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Sona Build Guide by xerkxes

Support Champion Guide - Sona Writ 2E

By xerkxes | Updated on January 24, 2019

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Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Shield Bash

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

Champion Guide - Sona Writ 2E

By xerkxes
This is a champion guide on Sona, aiming to teach a few techniques on how to utilize her kit as a support champion. This also includes laning techniques and what to look for during a team fight.

Why learn how to play Sona?
Sona is an incredible support champion that bolsters exceptional heals and shields, AoE buffs, for your allies and a resounding Crescendo that can stun multiple enemies when used strategically. Sona is able to keep allies alive with her heals and stronger andfaster with her buffs

In the current meta of Patch 9.2, Sona currently ranks as the second highest winrate support champion. So it is a good idea to learn about what she is able to do to play her.
PROS / CONS Back to Top
In League of Legends every champion has a kit that they are balanced around. Some champions are build to deal a lot of damage, some are built to be tanks. This is the way for the game to be balanced and dynamic with all the unique champions that are in the game.

Strength and Weaknesses
Sona is a utility champion, meaning she tends to be successful at helping her allies be stronger, faster, and tankier. Sona is not built as a tank nor a damage dealer, and so for her to be balanced, Sona is very squishy. So her role is to be a facilitator, hovering along the backlines of the team.

  • Heals for sustain
  • AOE Buffs
  • Great poke, especially against melee champs
  • Great crowd control

  • Low health
  • Extremely good positioning required
  • Less room for mistakes
Summoner Spells are one of the most impactful elements in the game. Baiting or forcing an enemy to using their Summoner Spell leaves them very prone to ganks as well as being easier to take down for the next fight.

As a support it is very important for you to keep track of the Summoner Spells of the enemy team and relay this information to your team. This lets your team know that when an opportunity comes, they know which enemy champion to focus or to even just give them a sense of the enemy capabilities.

What Summoner Spell should I take for Sona?
The standard are Flash and exhaust, these spells are extremely useful and fits with Sona's kit very well. Flash is a summoner spell that every player must choose as it offers a life saving escape spell in case of a sticky situation. Exhaust is a spell that reduces the damage dealt by an enemy champion for about 2.5 secs. Sona being squishy that she is, these are the most optimal defensive spells that she needs to take to keep herself alive for the team.

Because Sona's kit does not provide her any kind of dash or blink that could close distance quickly, there is a technique that Sona players know when trying to land a crucial ultimate on a grouped up enemy team. Flash + Ultimate leaves no room for reaction in the enemy team and leaves them vulnerable for your team to take down.
Laning Phase Back to Top
This guide is built as a defensive utility support playstyle, but most of the time Sona players tend to be aggressive. This leaves them prone to being Crowd Controlled and being killed. Sona requires its player to play with their positioning in mind for these reason this guide leans towards the defensive playstyle.

Early Game:

Goal: During the early game your goal as Sona is to poke the enemy champions with your Q and keep your ADC up with your heals.

Playing defensively by using W for the heals will rack up some charges for the passive, this comes in very handy for exchanges during the laning phase as it reduces the damage dealt by the enemy champion, acting like a mini Exhaust.

  • As Sona you can do basic combo with your poke, autoattack -> Q -> autoattack this is the most basic combo that you can utilize in early game for poking
  • A good way to poke the enemy is by watching the health bar of creeps, I usually go for a poke when the enemy ADC is going for a kill on a creep.
  • Try to stay alive and not be killed even once during laning phase. If a Sona comes out of laning phase with being in a big deficit, it poses as major threat to the enemy team for the mid and late game where Sona truly shines.
MID -> REST OF GAME Back to Top
Because Sona's kit is built around helping allies, you should try to stick with the team buffing, healing, and speeding up. Sona does not have must to worry about in terms of mechanical play, so to compensate for that, support players tend to take on the role of shotcaller for the team as they should be highly aware of what is going on in the game.


You should be calling the objectives that the team should be focusing on trying to get or an enemy champion that they should focus. It is also very common for Sona to be the one to initiate a team fight with the Flash + Ultimate that is capable to stunning multiple enemies. So keep position and map awareness a priority.

Most of the game Sona should facilitating ally champions that are doing an objective for example, securing an area before the team siege an objective like the dragon pit or baron pit. Purchasing red wards is extremely useful to supports as they get rid of enemy wards taking away their vision on the objective.

Providing vision for ally that is farming is also a team effort with the jungler and support so it keep that it mind.
League of Legends Build Guide Author xerkxes
xerkxes Sona Guide

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Champion Guide - Sona Writ 2E