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Support Challenger Zilean Support Guide [14.8]

Support Challenger Zilean Support Guide [14.8]

Updated on April 18, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Biotic Build Guide By Biotic 241 22 245,633 Views 3 Comments
241 22 245,633 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Biotic Build Guide By Biotic Updated on April 18, 2024
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Runes: vs melee Supp

1 2
Grasp of the Undying
Font of Life
Second Wind

Manaflow Band

+8 Ability Haste
+10-180 Bonus Health
+65 Base Health


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Challenger Zilean Support Guide [14.8]

By Biotic
Welcome to Biotic´s Zilean Guide
WORK IN PROGRESS first of all a disclaimer i try to update it everyday rightnow and i am sure there are many spelling mistakes, or suboptimal phrasing.

Streaming almost everyday 19.30CET+ ask me anything

Hello. My Name is Biotic. I started playing League of Legends in 2015 and peaked Challenger in Season 7 for the first time. I played multiple roles and Champions but had big success with Thresh Support and Heimerdinger Top/Mid back then. I experimented with many Roles and Champions and fell in love with Zilean at the end of Season 7. I ended up with a 35% WInrate over more then 200 Games but wanted to learn and master the Chronokeeper. Since the end of Season 10 ive been frequently playing in Challenger with Zilean. I have roughly three million mastery points on Zilean between various accounts on the EUW server. During Season 11, I also managed to hit Rank 10 on my main during MSI. I became popular again in the recent time by playing Warmogs Grasp Zilean to 1000LP EUW.

Why Zilean you may ask?
Zilean is one of the most unique Champions among the Supports. While having one of the oldest Kits in League of Legends Zilean is without any major Changes a absolute powerhouse since 4+ Years. His Unique way of entchanting, high movementspeed to roam and rotate, heavy Ability Haste scaling and ofcourse the revive makes him one of the most obnoxious champions to play against. If you like a entchanter with a Unique Playstyle ,one of the best scalings in the game and beeing the Carry in Teamfights with a clutch Revive Zilean is your Champion.

Who is this guide for?

In this guide I want to show the most effective way to play Zilean Support against good players I win with this item build against high Challenger, LEC and ERL players who play League of legends professionally. Although I am firmly convinced that this Zilean item build / rune set is even better in Iron Platinum than in high elo. I know the comments are coming: but I have bad teammates in silver 4 and I have to play Aery, Ludens into Rabadons to carry my **** Team: No you are simply wrong and i cant help you if you believe that.
media links
Before we get started i often stream my soloQ Adventure in High Challenger and sometimes on smurf on twitch: If you feel like there is something i left out in the guide come in my Streamchat i am always down to answer and explain my thoughts on Zilean. If you like to meet some other fellow Zilean enjoyers join my Discord: now lets get started with the guide:

Zilean Passive:
Time in a bottle: Zilean generates experience every 5 Seconds. When he has enough to level up an allied Champion, he can select them to level them up. A successful channel levels up the target and rewards Zilean the same amount of experience for himself as well.

How to use Zilean passive?
In the next section I explain in detail why I use each individual rune.

First Row resolve options:
Grasp of the Undying: I recommend Grasp vs Melee Supp and Guardian vs Range Supp. The Zilean bomb alone is enough to fully charge Grasp and you can easily stack it in laning Phase. Grasp increases your poke in lane, heals you a little bit and most importandly generates max HP that counts towards your Warmog's Armor . It also adds decent damage to your Autoattacks in Teamfights since its scaling with max HP
Guardian: Guardian is another option if the game is slower and you simply cant stack grasp as much. The rune helps you trade in Laning phase and survive big Bursts in Skirmishes or dives. Make sure to only proc Guardian when you really want it to proc due to its high cooldown. Keep in mind that taking Guardian over Grasp delays your Warmogs passive likely by 1-2 levels which can be worth considering that the Guardian shield scales with max HP which you are getting a ton of.

second row resolve:
Font of Life: healing your Teammates if they attack targets CCD by you scaling with Zileans max HP makes Font of Live a very strong Rune for our Fulltank Zilean in Teamfights and laning phase. Demolish and Shield Bash cant be used by Zilean at all so this is a no-brainer choice.

third row resolve:
Second Wind: heals you after taking damage for 4% of you missing HP making this a great rune if you are buying a lot of HP. Second Wind helps you sustain in hard matchups working like a 2. Dorans Shield and scaling incredible well into the game. Bone Plating giving you a flat amount of Damage reduction (already worse then Second wind after Giant's Belt. The third rune choice Conditioning only working Minute 12+ not helping you in early game at all which is our main focus to survive not beeing an option either.

fourth row resolve:
Overgrowth : gives you max HP standing nearby dieing Minions. This rune is a must to reach the 1300 Bonus HP you need to make use oft he warmogs as soon as you buy it. You are not healing your Teammates enough to utilize Revitalize and Unflinching is after the rework a completely dead rune dont take that on any Champion.

secondary Tree
Sorcery : Being the only options right now due to the lack of Mana Reg / total mana and Ability haste. Manaflow Band helps you with your mana management in the early game and throughout the entire game. Zileans abilitys are very strong so Transcendence is a no brainer getting more Ability haste to press your Buttons more often.


