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Annie Build Guide by Annie Desu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Annie Desu

Challenger Annie Desu's Annie Guide -

Annie Desu Last updated on August 5, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

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Utility: 8

Threats to Annie with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Annie Is this a normal game? The enemy team has an annie midlane pick that goes for RoA? Easy game,easy life
Fizz Always start Dorans Ring + 2 HP pots vs Fizz. AP Fizz is dead. AD fizz is played mostly in jungle and top,rarely seen picked at mid lane. If you are matched vs either AP or AD fizz, you should have the same playstyle vs him. Remember that his E spell can ignore your stun if you try to stun him. Try to poke him early with Q. After he gets level 2, you should poke him with W first instead of Q, because he can just dodge your Q spell.
Karthus Always start Dorans Ring + 2 HP pots vs Karthus. Early trading won't be too easy. After level 6/Mid game/Late game you should always be able to 1 hit him, this matchup should always be easy.
Katarina Always start Dorans Ring + 2 HP pots vs Katarina. Fairly easy lane for annie. Try to trade early as much as you can, try to get a kill on her before level 6. Remember to always try to stun her with your Q, as your ult and w can be missed if she uses her ability Shunpo.
Twisted Fate I usually always start Dorans Ring + 2 HP pots vs twisted fate. Harass him as much as you can and try to get an early kill on him, TF is really squishy and you should always try to kill him, when you can.
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About Me, Playstyle

About Me

I'm a challenger annie main streamer... And that's enough about me.


Level 1-2:

Level up Q, go to your jungle, help your team not to get invaded by the enemy team.
Get to mid lane in time,don't overstay - you don't wanna lose any Creep Kills.
After coming to mid lane your playstyle options at level 1 are:

Offensive Option

If you went for flat level 1 ap runes, play as offensive as you can, use Q + basic attack on the enemy midlaner as much as you can (while also keeping track of killing creeps, don't miss out on Creep Kills). I only go for flat level 1 ap runes when smurfing and when playing vs a midlaner that is easily harrasable and killable early game. At level 2, the enemy midlaner should already be at ~50% health. Try to harras him with Q a bit more until you have your stun and he is low health. Flash and stun him with W so he gets instastunned. Use Ignite + Q + basic attack and he should die. Never go for flat level 1 ap runes/never playing offensive vs Xerath and Cassiopea.

Defensive Option

If you went for ap/level quint runes,play passive and just farm early game, use basic attack + Q to last hit probably and easily. If your enemy midlaner did a mistake, punish him for it, use your Q and W/basic attack and back off.

Level 3-5 (Early game):

Stay in lane and keep farming. If you are winning mid lane, play offensive and try to get even a bigger advantage at mid lane (buy a ward, since you are easily gankable if you play offensive). If you are losing mid lane, play passive and just farm and only play offensive if your jungler is coming to gank your lane (don't try to kill the enemy midlaner 2v1, with your jungler, if you are below ~30% health). If your team killed the enemy jungler/bot lane and decided to go for drake early, help them out if they call out for you, be a team player.

Level 6-9(Early/mid game):

At level 6,you are ready to do some sick playz m8.
Your playstyle options at level 6 are:

Farming Option

You can decide to play passive and just farm and keep your potential for late game. If you push out mid lane, go farm wraiths in your jungle to gain even a bigger farm advantage vs your enemy midlaner. If your midlaner is missing, ping your team that he's missing and push out mid lane (since if you would of have followed your enemy midlaner, he could just turn on you and kill you in a 1v1.

Snowballing Option

If you are winning mid lane so far, you can try and keep snowballing. Buy a ward, play offensive, try to get another kill at your lane. Your full combo should, in most cases, be Flash + Ultimate (R), and then W + Ignite + Q + Basic Attack (of course, have stun before you do this combo). You can even freeze your lane and just harras the enemy player while only last hitting the creeps, while not actually basic attacking them and pushing your lane.

Roaming Option

If you choose to roam, push mid lane and prepare your stun. Preferably gank bot lane, to secure drake after hopefully getting kills and not dying after ganking bot. If there's a enemy team pink ward in the river bush, kill it and get back to mid lane, and try to gank after killing the next wave of minions at mid.

Counterjungling Option

Annie_Desu are you srs m6+3-1? Yes,i'm being serious, in a lot of my games when i see i can not kill the enemy midlaner and that i can not gank bot lane since they have it warded everywhere, i go to counterjungle. In many cases they don't ward their jungle and the enemy jungler might even be at less than 50% health, after which you can easily kill him and get a free drake since the enemy team doesn't have another smite.

Level 10-18(Mid/late game):

A turret or 2 should already be destroyed and late game is coming. At this stage of the game teamfights should be happening and people will roam more. When your team engages a teamfight, try to be there in time, winning a teamfight is worth a lot more than 10 Creep Kills. Push your lane and try to make some plays elsewhere, if you aren't able to kill the enemy mid laner and surviving after killing him.

In late game, try to always engage teamfights when your team is close to you and when you have your flash and stun up. Do your full combo (Flash + Ultimate (R), and then W + Ignite + Q + Basic Attack and then use Zhonya) on the enemy team ADC or APC...Try to always ult more than just 1 player, but if in late game, you see a enemy team player wondering solo, kill him and group up with your team and you should easily be able to win a 5v4 teamfight and win the game.

- In "Playstyle" i didn't write down anything about what items you should build,etc. since i wrote everything about that in the "Items" and "Matchups" part of the guide

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If you are interested in getting coached/watching my stream...
I ofc main annie and some other champions and I stream almost every day, the link is:

Hope this guide helped you climb in ranked gemz m8 :3