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League of Legends Build Guide Author pHetHH

Chogath - The Tank You Should Fear

pHetHH Last updated on July 14, 2010
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Chogath - The tank you should fear

Welcome to my wall of text!
This is my first Champion guide for LoL. Feel free to leave comments and expieriences you made with this guide. I choosed Chogath cause he can and will be they reason your team wins or loses if played correctly. He is an decent tank who can dish out great amounts of damage, while he never ever stops farming like hell which will reg his life (thanks to his great passive).

Table of Contents

1.) Pros and Cons
2.) Summoner Spells
3.) Runes
4.) Masteries
5.) Skill Order
6.) Items
7.) Gameplay

1.) Pros and Cons]

- Best farmer ->Vorgal Spikes & Passive
- Decent tank
- AoE Silence
- Small AoE ministun & slow
- Dish out around 2000 damage in an short time
- Easy to play except hitting Rupture

- Rupture is easy to avoid if placed wrong
- Very mana dependent
- Big Bad Champion who often gets focused (isen't that what you want?! ^^)

2.) Summoner Spells]

Simple and clear you want to have Ghost and Cleanse for escape, chase, survive, and surprise. Ignite isn�t good as your finishing blow is Feast! Adding to this Ignite is nerfed in season 1.

3.) Runes]

Quint -> Movement Speed
Marks -> Mpen
Seal -> Mp5/LvL
Glyph -> Mp5/LvL

you can swap Glyphs for CD reduce and Quints for flat HP, but as for Runes in general you can go with whatever suits you best. Mp5/Lvl works just great cause you wont have any mana problems Mid and Late game.

4.) Masteries]


You want to play defensivly and farm as much as you can (which is pretty easy with vorpal Spikes). This build is made for an solo lane (Mid or let someone jungle Bot or Top), the Def tree will help a lot there.

5.) Skill Order]

Rupture:This is your bread and butter, well aimed Ruptures (best out of bushes/threw walls) will let your enemys fear you and on the other hand your team can easily engage to kill the slowed champ. Dont forget the +100% AP, late game this skill does huge amounts of damage!

Fearal Scream:First skilled at Level 8 cause you wont have the mana to combo up Rupture->Fearal Scream->Vorpal Spikes->Feast. This is the skill who can makes the difference in team fights. Run in silence as much of them as you can and afterwards prepare weak ones for your team.

Vorpal Spikes:This makes you huge and rich very fast. I skipped 1 skill Feral Scream for the second level of Spikes before Feast. Then its 30 instead of 20 AoE damage. Combined with your passive Vorpal Spikes will bring you lots of lasthits and your passive will let you stay on full HP so you can live with some harras.

Feast:This is why you dont want Ignite...Lasthit enemy champs with Feast for extra free HP. Hint: Feast does stack 6 times, just stack up 5 kills with feast till level 16 and get your last stack then -> all 6 charges will change to 150 HP instead of 90/120 HP.

6.) Items]

The Regrowth Pendent is all you need early game, your passive will do the rest to keep you on max HP. After getting Boots of Mobility and Mejajs Souleater get Wards every time you go for new items.

Mejajs + Levi will give you all you need early and mid game: more AP and HP.
After that fokus on getting Warmog and Guardian. The last Item is situational...only grab an Lich Bane if you are doing pretty well and got your charges. If not the last item depends on the enemy champs.

Lots of Caster/Nuker -> get Force of Nature
Lots of Stunner -> get Banshee Veil
Some melee Carry who can get dangerous for you -> Thornmail

Getting the situational items is very important for winning an game. For example the enemys have an mega fed Yi he usually have no problem nuking your 4k HP away but if you have your Thornmail just back off near to your mates/tower and start fighting spam feral and rupture and feast him down.

7.) Gameplay]

Early Game:

You want to have an solo lane: Mid or ever better Top or Bot 1v2 (with 1 jungler in your team). The more they push you next to your tower the more farm can you get without getting to much harrass. If they make little misstakes like recieving an Tower shot try to guess their walking path and Rupture them. Else you want to play very defensivly till level 6 and keep a lot of your mana. If you see them Bluepill use the time to grab an golem buff and help ganging other lanes.

Mid Game:

Now you will start to shine! Start roaming: if you see huge creep waves -> go get them, low enemys -> go get them, ally who need help -> go help them. All you want is even more gold and stacking up your mejajs + levi! Dont risk anything, dont tower dive and just watch yourself getting big and farmed while Farming/Ganging/Supporting. Boots of Mobility will help you alot to switch very often lanes and place wards.

Late Game:

You should have now:
-Boots of Mobility
-Mejajs 15+
-Levi 10+
-(Oracle: if they got any good played stealth champs)
-The clue which situational Item you will need!
since you were ganging and supporting all the time you are the one who knows who is/can
can be dangerous for you and your team so use this and fit in your last item as mentioned in point 6.)

Your main job is to scare off the whole team and take care of thier squishy carry or if they have an decent supporter to nuke him down. While the enemys will fokus you you can kill 1-2 more before you have to escape with ghost + cleanse. Meanwhile your team can push or rape the rest of the enemys. Remember even if you are low dont Bluepill out of teamfights. Your Rupture has an great range and help your team killing one!

Have Fun dominating games