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Lee Sin Build Guide by Jungle4Life

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jungle4Life

Chinese Kickman

Jungle4Life Last updated on May 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Whoa this isn't much

I will be updating this a lot, It's no where near complete. I will be adding a lot to this here and there.

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About Lee Sin

Right now Lee sin is currently my main. He is the 3rd champion I've bought and I'm still not tired or bored of him after all this time. He is one of the strongest Junglers, Gankers, Tanks, Frontline, GivePeopleGiantsBeltsBecauseSafeguardTooGood. What makes him really good is his Safeguard and Mobility. People do not die because of his Safeguard, giving someone a 200+ shield every 9 seconds is ridiculous. He is very capable of snowballing and carrying a game.

I play him in Ranked a lot, unless hes banned I then play Nocturne most of the time. I'm only 1350 ELO right now, but i only have 61 games played atm. I watch TheOddOne Stream a LOT and I feel why I made this guide is because a lot of them are outdated, and people are still using the outdated build, which is Atmogs ( + ).

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Rune Setup

9 Greater Seal of Armor Typical 13 Armor, everyone obviously needs this, early tankiness and ability to leave jungle at a good HP.

9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Great source of end game Magic Resist, when you have mercury treads at lv 18, which is +24, +25 from boots, and + 6 MR from Masteries, you should already have at least 100 MR, and being tanky as a jungler is what you do.

3 Greater Mark of Desolation Because armor pen isnt that crazy anymore, 5 is good enough for jungling
6 Greater Mark of Attack Damage 5.7 AD just from marks to help damage.

3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage This tops you off with + 15 AD at level one, and +3 from masteries, your passive spacing makes it matter, you should not get major armor pen.

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Masteries Setup

9-21-0 is what EVERY Jungler should be except Champions like Shaco, AP Junglers, ETC.
The Jungler is usually the front line, you need survival, to give out more Safeguard and Tempest.
Your ability to jungle with these masteries make you not have to back after 3 minute mark, doing that makes you unable to gank, farm, or hardly anything.

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Start off with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion always.

Basically you want to start off with the typical wriggles + merc / tabi boots, every jungler who is based on clearing jungle with auto attacks should have this. ( Shaco, Nocturne, Shyvana ETC.)
Champions that dont rely on auto attacks, but their abilities, ( Udyr, Riven, Nautilus ETC.) DO NOT need Wriggle's Lantern.

After Wriggle's Lantern + Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, you want some damage that have HP on it. I almost always go double Doran's Blade and finish my boots when ever, +20 AD, 6% Lifesteal and 160 HP to gank harder, clear harder, and make your early game dominate harder.

Once you do all that, you should get a Aegis of the Legion, it's such a good item for you, and your team, 270 HP, amazing 39 MR, 30 Armor, and 8 AD is insane for only a little less than 2k gold.

At this point, starts a bit of heavy defense, if I'm doing fine, I will get a Phage for Trinity Force later, if someone is fed or there is a abundance of AD / AP, either get Warden's Mail or Hexdrinker, these items increase your tankiness even more ridiculous, while giving you AD. I usually get all of them, but it's opposing team situational. Somewhere in there I sometimes get a Heart of Gold for the HP and late game GP5.

From here, you should know that you need either more damage, more armor, or more magic resist. Finish Randuin's Omen / Trinity Force / Maw of Malmortius.

I used to be very skeptical about getting , when you give it some thought, It's ability to be useful on any champion is good no matter what. Notable upgrades include, a huge 12% movement speed, +150% MORE damage on your next auto attack, that has only a two second cooldown, that's a lot of steady damage, since your spacing your abilities around your passive. Obviously the Mana is really useless, and 15% chance to crit, which is the only item you should have with crit on it, is low, you won't be critting that much. The ability power increases the amazing shield on by a bit, lastly the 250 hp, 30 AD and 30% more attack speed is very noticeable.

This new item, and the cost of Makes these items THE BEST offensive / defensive item in the game, nice 36 magic resist with a 400 magic damage shield for 5 seconds with only a minute cooldown. 55 Static AD and +1 AD for every 2.5% health your missing is pretty big when you're about to die and you're 1v1ing or what have you.