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Cho'Gath Build Guide by The-Cho-Pro-Guy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The-Cho-Pro-Guy

Cho'Gath-Play ALL the roles (DPS,MAGE,TANK,JUNGLE)(In Depth)

The-Cho-Pro-Guy Last updated on October 15, 2011
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AS=attack speed
MS=movement speed
LS=life steal
CSC=crit strike chance
HP=health/Hit points
CDR=Cooldown reduction
AD=Attack Damage
CS=creep Score

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this is my guide to Cho'Gath the terror of the void
hes been my main and fav champ for about 8 months now and iv never gotten sick of him and i hope to show you his extreme versatility and Funness (<-- true story)

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my rune choices are fairly self explanatory
i don't think i need to elaborate
if you think i do then plz feel free to comment

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also very self explanatory
except maybe my tank build
i get good hands+revive because a team always needs their tank
otherwise the carry's get focused to easily

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Items (DPS)

i start off with a vamp scepter because when combined with Cho'Gath's passive gives you GRATE lane sustainability
i the get berserkers greaves for AS+MS
then i get a phantom dancer because it gives you more crit+AS+MS (all good things) and vorpal spines gives u your early game damage so damage items are not as effective
then we finish of our bloodthirster for more damage and LS
then another PD (i found it works better then a infinity edge at this point in the game)
THEN we get out infinity edge giving us 85% Crit+250% Crit damage+MOAR DAMAGE
we then get another bloodthirster for more damage and LS and finish up with an elixir of agility to max our CSC and have a bit more AS

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Items (MAGE)

start of with a doran's ring for the AP+HP+mana regen
i get boots of swiftness straight up because it gives cho the ability to get in and out of lanes,fights very well (grate for ganks aswell) and the last thing you want is to be caught out of position
then a catalyst the protector into a Rod of aegis for the nice early game health and mana boost aswell as a nice 80 AP when fully charged
then a rylai's crystal scepter for the HP+AP aswell as a nice slow on your spell damage (i think it dose stack with your rupture not sure tho)
rabbadons deathcap for a HUGE AP boost
into a morello's evil tomb for the AP+CDR+mana regen
then a zhonya's for the passive and AP (Armor is nice to)

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Items (TANK)

i start with a doran's shield because its a grate starting item for tanks with its health+armor+health regen
you then want to get your boots
i listed 3 different kinds because it comes down to your preference really (i prefer swiftys)
then your Warmogs because you didn't have enough HP already
into a force of nature for the massive health regen (magic resis+MS is nice also)
then your guardian angel (do i really need to explain why)
then a sunfire cape so the enemy team will not like being around you (as if they didn't already(HP+armor= :D ))
then finally a frozen heart for the armor and CDR (GRATE when the enemy team has lots of AD thanks to its passive)

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cloth armor+5 HP pots (standard jungling items)
into madreds razor's
then your berserker's greaves for the AS
then turn your MR into a wriggle's lantern (always good for jungling)
then you want to get a phantom dancer (buying both the daggers gives better results then geting the zeal first)
now we want to work on our Bloodthirster (sell your wriggles lantern to finish off your bloodthirster unless you have enough money straight up then just keep is until it will give u enough money to get any other item)
then another phantom dancer (MOAR AS+MS+CSC=AWESOMENESS)
then getting your infinity edge will give you that 85% CSC that we all love aswell as a nice damage boost (along with its passive it will effectively increase your dammage by 9 bimillion% (true story))
the finally another bloodthirster for more damage and LS (equaling extreme NoobSlaghterNessNessNess)

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i find starting off with a elixir of brilliance works out best overall if you are gonna jungle mage'Gath (+5 hp pots)
then getting your lvl 1 boots are the priority for faster jungling
next i get a doran's ring but this is just my preference; you can feel free so skip it and go straight for your lvl 2 boots or your catalyst the protector
next is the rod of ages for its grate synergy with the Cho for its health,mana and AP (all things Cho'Gath likes)
into a rylai's crystal scepter for more AP and tankyness (+slow)
then your rabbadons deathcap (for reasons i have already explained)
then your morello's evil tomb for the CDR,mana regen and AP (from here on feel free to span MOAR often)
and lastly the Zhonya's for AP,armor and a nice passive

