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Cho'Gath Build Guide by The Love Sock

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Love Sock

Cho'Gath The Four Armed RoA King ;)

The Love Sock Last updated on June 13, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Build Itself:

I know this build seems stupid. And honestly I'm pretty much knowing that someone's going to call me an idiot. But hear me out. I'm no challenger. I'm just like all you Bronzie's and Silver's out there. IF you want the the absolute best possible guide to any champion, I'd strongly consider getting the hell out of this page. Understand that this build is just for fun, and it in fact does work. With a champion like Cho'Gath, I've given my self many chances to mess with his game-play. I've done a lot of building which most team's thought was just a troll. Which yeah with 5 RoA's and an ArcheAngel's you'd think i'm in Troll City. But when I used to try hard with Cho, I found this build blew most teams out of the water. I was tanky, I did so much damage. I was a giant ******** monster! Which for Cho'Gath, it's just sorta the normal day to be a big monster, but to be like that with such a ridiculous build. That's what made it interesting. So in hopes you'd end your slander, I hope you enjoy this "guide" on Cho. Enjoy as you please ^.^

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Cho'Gath and the League of Legends. (A work of art as it were)

Eat ****. Farm well. Get Big. Rod of Ages. That's about it.

I could go deeper, but I don't need to tell you how to play the damn game. It's a simple process, so take the build, the masteries and runes. And be on your way. If you intend on playing a ranked game with this build. If you've checked me on LolKing, it didn't work out so well. That was more due to the team, but we all have those games... But to sum up all you gotta do is enjoy yourself. Once you can farm well with Cho'Gath the entire top lane becomes your feeding grounds. You can eat and kill and do anything as long as you play Cho for a while before you try this build. This build requires a good game. And if you know that the game your in isn't going to allow for this, then go ahead and build something more situational to your current game.

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If You Know How it Works, You Can Do It. :D

If after using Cho for a while you start to be able to get this build down. Then that's all you need. Everyone can learn Cho's play style. It's simple, Knock-up, Silence, Auto, ignite, and eat' em up!. Now as it were some might ask good ways to use your E. Always always always have your E toggled on. It helps with farm. With lane, and it just helps in everything else. Your E is one of the most important abilities you have. As such I'd suggest learning how to use it to your advantage. As for the title of this Chapter you probably are wondering why it's the title. Well it's simple, If you can learn and know what to do. you can do it, if play Cho'Gath, practice your farm, remind yourself how slow he is. And never fear an enemy attacking, even early game. Cho can get away from anything if you try. It's perseverance, and it's a trait all of us must master.

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The runes I've chosen for this build were based souly on the my personal and I must say very ill conceived AP page. So I do apologize if the runes are very average. But do understand that these runes have worked with me for a while now, and they seem to work out easily for any champ I use which uses AP. Including the occasional AP Rengar :3 So if there are any questions or alterations someone wishes to make or ask, feel free to PM or comment, whatever you may use to contact me ;) Now then, ON TO THE ITEMS!

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A Build for People with Abnormally Massive *****es. (Including Women)

This Build doesn't really need to be talked about. It's pretty ridiculous from an actual build compared to it. It's just 5 RoA's and an ArcheAngel's staff. Which in the build notes you'll find that (gasp*) The Passive's on Rod of Ages Stack! I know this doesn't sound all that extreme, but it does make this build work so well. At least if you've played and understand Cho'Gath's mechanics. So other then that, I don't have much to say about it. Now of course in order to build. You're gonna need some skills now won't you?

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Skill Sequence (No clever title here guys)

Honestly this is usually just how I've always leveled Cho, of course sometimes you're gonna change the sequence in which you level your skills. As anyone would, But in most situations the way I've set up the skills works perfectly fine. Occasionally I do Max my E before I max my Q, this is based on personal experience and preference, so I'm not gonna really say it's absolutely needed. Now what's a skill without some Summoner Spells!

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The Two Spells Which Have in Fact Won me a Game Many a Time!

Now I usually always play Cho with Teleport and Ignite, once again this is personal preference and anyone is able to warp their summoner spells to their own preference. It's not really something to ramble on about

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A Couple of Thing's to Know

1: Make sure your farming capabilities are proficient.
2: Never be afraid of their jungler. (A lot of times a junglers ganks won't actually kill you unless you get stupid.)
3: Focus more on taking farm and lane. And while the occasional kill and gank is awesome, unless your Cho is strong, honestly there really isn't much point to getting super fed. Especially as a tank. It makes you feel good yeah, but winning lane early is much more beneficial, especially to get early RoA's.
4: Always be willing to teleport in on a bad situation. Even if they lose you, it's more likely the team which focuses a tank won't be winning afterwards. Duh.
Other then these tips which really I don't even need to give, the rest of your game-play with Cho is pretty easy to grasp. I swear!

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To Sum up a

To sum thing's up, I'll repeat that this build, is for any who believe they can do it. When it comes to league you really have to believe that you can do something before you can ever attempt it. Know your strengths, your weaknesses and use them to your advantage as well. This build is fun, as long as you understand the limits of yourself, as well as your champions. And if you really care so much as to complain that I don't tell you what situations this build works in. That'd be because this build isn't exactly ever ideal. It's a danger, and you really have to understand that you can bust it out whenever you please. Just make sure you reassure your team. This has been The Love Sock from The Love Clan, and I'm happy to welcome myself to Mobafire, and hope you enjoy every single post to come. ;)