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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Chaotic Theory Crafting: XIn Zhao

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on September 19, 2010
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That's right more Theory Crafting by me. Like my builds, or hate them, Imma keep them coming.

Xin Zhao is the AS beast that we all know and love. Well kinda love. When he made his appearance, he ROLFSTOMPED. I mean at LvL6, one could push one button and win a fight. One simple macro. One sinlge keystroke. Than he got nerfed. Im going to try and restore his glory.

Xin Zhao, Senechal of Demacia

Masteries & Summoner Spells

This is the basic 22/0/8 build. The Impale and Bail. No one does that like Xin Zhao. All the melee masteries in offense and regen and XP boost in utility. Nothing special.

For summoner spells, I have Ghost and Exhaust. With the power that he has, these only improve. Exhaust is for chasing/fleeing, and the same for Ghost.

Other good Summoner Spells are: Flash, Ignite, Clarity, and Rally for those heavy phsyical DPS teams.

Not much else to this... Moving on.


Like all my other builds, I have to have one skill that is 3/5 before LvL6. Three Talon Strike has 3/5 here. This is based on the fact that he doesnt really have a lot of dmg from skills. Also TTS has synergy with the ArP runes I use.

At LvL2, I go with Audacious Charge. I like to ambush and there is no better skill than this. Charge in and a slow. Man thats nice. Battle Cry at LvL3 than 3/5 TTS.

Grab Crescent Sweep and LvL6, and get ready to lead the way in the Fields of Justice.


Im keeping this simple

Marks and Quintessences I have to go with ArP. Nothing compliments Xin's AS better than ArP. Hitting fast, and hitting hard without having 300+ AD. Its nice.

Seals and Glyphs Going for AS here. Building on his strong points here. Finding the synergy.


This might look like my Master Yi build, but it works.

Long Sword= +10 dmg
Long Sword= +10 dmg
Tier 1 Boots= Speed +1
Brutalizer= +25 AD. Passive 10% CDR and 15 ArP
Averice Blade= 12 crit chance. and 5G per 10sec
Ghostblade= 30 AD and 15 crit chance. 15% CDR and 20 ArP. Active is a smaller Highlander.
Greaves or Merc Treads= 25% Attack Speed or 25 MR plus 35% CC reduction (build boots around opposing team. High CC=Merc Treads. Low CC=Greaves
Vamp Scepter= 12 Lifesteal
Executioner's Call= 15 crit chance 18 LS. On hit: deals 4dmg over 8sec. Active is a healing and regen debuff
Recurve Bow= 40 Attack Speed
Stark's Fervor= 20 Attack Speed. Aura gives 20% Attack Speed, 20% LS and 30hp5s. Gives -20 armor to nearby enemy champs.
Black Cleaver= 75 AD. Passive reduces armor by 12, stacks 5 times.
Recurve Bow= 40 Attack Speed
Last Whisper= 10AD, 40AS Passive: 40% ArP

This is a cheap build, BUT it gets the job done. The total build is a lil over 11k. But its cheap to build, which means that you will be more of a threat early game. Being able to push hard with every push, means that they dont get to farm and get little to no XP. Gotta love that kind of control.

Items that can be Swapped out

If you are one of those players that like big late game dmg, IE is for you. Other things like Frozen Mallet are great for Xin too. Nothing can escape, and it means you dont have to take Exhaust.

Game Play

Early Game
This is where you see the synergy between AS and ArP. TTS will add to that dmg. Taking Long Sword will increase the dmg. The pop up of TTS will help get your team the kill. Keep things simple. If you can take a solo lane in TT take it. Farm them creeps, and get your Ghostblade. That will be a great asset once you hit LvL6 and get Sweep. Take the Dragon, get the buff and go start Executioner's Call or finish your boots.

NOTE: The Executioner's Call works well with Xin's Passive. More life gain is always good :)

Mid Game
From here you should finish your EC and start on Starks or Whisper. Both are great. More LS and great buffs. Not to mention the lovely Debuff for anyone that you charge. If you are doing well, you should have one of these completed and carring your team to a win. You will be doing great dmg, and with the right lane partner, you should be moving right along.

End Game
You should have everything but Black Cleaver. Start/Finish it and just push. You will be doing such crazy dmg once you engage on someone, that you and your team will have a great edge. Nothing is more intimidating than a champ stomping their way across the field. You will be dominating top, bottom, and middle.

The items for this are faily cheap, but that doesnt mean they cant get the job done.

1v1 and Jungling

Do I really have to say anything about 1v1? You will crush casters, give other carries a huge run for their money, and take nice chunks from the tanks. Xin Zhao is one of those champs that excells in fights. His skills flow beautifully and its a lovely sight to see an enemies life drop with seconds of charging in. Its just so pretty.

Jungling as Xin takes no time at all. You dive in, clean the camps, get the buffs and out you got. There isnt much you can say about that. Ive not seen anyone try to junlge early game with him, so I cant say if he can do it or not. But if you need gold and XP, go camping and clean up.

Ganks and Pushing as a team

No better ganker. Well non-stealth ganker anyway. Stand in a bush, have someone bait the other team, and dive in. Take that charge, Exhaust the carry, Sweep, and let the carnage being. Again, his skills flow so well that you and your team will wipe them out. The other great thing about Xin and ganking, is he can counter gank.

Example: Your team is taking Dragon or Baron, Xin can iniate the counter gank, while the team continues. Of course he cant do it all him-self, but he can start it. He can shift the flow with his Charge/Sweep combo, and with the help of a few others you should be able to fend off the gank.

Pushing is one of Xin's strongest qualities. Clears creeps fast so your creeps can keep pushing. The less dmg they take, the more turret shots they can eat while you hack at the turret. Xin, again, is the main engaging champ. Diving into the fray, he lives up to that pit fighter spirit that brought him to 300v1 in The Fleshing.

Friends and Enemies

Nidalee is a great lane partner. Hear me out here. Ranged/Melee combo. But its her abilities. Bushwhack and Primal Surge. BW lowers armor which means Xin is dishing out more dmg. Primal Surge is like Astral Blessing from Soraka. They both heal and buff, instead of armor, Xin gains AS. Just what he needs right? More AS lol. Other great partners are stunners and other nukes. AoE champs like Nunu, Galio, and Anivia are great for slowing and nuking enemies down with their ults. It might be wrong to just Charge/Sweep and get the skills, but as long as they die right?

Enemies are usually ranged champs will be the bane of you. This is usually early game where Xin isnt as strong as he could be. But Im hoping this build can help his early game.

From pit fighting prisoner to Defender of Demacia. Xin Zhao is ready to march into the Fields of Justice

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