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League of Legends Build Guide Author BloBBloB99

Clarity Guide: More legit than at first Sight

BloBBloB99 Last updated on March 11, 2013
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Hi all, and welcome to my Clarity guide. I personally like to bring out new thoughts, such as having Clarity in competetive games. It sounds stupid at first touch, but when you get underground with it, it's a different story. Some champs have certain item builds making Clarity a perfect spell. Others have movesets that makes Clarity their spell of choice. I will give you some examples of those champions, and alternate paths to teach you more about how you should use Clarity. So read on!

Disclaimer: By writing this, I do not mean Clarity is perfectly viable for everything, only that it works for some Champions/Playstyles. Any disagreements will be pointed at the disscussion page for some arguing combat.

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General Stats

Restores 160+30x level mana to your champion, and 50% of that to nearby allied champions (range 600)
Summoner's Insight : Restores 20% more mana.
Cooldown: 180 sec. (3 Min)

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If a champion have specific Spells

SPAACE Karthus can use Clarity effectively, both due to his nature of spamming spells, and due to him not needing a Ignite. He already has Requiem, wich is his $$$ skill.

Abillity Power Nidalee can use Clarity effectively, due to having a heal that is ridicolous in later levels, and also due to that she'd like to have half of the rift "trapped up" for vision. Clarity helps with this early-mid game.

Abillity Power Kog'Maw is actually legit can use Clarity due to him spamming spells (primarly Living Artillery) like there's no tomorrow. Clarity is even legit late game, even with mana items. He doesn't tend to be in Ignite range that much either.

Perhaps the most awkward Idea here, lane Maokai with Clarity. We all know he got mana issues, likewise does he gain health from spamming spells. If you absolutely wanna do lane Maokai, this is how.

Lux likes to harass. A lot. Bringing Clarity to the table means you can harass even more, and wait/skip mana items for more damage/survivabillity. Just like Koggy, she doesn't like being in Ignite range, so this is an option.

A good Zilean saves allies. A great Zilean does it often. Spamming Rewind to shorten the cooldown of your ult is what great Zileans do. Needless to say, that costs zileans of mana. Clarity gives mana. Makes sense right?

Morgana is a popular pick mid for her sustain. She usually gets two Doran's Rings and her sustain is check. But if you choose Clarity, you can get your Hourglass/Rabandon/Whatever a lot faster. An early Hourglass as Morgana means all teamfights will go in your favor. (Pretty much)

Veigar likes to lasthit with Baleful Strike. Clarity helps him do it. For maximum efficency, use Spellvamp quints and you can basically be your own engine for keeping both bars full. Try it, you wont regret it.

When you're faced with different situations

Your jungler and you are ridicolously Blue dependant.
Let's say you're playing Cassiopeia, a champion reliant on spamming skills and thus getting Blue. Now you have Amumu as a jungler, who is also blue dependant. What to do? Well, you can build mana items and sactifice other stats. Or you can use clarity.

If you're new to the game
When you're new to this game, you ususally can't spell "Mana Management". You might would want to use Heal and Clarity during your first adventures of league of legends.

If you're playing ARAM with four others on your team with bad communication.
In this scenario, everyone is stealing "your" shrines and you don't want to take sucide. What to do, Clatity is at your service. To be coupled with Heal or Barrier.

You're doing your own thing.
Maybe you're trying some ridicolous poke comp with Lulu and Ezreal bot and one of them wants Clarity. Maybe you are playing a character with a heal and you just like having Clarity on that. I don't know what you use clarity for, but if it works, go ahead.

When you're using specific item builds.

Perhaps you're going really exotic and you're trying out these goodies. If that's the case, you can use Clarity to success. For instance, you've almost ran out of mana and health and an enemy is chasing you. Push Clarity and then Seraph, and you'll get a bigger shield than you would otherwise. The same goes for Muramana and offense. This works even better if you combine with a situation were you want Clarity.

When you've taken a bottle to much and you want to be hated.

I wont talk to much about this, I only added it seeing as it is the most popular use of Clarity and a cute little gem i see every once in a while. Basically, you use it as you would with a summoner spell on cooldown. If you're laning with someone, use it while they have full mana. Warning! ONLY USE THIS FOR THIS REASON WHILE YOU'RE PLAYING A NON-MANA CHAMP OR YOU WONT GET REPORTED!

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Basically, just send in your questions and I'll answer them. They will come up here aswell. (That's neat isn't it?) You can also send in ideas of Champs that you think work with Clarity or scenarios were it would work.

\//Q: Your question here.

\//A: My answer here.

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1. Clarity does not need to be considered "trolly" or inappropriate.
2. Clarity has it's uses.
3. Experiment more with it!

With all that said, I hope you enjoyed my guide and learned something by reading it.

Thank you for your time!

//: BB99


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