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Camille Build Guide by MythicMike

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Top Camille Top

Updated on December 10, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MythicMike Build Guide By MythicMike 44 4 206,271 Views 10 Comments
44 4 206,271 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MythicMike Camille Build Guide By MythicMike Updated on December 10, 2021
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Runes: Conqueror #1

1 2 3 4
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Shield Bash
Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Champion Build Guide

Camille Top

By MythicMike
Early game as camille is usually the same. You go in for small auto attack trades with your passive shield, then poke with your W- Tactical Sweep to heal. Escpecially in the early game it's important that you play around your passive shield. If they step up to farm you can take a short auto, Q trade. You don't always have to use the second Q's true damage. Sometimes it's better to just use a fast double Q before you take to much minion damage. Camille can beat a lot of campions early if you play it correctly altough she spikes after you get 2-3 items. I would advise to poke and take small trades until you have an all in potential, but it's fine to back and get sheen before trying to go for risky kills.
After you finish a few items, you're very powerful. Don't be afraid to E- Hookshot in aggressively unless you know the jungler is top side. Your R- Hextech Ultimatum isn't the best combat ultimate in the game, but it's a super nice lockdown spell for when you're chasing people that want to run away from you. When you have TP available i would highly recommend to look bot in case you can TP down and obliterate the adc and support.
Camille is really good in teamfights. You can easily go for the highest priority target with your E- Hookshot and R- Hextech Ultimatum which will push away the other champions leaving you a few moments to deal high amounts of damage to the target.

This is the fully extended Q trade early on. Don't continue with this combo if they start walking into their own minion wave because you need to watch out for the minion damage. Later on you can fit more auto attacks between the first and second Q

If you can't perform the combo above due to minions or the enemy just running away, use the Q twice.


This one is a bit tricky at first. You probably need to practice the W- Tactical Sweep so you can use it in the middle of E- Hookshot and hit the outer edge. This is the all in combo.

You don't need to use the combo above in the same patter every time. Especially your R- Hextech Ultimatum. You can use the E- Hookshot afterwards if you're already in melee range. You can use the W- Tactical Sweep at the start or end to slow them down when you need it. It's all up to the situation you're in.
precision protocol
This ability is where most of camille's damage comes from. Use both the first and second Q as an auto attack reset. After you use the first Q you will have to wait 1.5 seconds until the second Q gets stronger and does true damage. Always use as many autoattacks as you can before using the second Q unless you're running away. You get movement speed from using Q, so use that to catch up or run away from someone.

tactical sweep
The W has more value early on because of the healing than the late game but it's primary use is to slow the enemy down as long as you hit the outer edge. Don't spam it early as that will drain mana and push the wave, but maximize the efficiency by not hitting many minnions while also using it when you need healing.

Very nice mobility spell that can get you out of a lot of bad situations and also get you in to an important teamfight from a different angle. As long as you don't waste your E before the jungler comes, they will have a very hard time catching you. Some champions have dash abilities, but you can E on the wall and stay there for a split second to make them use their dash before you jump on them. You can use your Q- Precision Protocol and W- Tactical Sweep while in the middle of your E. You can Flash while in air to extend the range of E and change direction.

hextech ultimatum
Your ultimate has very situational uses. It makes your auto attacks deal a little extra magic damage, but that's not the most important thing. It can simply just be a lockdown spell to make sure your target doesn't run away which is very useful if you're being ganked by your own jungler. It can be used to dodge a specific spell or towershot since you become untargetable for a split second when you press R. The most important usage of it in a teamfight is to isolate a single target (usually the most important one) and push away the other people so you can assassinate the target.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MythicMike
MythicMike Camille Guide
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