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Teemo Build Guide by lemondarkcider

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lemondarkcider

Captain Teemo and his homies

lemondarkcider Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Hello there, being a teemo fan I looked up multiple builds for teemo, and realised where some were good some were bad, some were just truly awfull, i realised that most of the builds right now instead of actually making your character completely insane, it just allows teemo to facestomp more than usual, and when your facestomping your winning anyway because the enemy team is either bad or dosnt know how to combat teemo.

which is all fine but you want your character to work when your against people who know what there doing and who arnt going to lose without a fight. So I made not just my own build for teemo but a guide for teemo both for 3v3 and 5v5.

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To start With I like dorans blade, it makes you less of a 500hp bulls-eye and more durable, I then go back and buy boots since Teemo only has 305 base speed, I buy a health pot or two here. Now If you are having a hard time in your lane, proceed to buy dorans items when you can, they are the best for your money and it helps win back your lane if it is being taken from you.

please note that buying these dorans items will have a negative impact on your mid game, so dont buy them if you dont need to! if all is going well proceed to buy a berserkers, early game Teemo is best played by darting in, getting off a few shots then running back and watching your poison do its work.

after berserkers buy Malady malady is very good on teemo because the longer you attack your target, the more you on impact poison damage hurts them. then proceed to buy frozen mallet starting with the smaller one, the reason i chose frozen mallet is the only way teemo can slow any champion is getting them to go through his mushroom, which is used for warding since he is AD.

once you have frozen mallet it will probably be mid game, and you will want to help other lanes with your slows and insane early damage, dont do this if your lane is being pushed hard! After frozen mallet buy a madreds razor, it will help you farm the rest of your gold to get the other items faster.

Once you have madreds you will probably notice the synergy with malady, since madreds blood razor deals magic damage.

Now is the time to either if things are going well continue on your build, if things are not going well, say there is a karthus with 13 majais soulstealer stacks You NEED to build a banshees veil or you will die over and over to that karthus. same goes for a tryndermere with lots of kills, buy a thornmail, it gives you +100 armor and you will be quite tanky from your frozen mallet. if not build starks fervor, it is an insane item and it is practically healing your team whenever you are close and can mean the difference between a win and a lose in a team fight.

Now you want attack damage, seeing as your attacks are starting to just prod you opponent instead of crippling them if they have bought items against you. Buy a Bf sword before vampiric scepter because you wont be dealing enough damage to properly gain health before you get a BF sword. level them up into a Blood thirster and your on your way!

Now you have your final item, and I would always suggest Guardian Angel, as I said before if an enemy is fed a banshees(any other defensive item) will stop them early game, but if they nuke you down and trust me they will be focusing you(!) there isnt much you can do if they(and probably their entire team) are trying to kill you you will die. This will make it so that in the 2-3 seconds you spend reviving, they will realise they used all their abilitys on you, now your team is going to kill them, and you walk off happy and alive.

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How to play Teemo


here it is cruical that when you are level 6-13 you concentrate on warding as much of the map as possible. If you know they have a jungler ward there golem and lizard ward the dragon mid game ward the baron nashor. the two bushes around mid should always have a ward in them, the mushrooms should be placed near the baron and enough so that you can see the middle path. the same goes for the dragon. next you need to ward the sides of the path that minions dont use but enemey champs often do, there is also a certain point at your tower that when lots of minions gather, they actually move near the wall to get a shot in. thats where you put a mushroom if your defending. ward as much of the jungle as possible if they have a jungle.


now in 3v3 your alot more focused on conterganks than actual ganks, you must at all times have a mushroom at the dragon, in the two bushes next to the lizard, one next to the lizard and the other mushrooms strewn around variouse corners where you can see the other lane when its unoccupied.

Tips: it is important that you do not play teemo like you play other champions. last hit when you know theres is no stunner on there team, make sure your always out of meleeing distance of the enemy champions. move about as much as you can all the time. you never know if a champion has an ability which requires them to skillshot. your movement is your best weapon. never stay still. when hitting waves of enemys hit each of them one by one so you can deal more poison damage overall.

SIDENOTE: Just because you have an ultimate which places wards, if your faced in a situation where no other champions are placing wards, you need to buy wards yourself The support or the tank should always buy wards, this also applies for junglers.

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Pros / Cons


> Extreme warding
>is very good against other Ad's With his blind
>Is very fast
>Damage is dealt over time
>He is captin Teemo king of kings


>ultimate can be counterd with oracle
>vulnerable to CC
>Hardly any CC except mushrooms.

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Ranked Play

I'm still not sure on whether Teemo is ranked playable, due to the fact that late game, champions like Vayne and Caitlyn just become better simply because they have more range. Their is hope however, any of you Teemo fans that did not see TheRainman play Teemo at DreamHack I encourage you to see it.

NOTE: Teemo is a hard counter to an enemy Jax(due to his blind) if an enemy picks Jax in a high elo game you may want to counter him with teemo(this would involve a bit of following to ensue that you are countering him.

I'll keep you up to date.

