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Support Challenger Zilean Support Guide [12.13]

Support Challenger Zilean Support Guide [12.13]

Updated on July 26, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Biotic Build Guide By Biotic 211 20 219,469 Views 2 Comments
211 20 219,469 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Biotic Build Guide By Biotic Updated on July 26, 2022
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Runes: Laning Phase vs Tank Supp

1 2 3
Font of Life
Bone Plating

Manaflow Band

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
If your ADC doesnt take it
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Challenger Zilean Support Guide [12.13]

By Biotic
Welcome to BioticĀ“s Zilean Guide
WORK IN PROGRESS I am trying to update it everyday from now on and everything below this is not in the final version yet. I still released it already to give you guys the Itembuilds and Matchup advice.

Hello. My Name is Biotic. I started playing League of Legends in 2015 and peaked Challenger in Season 7 for the first time. I played multiple roles and Champions but had big success with Thresh Support and Heimerdinger Top/Mid back then. I experimented with many Roles and Champions and fell in love with Zilean at the end of Season 7. I ended up with a 35% WInrate over more then 200 Games but wanted to learn and master the Chronokeeper. Since the end of Season 10 ive been frequently playing in Challenger with Zilean. I have roughly three million mastery points on Zilean between various accounts on the EUW server. During Season 11, I also managed to hit Rank 10 on my main during MSI.

Why Zilean you may ask?[/h1]

Zilean is one of the most unique Champions among the Supports. While having one of the oldest Kits in League of Legends Zilean is without any major Changes a absolute powerhouse since 4+ Years. His Unique way of entchanting, high movementspeed to roam and rotate, heavy Ability Haste scaling and ofcourse the revive makes him one of the most obnoxious champions to play against. If you like a entchanter with a Unique Playstyle ,one of the best scalings in the game and beeing the Carry in Teamfights with a clutch Revive Zilean is your Champion.

media links
Before we get started i often stream my soloQ Adventure in High Challenger and sometimes on smurf on twitch: If you feel like there is something i left out in the guide come in my Streamchat i am always down to answer and explain my thoughts on Zilean. If you like to meet some other fellow Zilean enjoyers join my Discord: now lets get started with the guide:
Zileans Passive [[Time in a Bottle] generates Passive XP

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Biotic
Biotic Guide
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Challenger Zilean Support Guide [12.13]

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