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League of Legends Build Guide Author ziggybuggydoog

Cho'Gath: The Unkillable Tank

ziggybuggydoog Last updated on April 8, 2011
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I've played Cho since he came out, and I've always thought that his ridiculously large amount of health and his overtly large size made him a fun character to play. This build makes him nearly unkillable and able to effectively turn the tide of every battle.

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Pros / Cons

*High amount of health, armor and magic resistance makes Cho really hard to kill
*High health + health regen + thornmail = destruction of nukes

*Life steal ruins thornmails effects so characters like Warwick and Nasus are a bit more challenging

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Skill Sequence

An odd thing about my skill sequence is that i completely ignore feral scream until there is nothing else left, this is because the silence is short, the damage is minimal, and by the time you are close enough to cast it, you've been whatever spells you are trying to prevent.

Vorpal Spikes is one of the greatest passives in LoL, it costs no mana, and happens on every melee, making cho's attacks have slight range and AOE, and when leveled fast, it gives an advantage in early/ mid game. It also helps farm minions effectively.

Rupture is an effective way to slow/stun enemies and get first blood in the beginning, the reason vorpal spikes takes priority over it after level one is because, vorpal spikes require NO MANA.

Feast is essential to every cho's build, obviously. Once you have feast its always wise to go get the Blue buff to get your stacks as fast as possible. Having max stacks of feast is necessary at all time if you want to play cho effectively. Besides the health bonus, the fact feast does true damage is a great way to initiate team fights and send a tank fleeing behind his team.

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I personally have pure attack speed runes, which effectively destroys everything using any non mage character.
However i would recommend attack damage, mana, health regen, or pretty much anything works.

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The items are normal tank items the reason they are put in the order they are matter though because it effectively defends against a normal circumstance game start to finish.
1. Doran's Ring now encase you did not know, you are suppose to sell the ring around mid game when your item's start to fill up, however, it is greatly advantageous early game so it is wise to buy it in the beginning.
2. Warmogs Armor: It stacks health and health regen, we start with this because health is a good defense against magic and melee, because it doesn't discriminate one way or the other.
3. Mercury's Treads: Everyone needs some boots :P and this starts off the tank build by giving some magic resistance along with the stun reduction
4. Thornmail: Now that we have some magic resistance, it seems logical to get some armor. Coincidently this armor gives us some return damage, so when those pesky assassins pop up, they essentially commit suicide
5. Force of Nature: Now that we have plenty of armor, lets stack up on magic resistance because its not very high, luckily this magic resistance also comes with more health regen
6. Guardian Angel: Now that we have lots of armor and magic resistance... lets get some more! this lovely item gives armor and magic resistance, effectively topping off all of the other items, also, on the off chance someone manages to kill you, you get a second chance now!
7. This item can be almost anything of your choosing, I go basically off of how the game has played so far, if the other team is dealing a **** ton of damage and you are having trouble tanking all of it, get another warmogs armor if you are tanking fine and you just want to end the game i recommend Madred's Bloddrazer. Alot of people would say to go with Atma's Impaler but i disagree, because 2% of 4000 health is only 80, which isn't that bad, but 4% of whatever your enemies health is sounds much better to me . The choice is your's.