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Skill Sequence Reasoning (DPS)

maxing vorpal spines gives you MASSIVE early game damage and the ability to clear creep waves very fast
next is rupture because when used in combination with your VS gives you the most damage output early game
maxing feral scream last is because a DPS Cho'Gath dosent really need the damage it gives (tho you can get it whenever You like for the silence effect i just chose not to)
getting feast whenever you can for MAJORLY obvious reasons

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Skill Sequence Reasoning (MAGE)

my Mage'Gath skill sequence is based on being able to constantly nuke my opponent and having vorpal spines dosent really give anything to the nuke (your Q+W combo should be enough to clear the creeps)

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Skill Sequence Reasoning (TANK)

getting a point in each skill early to maximize your threat and maxing your E for the most hold on that threat
maxing feral scream second so you can heavily debuff your opponents (and COMPLETELY shut down mages)
and maxing your rupture last because as a tank you don't need it for the damage but the knock-up+slow effect

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Skill Sequence Reasoning (JUNGLE DPS)

Same as DPS'Gath

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Skill Sequence Reasoning (JUNGLE MAGE)

getting a point in your E at lvl 1 is key to jungling as Cho'Gath otherwise my skill sequence is the same as Mage'Gath's

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Summoner Spells

All (i hope) are self explanatory or i have already explained

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Pros / Cons (DPS)

huge early game damage
very good farmer
Grate lane sustainability
Unusual (not many people have seen and now how to counter)
Hes Cho'Gath

quite squishy early-mid game
generate allot of threat if doing well (gets focused)

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Pros / Cons (MAGE)

Awesome sniping potential with Q
Grate at destroying squishes
amazing farmer
nice lane sustainability
very tanky for a caster
Hes Cho'Gath

hard to hit with rupture against Mobile opponents
combo is ENTIRELY dependent on landing rupture
many people know how to counter

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Pros / Cons (TANK)

good damage (for a tank(early game only))
VERY large Visual threat
Hes Cho'Gath

pretty much only a visual threat late game
easily counted by madreds bloodrazors
there are better tanks IMO

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Pros / Cons (JUNGLE DPS)

almost no item reliability
very safe jungler
dosent need buffs to jungle
Grate at ganks even without buffs
Hes Cho'Gath

ganks are entirely dependent on landing rupture
not the fastest jungler

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Pros / Cons (JUNGLE MAGE)

almost no item reliability
very safe jungler
Grate at ganks even without buffs
Hes Cho'Gath

NEEDS blue buff to jungle
ganks are entirely dependent on landing rupture
not the fastest jungler

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pretty much just keep last-hitting where ever you can and until lvl 4 then keep using your combo to kill the caster creeps (Q,W for mage+tank and Q,E for DPS)
also try to always feast the cannon minions (almost never feast a normal minion) unless you have full stacks or you think you will need it for a kill

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Jungling (DPS)

start at double golems and auto attack then ignite and pot
then go to wraiths and site the blue one and rupture the other once they have surrounded you
then to wolfs (all the while using your health pots when necessary)
go back to base and buy your long sword
then to golems
wraiths (smiting the blue one)
to wolfs
and if they don't have a jungler
to their double golems
their wraiths
to your wraiths and finally ether wolfs or golems then go back and get your madreds razors and boots
then go to red and Q then smite then auto and pot (same for blue)

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Jungling (MAGE)

try to start at blue if you can otherwise follow the DPS jungling route and try conserve your mana till you get your long sword then go to blue
if you do get blue straight up the just go wolfs,wraiths,golems and repeat (going into their jungle if they don't have a jungler)

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Team Fights (DPS,MAGE)

just attack whoever you can really tending to focus the carrys and squishes and not the tank up close as DPS and from as far away as possible as mage

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Team Fights (TANK)

Tank the damage for your team
initiate the tower dives
ALWAYS attack the member of the team they will try and protect the most (otherwise whoever is available)

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one thing i always see when playing with my lower lvl friends is their lack of CS
farming should always be your main objective early game because when only trying to poke your opponents (as i use to do when i was just a we lad) you lose out on SO much gold that the harassment wasn't even worth it in most cases

Just FARM FARM FARM as much has you can but make sure to always help in team fights

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Cho'Gath is such a versatile champion and fulfills his role (whatever they may be) very well
If you see something you don't agree with plz comment and tell me what you think could be improved
also feel free to ask me ANY questions about Cho you may still have

Thank you