one try aimin on this item sequence:

If the opossing team gets high magic resist go this way:

If you arent keen on gettin creepkills and minions of jungle:

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Skill sequence

skill sequence is easy:

first u autoatack (havin placed a trap near to u)

then from a distance u
when the oponent gets near u presstargetin him (if he doesn try to escape that u press it at the backside)

then when he gets low u pressbut be careful! U must be sure it will hit him and not another champion so practise a litle bit your aiming

( also u dobefore u cast the ulty )

WHEN u get chased u need to use your 3RD spell to pass through the wall. USE it wisely because it can either save you or kill you

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Summoner spells

gives u the chance to be sure the champion dies even if the ulty leaves him with 1 hp
is a big aid when the oponent runs or u get chased. first cast your third spell and then fast use GHOST

a friend of mine sugestedwhich is also good but sometimes not needed. IF your team doesn have another exhaust u could pick it but it isn our first choice ( if u choose exhaust put the 1 point of ap mastery to the exhaust in masteries)

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Unique Skills

All of her spells are unique In My Honest Opinion (IMHO)
some would say it is similar to ezreals spells but i dont think so. it may have similarities but it totally depends on ad when ezreals on ap and the usage is wholy diferent on the 2 chars.
this skill has been given by god to u so that u can run-shoot run-shoot. i almost die sometimes and place a trap. the oponent steps on it and i start spammin 1st and 4th. Most of the times this saves my but and i almost get a kill!!!!!
come on! this net rocks. The best escapin skill ever for this exact champion and fits her totally. He tries to escape? DONT THINK SOOOOO. throw it backwards and u wave in front of his face. BOOOOOOOM! U are almost dead and need some hope. The slow and knockback will save u ( especially with a wall there)
how can it be described with words?!?!??!?! this skill just owns everythin. Only when a rammus gets in the way this spell is annoyin -.-' But if the target gets hit by it nothin, not even god, can save it. At lvl 16 with the full set u can do 1000 damage and maybe crit for 2300 on a squishy char

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"Become the bush"
with this i mean that u must play from inside the bush throughout the game so that the PASSIVE SKILL charges asap.
Whenever u see a halflife or a lowlife mob kill it. Halflife ones can easily die when your PASSIVE is charged
(u dont wana mid)

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Team Work

Everythin depends on this guys! U have to focus stayin alive until enemies set up their targets. if ur one of em run back and then forth. Save the targeted guy by putin a trap at the atackers feet ( the most dps one ) and then run to kill him. try to get a clear spot so that your ulty gets him and not his allies. Your first spell should be used to fear away chars such as fidles and janna who have low hp and need to stay alive.
When you lose in a teamfight and an ally needs help try to place a trap in front of him and also net the closest target. If u can kill the one runnin behind u do it with the sequence that i already told u

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Ranked Play

And yea. I already tried this out! Guys caitlyn is a great aid at ranked games because , even if most players there are skilled, she can dominate them early game and later game. Stayin behind the offtank and tank will save u many times as well as netin and ghostin your way through defense. Try not to aggro until lvl 7 when your 1st spell will be capable of harrasin 1/6 of the opponents life. To add up, sometimes takin mid is useful as lvlin your ulty and 1st skill will play a great role in the teamfights.
When u lane at a ranked game most oponents will place wards, try to gank and harrase u as much as possible. For those reasons you have to place your traps on key bushes, at lanes the one next to the river and next to the minions and in mid right and left from the waves of creeps
If a teamfight occurs u must be the last one to engage. Dont try to go first or ull get dead before you can even see yourself castin a spell. When your oponents have high armor just aim savin your teamates and yoursel

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Thats my guide guys and i would be very VERY pleased if u helped me improve it. Also please rate it and add your comments. I hope that it is very helpful and gives u victories. This guide aims on makin caitlyn a pure ad champion and powerin up her crit and damage as well as her atack speed. I know some other ways to play also exist ( such as a hybrid or even a ap build, which i dont recomend ) but this build will make her the most deadly of all, at least of all ive seen yet ;)

GL guys and SEE u ingame.


Ingame: Kaberos(creator)
Orgonord(helped me fixin some small mistakes)