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League of Legends Build Guide Author bezdrev

cho gath the best tank + harrass build

bezdrev Last updated on November 19, 2010
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So, this is how i build cho.
The item build sequence is highly situational, more about that later.

Summoner skills: Ghost run + flash.

Movement speed + tank is the key issue here.

We wan't to tank, help team efficiently and kill as much low hp runners in teamfights as possible, also we want to be able to spam our stun and silence as often possible.

First get a pendant or when you play against 4+ ability power champs, get mana manip cause u will build soul shroud instead of frozen heart.

As second item always get kages lucky pick.

this will help you kill minions ALOT and thus regain hp, very important early game.

So if you build soul shroud, don't get belt, just go for abyss scepter then get rylai, then get aegis.

If you build frozen heart (start with pendant) Get the belt after the boots, then you build aegis first especially when you / your team lacks survivability (lots of squishys).

Start with silence skill (w). When ur laning solo, make sure you pick spikes next cause you will need to deal with alot of minions.

start carefull since you have runes that work best on high level.

Note that when you are mid against non farmer champs, you can jungle nearest between creep waves as soon you have the boots of mobil. Its better then just standing there and watch their turret shoot your minions which can be quite depressing and boring.

Keep upgrading silence as much as possible, keep spikes at lvl 1 (or 2 when you are solo lane) and upgrade rupture only when you cant upgrade scream.
The reason is, that rupture often misses. Upgrading it will make it cost more mana. If you see rupture will hit you run in and put your silence out there, for the damage effect, and then you can move back cause the silence will make sure their trickies wont work for a sec.

With these boots it pays off to jungle abit in between laning. Also keeps minimum risk because it won't push your lane too much.
When your team already has a jungler, it's ok to push the lane, you decide.

Start feasting around ofcourse to get 6 stacks.
Help your team whenever they get in a fight.
You normally don't get a guardian angel because when you're dead you cant do anything, and then when you revive you have too little hp and will die anyway 9 out of 10 times. Also it only protects you, while the team bonus of aegis has a better chance of helping you survive, unless your team really really really is very bad.

Always initiate team fight with rupture as soon the melee fighting starts.
Save the next rupture and silence for example for a trynda endless rage or simply saving a low hp teammate. try make it hard for them to target your squishy teammates (stand in front of em while being very big) pay good attention when they are getting on low hp, because this ofcourse is where your movement speed is gonna help you cast good ruptures and make finishing feasts.

If you lost 60/70% hp you flash out and ghost run away, as you did your tank job, and most likely your team can manage the rest. If noone chases you, do check if you can do some evil ruptures/screams around the corner for max surprise effect.

With this build, the silence is maximized which is very important for your team survivability. Most often you won't need more mana then this build supplies, 1 rupture, 1 scream, by then your team should have handled the rest, and you get to chase the last no-mana-low hp runner.

just remember that early game mana regen +cdr is important (soul/glacial shroud pendant/manipulator)

later on (after aegis/belt) add the real ability power (rylai first if u didnt start with soul shroud, abyss scepter if you did (remember, cause they have alot of AP)).

Ofcourse if they dont have big magic damage (click death recap always), better not build abyssal scepter, better build thornmail.
Hope you like this build, its proven very succesful for me. Hint: try get a friend to play zilean on a LAN and let him speed you up also and put a bomb on you.

Hint2: use deathfire grasp passive when you use the Q W R combo on a single champ right between the W and R, it can kill sions which are below 90% hp.