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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Yayatheboss

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yayatheboss

Cassiopeia - Come here I Wanna Bite You ! <3

Yayatheboss Last updated on August 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Let's Introduce !

Hello =D
Cassiopeia is my favorite champion.
So in other words, to show you all how much she can be so good during LoL match, i wanted to share my way of playin her with you, enjoy !
Just one thing, as all mages, she is weak in health and she can be easily targeted by ennemies, but if you know how to play safe, and how to be patient, so this build can suit you very well.
Let's own with Katarina's Sistah <3

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What runes ?

In Red = Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for Magic penetration, cause Cassiopeia do all the time only magical damage, so it's important for her when she catchs an enemy to suffer him too much. Well, it's maybe common to all mages of League of Legends, but for Cassiopeia it's essential !

In Yellow = I personnaly choose Greater Seal of Replenishment for Mana Regeneration per Seconds, Cassiopeia get a big problem during game, her spells costs her a big quantity of mana, especially one that permits her to spam her bites. Even if items would help her to resolve that problem, in early game, she have to stay attentive and not waste her time on not getting mana to harass or attack.

In Blue = As all mages, Greater Glyph of Ability Power for Ability Power. She needs to do big damage with her skills, so she need to get a certain quantity on early to own the game.

Finally for the Quintessence, take Greater Quintessence of Ability Power for increasing AP.

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About Masteries ?

Classical One for all mages : 9/0/21.
Cassiopeia can be a good offensive mage, but she needs to stay as longer as possible, that's why it's better for her to develop her utilities.
Some people can play her in some other ways, but the best for me is this one because she's exceptional and superb in AP way.

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Gimme Items !

Begin the match with a Doran's Ring, it's the best choice for her to give her some AP damage, some health and of course mana regeneration, that complete with her runes. Cassiopeia don't need to take some life stealth or quantity of mana because what she needs first is to cast and to do some regular damage with her spells. If you know how to play safe, then you don't need to take some potions, for me it's just a waste of money if you know that you can stay alive face to your enemy without risking yourself.

Then of course, you have to get some boots, because of avoiding some ganks, or catch your enemy with your skills, and what i can advise you to take is the one who gives magic penetration, i mean Sorcerer's Shoes. Some people choose others boots like the Ionian Boots of Lucidity, but on my opinion, you don't need to make your champion gettin' less coultdown, because she's actually good without.

At this moment generally you get your ultimate, so you try to gank, to attack enemies, to farm and earn money by killing minions. During this time, try to get the other items in the order that you want to take : Morello's Evil Tome, for getting more power damage, more mana regeneration and better coultdown, Rabadon's Deathcap, to increase ability power, Rod of Ages, to earn more health and mana, and finally Rylai's Crystal Scepter, that permit you to slow your target to kill her quickly. For me, it's better for you to begin with the Rod of Ages (it helps you a lot with the passive bonus when your timing is less than 25min, because you recover each time your earn one level, so you can stay longer on your lane). You can include Zhonya's Hourglass which is a good item too that gives more armor to Cassio but it depends on you.

At the end, you will see that you got 6 items, and once you're getting your level 18, no more spot for other items, in this case generally, i sell Doran's Ring, that become useless for you now, to take in this place Void Staff, for getting more AP and magic penetration. Some people can aim to get an armor item, like Guardian Angel, or a life stealth item, like the Hextech Gunblade. It depends on the situation of the match, and on enemies you got against.

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How to play ?

In early game
I'll say you 3 words to sum up what you have to do during this period, just Farm, Regen, Harass. You need like everyone earning some levels, so to be quickly level 6 and get your ultimate, you have to kill minions that invade your lane, and to push yours on the enemy side, without trying to die. Of course, the particularity of Cassiopeia is to harass easily with her miasma (that permit to slow the enemy) and her twin fang (that do more damage if the enemy is poisoned). Use as more as possible your spells, because you'll keep in mind that with your mana regeneration, you don't need to comeback to your base, and generally if you need to back to your base, it's only because you got enough money to buy items.
After the early
Cassiopeia can begin to gank if she goes mid, in other case, she can begin the teamfight around level 10-11, because her ultimate permits her to focus on one target and by chance finish him directly. Cassiopeia is kind of way like Leblanc, she needs to do a combo, so she has to chain skills. But please, when you go on teamfight, don't go first, cause you are a mage, not a tank, so if you engage, you die directly. Of course i can devellop, but i'm just giving big lines.

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So to conclude...

She's maybe hard to play, but once you know how to play her, she can be so annoying.
The power of the snake, that seems so weak but once he bites someone, he announces the death.

Hope you're going to enjoy my build, and feel free to share your opinions, so we can make it better than it is ! See ya !