We take Ability Haste, Health Scaling and flat HP in the Shards. Zilean has awfull AP scalings so there is no need for any AP from the shards. Yes even if you play in Silver Elo you will end up dealing more Damage securing yourself free Ability haste you cant get otherwhise from the runes. Double HP Shards are used to reach the 1300 Bonus HP needed to activate the Warmog's Armor.
First base purchase:
Doran's Ring: The optimal first base on Zilean Support is buying a Dorans Ring in 90% of the matchups. You probably wonder why is that. Dorans Ring is extraordinary gold efficient, boosts your laning phase power significantly by its !18! AP for 400 gold, the 80 HP needed to complete your Warmogs at around level 8 and a good amount of extra mana sustain this itembuild otherwhise lacks.
Doran's Shield: A alternative to the Doran's Ring in heavy poke matchup. Doran's shield lets you heal a few HP after getting hit by something making is great against long range poke lanes. Again a very gold efficient item to boost your otherwise fairly week laning phase and complete your warmogs a bit earlie due to his bonus HP.
Ionian Boots of lucidity: are the only viable Boots on Zilean. This itembuild is on the fairly low end in Ability Haste compared to all other Zilean itembuilds. We cant miss out on these 15 Ability Haste and the summoner spell haste is a nice bonus to be able to use summoners more often. Complete your Boots before Warmogs.

The question ive been answering atleast 100 Times every stream wtf Biotic why are you buying Warmog's Armor?

Warmog's Armor: It is fairly complex and hard to describe with words so i will link clips showing the value of the item below aswell. The big trick with Zilean over the years has always been to play as offensively as possible and as passively as necessary. Warmog's armor now completely overrides a basic principle of League of legends. I can play so aggressively once I have it ready that I lose a maximum of 99% of my health and trade against X% of the opponent's health and since I just regain it, i can not lose trading. This fact forces extremely passive positioning by my opponents, or permanent grouping because there is simply no other answer. But there is another special case: Teeamfights. With this item build, I can finally play engage Zilean without dying/ self ulting. The tankiness allows me to run in with E, use Bomb, 99% slow into double bomb on an enemy carry, lose up to 90% HP in the meantime and my team can follow up. Now I simply run into the backline, can continue to travel bombs over my teammates in the fight and speed them up while warmogs regs me full again and I can continue fighting in front as soon as i regenerated some HP.

teamfight as a tank Zilean:

Warmogs Value catches:****CeilingCat-K8KYth-muWyhvWK-

3. Item Options
frozen heart : is considered by the majority of the community a simply OP item. Providing you with 70 armor, a absurdly high amount creating the fulltank Zilean vs AD heavy teamcomps you really want to be. Additionally the item gives 20 Ability haste, as most of us still know from old seasons it’s the most importand stat for Zilean to keep spamming his abilitys that are so valueable. Our favourite Time Chronokeeper can get very mana hungry in extended fights so the 400 extra mana come in handy aswell. What makes frozen heart ontop of its already insane stats the OP item is his 20% Attackspeed slow for nearby enemys cripping all autoattacking enemys.
Abyssal Mask: is our item choice vs heavy magic Damage. Providing us with 60 MR a insanely high amount that allows us to deal as example with the Akalis diving into us and face tanking her spells, or the Azir DPS. In Addition to the high amount of MR and HP the item gives us we are getting 10 more Ability Haste we are seeking on Zilean to use more of our spells.
locket of the iron solari: is a great Item against burst Teamcomps especially recommended vs Karthus to be able to Locket his Ult. Locket also provides you Armor and MR so you get mixed resistances as a 3. Item for a extremely cheap price of 2200 Gold. The 10 Ability haste on Locket are the cherry on the cake.

4. Item Option
Anathema's Chains:
Build Anathema's Chains if the enemy team has a single important target that you need to take down in order to win fights, or if there's only one threat of a damage type. By that, I mean that if the enemy team is all AD but has one fed AP champ, don't bother with an MR item just for that one champion - build Anathema's and put it on them.
Imperial Mandate:
was also changed for the new 2024 season. When the mark that it applies is removed, it now does 12% current HP damage and give 25% movement speed for you and whoever else on your team procs it, for 2 seconds. That's a great for Zilean, I t's basically a buff for him since you apply it so easily and just boost your self and your teammembers while still doing great damage for almost no effort. It also gives you Ability Haste, which is a stat we really want on Zilean.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Biotic
Biotic Guide
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Challenger Zilean Support Guide [14.8]

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