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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Pelikins

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pelikins

Cho nom'd the lion and took his throne

Pelikins Last updated on August 27, 2012
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Cho as a jungler

Cho is well suited for the jungling playstyle. His passive helps self heal while doing his run making him less reliant on potions or buying lifesteal. His sustained damage is higher than most while he can also put out great bursts- and brings two crowd control spells (rupture and feral scream) for ganking. He is an excellent ganker, especially when supported by teammates with ranged CC abilities such as Annie, Morgana, Lux, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Malzahar, ect. While his ultimate (feast) is amazing for bursting victims down quickly and provides Cho a second (more powerful) smite for stealing important mobs such as Baron, Dragon, and the buffs.

Cho also is naturally tanky and very difficult to kill due to the area of denial spell rupture, the silence of feral scream and naturally high hp (plus feast bonus hp). This makes Cho an excellent warder and oracles carrier giving his team huge advantages in map control.

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General About Cho:

A well played Cho is capable of filling the multiple roles of jungler, fighter, support, and tank all at the same time. He does deceptively large amounts of damage while being extremely difficult to bring down and provides a great amount of map control in the process.

General Do's about Cho:

Do get 6 stacks on your feast asap, even if it means feasting creeps. Sometimes you'll miss an opportunity to kill the enemy because feast is on CD. That's just the way it goes. It's more important to get huge and unkillable. See the next do.

Do get an oracles elixer. This is the most common mistake Cho's make. For 400g oracles elixir says "Ruin the enemy team's map awareness and make 25g per ward you find" it also says, "The enemy team now hates you and may just focus you even though you have 4k hp and lots of defensive stats...You are making Evelyn, Akali, Twitch, Vayne, Teemo, many others cry.)

Do max vorpal spikes second because farming is good and mana isn't free but vorpal spikes are...CS wins games. P.S. Vorpal spikes can and should be toggled on and off to avoid tower agro.

Do use feral scream after landing a rupture before trying to feast the target. Opponents flashing away or disabling you makes Cho sad.

Do NOT get a Guardian Angel. Because 750 life probably won't save you and you don't want to discourage them focusing you. Get a Frozen Heart instead and the CDR will help you restack quickly if you happen to die.

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Summoner Skills

Flash: the infamous flash nomnomnom. Helps Cho get to his feast targets and can attempt dragon more safely (especially when on the blue side). Also provides him an escape when in trouble and allows for extreme range ruptures against fleeing enemies. Learn how to flash properly and Cho can really shine.

Smite: You're a need the smites.
Excellent for comboing smite and feast to steal and secure important mob kills.
I've sacrificed myself and stolen Baren 5v1 dozens of times now (and have stolen it, lived, and wiped the other team because of it several times as well.)

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I go 21/9/0 with Cho.

I get the goodies from the offense tree that make Cho farm and player kill effectively while getting the goodies from the defense tree that make Cho very sturdy on his initial clear.

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Skill sequence:

Jungle Cho will get vorpal spikes to kill the blue buff first. This is by far the best option for level 1 just as long as you aren't being invaded. If you do get invaded, take rupture first and start at wraiths, then get blue at level 2. Cho can kill blue without a leash but can kill blue, the wolves and then gank at level 2 with full hp if he receives a leash.

The first skill to max is feral scream. Feral scream is your most dependable pvp tool. It will give you a good amount of damage. The silence lasts longer per level and it boasts a solid range.

Pro Tip: Bait lungers into using their lunge on you and throw rupture under your feat for a guaranteed hit. This works really well against Pantheon especially since he will heartseeker stike shortly after the Aegis. The rupture interrupts the skill leaving him at a disadvantage, slowed, and in melee range.

Level vorpal spikes second and rupture last taking one point a level 2 and not another until level 14.

Take feast at 6,11, and 16.

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Rune Sequence:

I run early game tank runes for Cho to help him be less vulnerable to getting caught in the jungle and to take some abuse while ganking.

These defensive runes also complement the large health pool that Cho maintains throughout the game.

The armor seals also help tremendously in the jungle.

I run:

flat armor seals
flat magic resist glyphs
flat AP Quints
magic penetration marks

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a regrowth pendent and a potion.

I upgrade my regrowth pendent to a philosopher's stone and purchase Boots of Speed on my first return.

I then look to gank if possible. If not I run up and ward dragon and then investigate the easily stolen mobs and reclear my jungle.

I then begin building a "Rod of Ages."

Once the RoA is complete, I begin building a Malady. This item will greatly improve the effectiveness of Vorpal Spikes.

Around this point I'll also buy an oracle's elixir. I've got a lot more hp than a typical champion, making me very sturdy. I now use that durability to blind my enemy.

Remember to replace the expired wards for your team.

I next beef up my resistances. I start usually with a Glacial Shroud this items gives CDR in addition to heavy armor.

I then purchase an Abyssal Mask this will provide a nice offensive aura along with magic resist and some ability power.

After the scepter, I finish the glacial shroud with a Frozen Heart for more armor along with more cool down reduction and a defensive aura.

I finish the build with a Rabadon's Deathcap this item will greatly improve your AP and hence your damage dealing capability.

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Jungle Cho is FUN!

Have fun with this build and thanks for reading. Also check out my other guides!