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Shaco Build Guide by XboxElement

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XboxElement

CDR/AP Shaco Dominon Domination

XboxElement Last updated on September 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Guide is still in progress. Will be updating it later tonight!

This is my first build on Mobafire, but i've played alot of dominion so far, and shaco was my main in 5's.

First off let me say, you have to know your role as shaco. One great thing to read is this guide:

This will help you understand dominion better as a whole. Please let me know what you think of this build, as its very new and I'll probably be changing it based on new things I try.

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Red - - Its nice for that extra damage against tanks. Not completely needed, but I think its the best.

Yellow - Greater seal of replenishment - Its nice for early game, armor is also nice. You should be grabbing health runes in between box placements, so mana shouldn't be terribly bad if you want to go armor.

Blues - - Gives you about 5% CDR, which combined with CDR Quints, give you a bit over 10%. Thats pretty much a free CDR item off the start.

Quints - - Same thing as blues.

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Items - Build 1 - Recommended

- This build is all about annoying the **** out of the other team. Early game, your boxes cooldowns are a bit to long to seriously defend something. Instead you run around and take any undefended turrets. Boots of mobility is a must for this.

- This is another must items. This will let you be able to take away one of their turrets before they can walk over from another turret. This makes sneaking their turrets so much easier.

- This finally gives you some AP. Your boxes will SHREAD anyone that walks into them now. I wait this long to get AP because early game you need to be annoying them by capturing undefended points. Your boxes arn't level 5 yet, and the cooldowns are just too much to defend a point. Now that you have some CDR, this AP really helps out and slays anyone that trys to take your turret from you.

Morelle's Evil Tome - This is a given, finishes off your Fiendish Codex and buffs up those boxes.

- Some more CDR and AP!

- This really buffs up your boxes. You should be able to get 5 boxes down pretty quickly and defend against anyone in the game.

- Boosts your AP so much.

- Love this item! Use the active as they charge into your boxes. This makes it so you only need 2 or 3 boxes up and the active to slay someone.

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Gameplay - Important!!

This is where people get AP shaco wrong in dominion. Early AP shaco is hard. The boxes cooldown's are just to long. You can hold bottom easily, because you have time to set up boxes. But I don't believe just defending is a good use for AP shaco. I highly recommend reading this guide:

You are a Capturer!! Shaco makes up for the long early game cooldowns, with his ability to sneak a turret. Its almost impossible for them to kill you too. If you are able to barely neutralize the turret before they get there, leave it at that and decieve away. However, if you are able to actually capture the turret, get to laying them boxes! You can literally kill an entire team push with enough boxes.

Early Game - Early on, until you have enough CDR to actually get enough boxes down to defend a turret, your going to be running around being an annoying pest. Your goal early game is to take any and all undefended turrets!

Yes, your eventually going to get into a fight, but try not too. If you see a good turret to gank, go for it, you are burst damage after all, but if its not a sure kill, its just wasting your time. Focus on taking their turrets to distract them away from other turrets.

Mid Game - Once you get some CDR, you can actually defend a turret... and damn can you defend a turret. This part of the game is just LOL!! You backdoor their turret like you have been doing, and now you lay down a box ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF WHERE THEY WILL BE PUSHING FROM!! If you put boxes on the closer half of the turret, the minions will set them off when they push. Try to place your boxes right behind the halfway point of the turret, then bait the champions to attack you.

Dont waste time!!! EVER!!! If your not laying a box at that exact second, be looking for some health relics. What you should do is lay a box, then when its on cooldown, run and grab a health relics closest to the turret. Come back and drop another box, then run to one of the other 2 close health relics. This will keep your MANA UP, and obviously health.

Late Game - Late game is pretty much the same as mid game. You just defend turrets like a boss. I've found that late game defending windmill is pretty nice. You can defend top by youself for the most part unless they are pushing heavy on it. This allows your team to push bot hard.