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Caitlyn Build Guide by Clifford

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clifford

Caitlyn's True Damage

Clifford Last updated on June 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey guys. I'm Clifford and this is my guide for Caitlyn!

Now, the first time I used her, I instantly fell in love. Caitlyn is by far one of my favorite characters that I've tried so far. Over the past months which I've played her, I've gotten numerous negative feedback about how bad Caitlyn is, especially with damage and all of that, but I've proven all of that wrong, because this build I have here, will allow you to fully harass the other team in which you are laning against. While doing intense amounts of damage, especially early and end game, this build has helped me win a huge number of games. Based on my personal experience, this build works the best when laning middle. You can attempt to lane top or bottom, and they will still yield positive results, but farming and leveling with become drastically slower. I've never had a negative score, and seeign the way things are going, it is going to stay like that. I can't always guarantee you'll win your games, because Champions in which you are paired with are at random, unless of course you premake you team. And with further adieu, I hope you enjoy this build. If there are any questions, problems, or comments on how to improve this build, please leave a suggestion below. Thanks!

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The runes which I have picked out for this build are really quite simple, and helpful. For my Marks, I chose armor penetration because it really helps, especially when playing characters with tanks. I've also chosen armor penetration for my Quintessence, bringing it to a grand total of 25 armor penetration. For Seals and Glyphs, I've chosen attack speed to help boost her attacking speed and to allow better harassment, especially during early game. With these runes, I yield the best results and if someone can try the same build with different runes, please gladly let me know and I will let to try it myself!

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The masteries which I have chosen are basically the necessities of the AD skill tree. I have 22 points in Offense and the last 8 are in Utility. Although this is very simple, the skill tree helps me a significant amount in my games.

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The item sequence that is use is very important. First off, grab Boots of Speed to help you move quicker than your enemy early game to allow better harassment, especially if they are a melee Champion. Also, grab some health and a mana potion since Piltover Peacemaker is a real mana drainer. After that, you're going to want to finish up your shoes and getting Beserker Greaves to move a little faster and for that 25% extra attack speed. After some farming and maybe getting a kill or two which shouldn't be too hard. After that, if possible, grab the B.F. sword but if your funds are running low, just grab another Dagger and come back later of the B.F. sword. After that, grab a Black Cleaver to help you weaken enemy Champions since many Champions have less than 45 Armor that early in the game (3 hits will drop 45 armor; 15 armor per hit) which is a completely overpowered in my opinion. After that, snag a Zeal to boost your attack speed and critical helping you out and coming back, finish it up with a Phantom Dancer. You should now have a fair amount of critical and attack speed, so why not boost that critical damage percentage by getting a Infinity Edge. Try to get any of the sub-items in any order that your funds will cover. (In my opinion, getting the critical last is probably best.) Now at this time, this is the big split. You can choose to get a Bloodthirster like in the build above, or you can alternatively grab a second Phantom Dancer, boosting your attack speed to 2.0+ which is a lot if you'd ask me. Finish up the item you had chosen, whether it be a second Phantom Dancer for Bloodthirster. Lastly, you grab the Madred's Bloodrazer to help since 4% of damage is really helpful if you're trying to take down a tank that's armor heavy such as Rammus. When you're finished, you should be a huge damage output and kill-hungry Caitlyn. Best of luck!

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Skill Sequence

For my skill sequence, it's best to max out and get Piltover Peacemaker first since that will be your main harassing attack and a huge damage output on the enemy team. At level 4, grab one skill point on the 90 Caliber Net to help you escape in stick situations and to help you jump over walls or boost you if you're chasing an enemy. Alternatively, switch between Piltover Peacemaker and Yordle Snap Trap. When everything's maxed besides your Ultimate "Ace In the Hole" and 90 Caliber Net, there isn't much explaining left to do here. I choose the max the traps early on to help lay them around and snag anyone trying to run away. Also if you're engaging with someone melee, lay a trap behind them while in combat so if they are weakened and running away, most of the time, 90% of Champions will panic and run away without thinking, causing them to run into your trap and giving you the kill. With your special, try not to use it too much in a team fight because other enemies can take the bullet for their teammate, of course unless you get lucky and their teammates don't give a damn about them.