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Teemo sayings.

Things to say in certain situations:

You are dead, an opponent dies on your shrooms: "***** be trippin shrooms"

(IF YOU ARE PLAYING BUNNY TEEMO)You are dead, an opponent dies on your shrooms: Looks like thats a bad egg!

If you are playing Astranought Teemo: Looks like I'm picking up a good signal over here!
If you are playing Astranought Teemo: Remember to tune into TeemoFM!

If you have just won the game: Captain teemo on duty.

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Summoner Spells

With Teemo I like flash + ignite, ignite because noone ever expects any kind of burst damage from teemo, well because he has none, ignite is just useful in so many different ways, say there is a fed katarina or a jax smashing up your team, ignite him and pretty much shut off his lifesteal. I'll be talking more on ignite in the next section. Flash is self explanatory lets you escape death pretty much.

Other spells to consider: Teleport: teleport is a good summoner spell, very usefull at letting you getting around the map by teleporting to your mushrooms, letting you set up ganks I think teleport and ignite are tied pretty closely, I just prefer to use teemo's speed to get around instead.

Spells not to conider: Smite: Just dont. Revive: unless you plan on dieing a lot dont pick this summoner spell. Rally: it just isnt worth it. Clairvoyance: You want your tank/support to take this not you. Clarity: I build Teemo AD so he isnt shut down as much when he is out of mana, which isnt very often.

Heal: Heal depends entirely on your gameplay, because Teemo is very good at baiting, if you set up a trap of mushrooms up a particular lane lead them into it thinking they have you then going heal turning around and killing them. Not reccomended for ranked or for players level 30, people just turn around after the first mushroom, or note that you have heal.

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Why is this build different to other ranged AD carrys?

Its different because of one small thing: Teemos range is one of the lowest of any champion.
For champions like Vayne and Caitlyn, there range makes it appropriate to buy infinity edge and other critical chance items, this is the Ad equivalent of burst damage, it makes those little pokes so much harder.

For Teemo, his range is so low that to be in harassing range, he is dangerously close to being close to being CC'ed, or even attacked by the defending champion, this makes things difficult in teamfights, since to be in range you have to be close enough to be one of their focuses.

The reason why my build is different is because I changed the core items to malady frozen mallet and madreds blood razer, this makes it nearly inpossible for a champion to escape you, it makes Teemo very good at 1v1's maybe the best since if they try and attack you, so long as their AD they'v pretty much been stunned for about 2 seconds with your blinding dart. Your mushrooms is what makes you so good at tracking down these champions and killing them.

Another reason why Frozen mallet works so well is because your so naturally fast that even if they ghost or flash away your liekly to still catch them.

Note: in teamfights your primary role is to blind their AD carry, and useing your speed dart in and out hitting champions then darting back before they can focus you.

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The start of the game.

At the start of the game you need to be fast, you need to get you items and run as fast as you can to mid, go halfway between the turrets and go invisible. Then when the enemy champion goes past you to see who hes up against you take note of whether he is AD or AP if he is AD take blinding shot to stop them from attacking you if he is AP take toxic shot for more overall damage, if he uses flash if you think you can catch him flash after him and use ignite to finish him off.

NOTE: if you are up against ashe BLINDING SHOT her first, her passive will make her first attack crit, and you are very squishy you dont want to take 200 damage off one hit, this will cause her crit to miss.

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Why not go AP Teemo?

I figured there should be a word on AP Teemo since there are a lot of people who prefer building Teemo that way.

I honestly prefer AD Teemo, AP Teemo is acceptable in low leveled games(17 and under) but any higher and you will come across more skillful players who WILL purchase Oracles elixer(you hate this) they can then pretty much make your ultimate useless and they can even get some decent gold from farming your mushrooms, this makes it so that your only damage dealer is your blinding dart and your on hit poison damage, since to be effective at AP Teemo you need to grab as much nuke AP damage as possible, you wont have enough gold or space to go for attack speed items, rendering your E skill pretty useless, that leaves your blinding dart, which you dont want to go full AP for.

If you are going AD Teemo, you are hurt far less by oracle's elixer have enough attack damage to make up for losing your poison damage on your E skill, it also makes you far less dependant on mana, since when your not warding and in a fight(where you really need your mana) you only need the 100 or so mana for blinding dart, and maybe move quick as well.

Side-note: Some people go AP Teemo for all the cooldowns they receive off nashors tooth, but since the nerf on Teemos cooldown ratio for his mushrooms, this has gone from borderline not very good to very bad.

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A work unfinished...

Constructed criticism is definitely welcome! This guild/build is still very much a work in progress, if you think anything is missing, or any mistakes I have made please comment below!

As always try it before rating please and dont blame me for say if this happens ":'( Lemon your build sucked it made me go 0/16/1 stop making ****py builds and play lego :'( :'("
This build/guide is to help you choose your items when your not sure, and to show you the tricks you can use to make Teemo work to his fullest, it does not mean it will make you win every single game you play with him.

Good luck Summoners!