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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Chaotic Theory Crafting: Ashe

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on September 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ashe is one of those DPS/Support Champs IMO. She is amongst the most useful champs. I think she works best in TT>SR. But in SR she usually takes mid, and this build will help her excel at mid.


Since Ashe is one of the few ranged phsyical dmg champs, I like to use the following:

Marks I like ArP. These are great for the fact she is a phsical dmg champ.

Seals I chose Crit Dmg. These with her passive mean great dmg.

Glyphs Again Crit Dmg. Same reason as Seals.

Quintessences ArP again. Again, ranged phsyical dmg champ, and these are great for any physical dmg champ.

High dmg output with her passive and just down right funny to see people try ti run.

Items in detail

Long Sword= +10 dmg
Long Sword= +10 dmg
Tier 1 Boots= Speed +1
Brutalizer= +25 AD. Passive 10% CDR and 15 ArP
Averice Blade= 12 crit chance. and 5G per 10sec
Ghostblade= 30 AD and 15 crit chance. 15% CDR and 20 ArP. Active is a smaller Highlander.
Boots of Swiftness= Speed +3
Pickaxe= + 25 AD
Tiamat= +42 Attack Damage +15 Health Regen per 5 sec +4 Mana Regen per 5 sec Passive: Your attacks Splash, dealing Physical Damage in a small area around the target.
Vamp Scepter= 12 Lifesteal
Executioner's Call= 15 crit chance 18 LS. On hit: deals 4dmg over 8sec. Active is a healing and regen debuff
Black Cleaver= 75 AD. Passive reduces armor by 12, stacks 5 times.
Recurve Bow= 40 Attack Speed
Last Whisper= +10 Attack Damage +40% Attack Speed UNIQUE Passive: Attacks penetrate 40% of the defender's armor.

Items that can be Swapped out

For those with expensive taste, Bloodthirster and IE. If you are one of those Avoidance players, PD. If you dont wanna waste mana on Frost Shot, Frozen Mallet is for you. There are alot of things that go well with Ashe. Wit's End is great for those with deep mana pools.


I like to start with Volley. This is great with my ArP since Volley deals phsyical dmg. Long sword adds to that dmg. Rally is always a plus ;) Great dmg early game makes Ashe a lot of fun.

LvL2 I get Hawk Shot. The thing about this skill, is its utility. Who needs wards while Ashe has Hawk Shot. Great range, and is useful to find out who is playing in the jungle. It also makes farming better. Ashe likes money :)

LvL I get Frost Shot. If someone over extends than Im going to harass them all to hell lol.

By LvL6 Ive got 3/5 Volley, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, and if all goes well, Ghostblade. The thing about Ghostblade, is it adds to my runes, its active is great for short burst, and with ECA it gets results. So far, you are able to harass and farm extremely well. If you are feeling up to it, grab a partner and take the dragon. You will being doing great dmg, and with the help of a partner, the dragon will fall. Again, Ashe loves money.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

23/0/7 Masteries. These are built on getting all the things that benefit phsyical dmg. Her Support Masteries are meant to get more experience, and regen. Less time dead is just to get the next tier lol.

Her Summoner Spells are different than most builds. Ive got Exhaust and Rally. The reason for this is Ashe's ability to harass. Rally buffs creeps, and you, so pushing is more effective. Exhaust is great for chasing. Add Frost Shot, and you are likely to get a kill. These are also great for playing the support role that Ashe can play. Setting up kills, and buffing the team. Cant beat that can you?

Game Play

Early Game
Taking Long Sword and Volley early game is fun early game. Again, this is because of her phsyical dmg. Volley is great for farming creeps and harassing. It will also hit hard with your ArP runes. Sometimes its good to let her passive, Focus, build up so you can get that 100% crit chance. Now turn on Frost Shot, and go for the champ. Great crit dmg and they will turn and run. Farm the minions and get the money. If you get Ghostblade by LvL6, you can deal great dmg. ECA>Volley>Ghostblade Active>Auto-attack and get the kill. Push the lane and you are good.

Mid Game
7-10/12. By this time you should have pushed a tower, and gone back. I would get a Tiamat or Boots of Swiftness. If you get the Tiamat, you will be able to farm creeps better. Making more time to push the lane. Now you are moving faster, farming faster, but you are making your presence known. Since you are squishy, and prone to ganks, get Executioner's Call. Since Ashe can escape and lead a target with Volley and ECA, you can use this to gain back some life that they have taken. If you get ECA off, pop Ghostblade and get the kill. Baiting with Ashe is so much fun. If you are doing well, you can build Last Whisper or Black Cleaver. LW preferably

Late Game
By late game you should be doing great. This is a cheap build so all you need to buy now is Black Cleaver. Black Cleaver is the most expensive item in the build, but its worth it. This will make your dmg greater, and its debuff is lovely. Less armor and ArP just works so well. Your dmg, chasing, and harassing are intense by now. Again, you are the Carry and will be focused. Stay sharp and play smart.

1v1 and Jungling

1v1 is a place you can excell at. With your high ArP and dmg output, Squshies will fall fast, melee champs will have a hard time engaging (unless they are Eve and Shaco), and tanks will slowly but surely get pinged away. With Ghostblade, even though you dont get the bonus duration, that 4 sec of burst will make a big difference in a fight.

Jungling is something that Ashe can do well if you make great use of Hawk Shot. The thing that players dont realize is how valuable Hawk Shot is. You can easily scout Dragon, Baron, Golem and Lizard buffs, Golem camps, Wolf camps, and Wraith camps. If someone is there, they will know you can see them. and either bail out, or try to finish the camp off. With ECA, you can stop them. Open with Volley and get the kill. Ashe has great Jungling ability, but you MUST use Hawk Shot to be effective.

Ganks and Pushing as a team

Ganking is something that Ashe can do and do it well. Volley or ECA are very powerful. Not only do you get a stun and AoE slow, but that stun slows their flow of battle. If you are to fire into a big group fight, and have AoE mates, you will most likely get some kills. Also, Ashe can use Hawk Shot to scout the jungle to see if someone is coming. With shrewd use of Hawk Shot, you can stop a gank, or set one up your self. There is so much that Ashe can bring to the table. Just stay at a safe distance. Exhaust can help you here.

Pushing power. Ashe, with Rally, is great for pushing. Everyone saves their abilities for Champs, so dropping Rally when pushing will boost the dmg and health regen of all effected by the buff. This is great for those big pushes into the enemy base. This is one of those Spells that can make a huge difference when dropped at the right time. Also, ECA and Volley are powerful in those close quarters. With its wide range, and uber dmg, you will be sure to help your team push.

Friends & Enemies

Ashe can effecively solo a lane, or lane with any melee champ. Stunners and Slowers are great with Ashe. Personal fav, is Nasus. You can provide great support, and Spirit Fire with the various stuns and slows get results. If you make too much of an impact, everyone will be your enemy. But in general, Stunners and others that keep Ashe from running are who you need to look out for.

Rate it, comment, help my improve.