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League of Legends Build Guide Author Joel

*cleaver to the face* nuff's said

Joel Last updated on February 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Mundo has to be my fav champ of them all, after getting owned by a mundo one game and thinking I could do it better I bought him and then found out how godly he is (good times). Tired of finding ****py builds that are "awesome", I have tryed them, they arent awesome. This is rather simple build when you think about it, then again, mundo is simple to....simply mundo.

(sorry computer glitched and it didnt save any of the items or runes and junk like that.)

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health and health regen. you get more bang for your buck with the ones that give per lvl, but the flat boots is always nice. You can also get CDR (cool down reduction), spam thoes cleavers more.

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I go 9/21/0 because makeing mundo more tanky in a good thing. I have also played him 21/0/9, 21/9/0, just about every combo you can try. Tank mundo and dps mundo work the best, with tank mundo being the best of all, hense the tank mastiers. It is nice to grab the CDR for the cleavers.

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I like to start out with doran sheild firt, nice health, armor and dp regen to start. You can get Ruby Crystal first for even more health but to me it really isnt worth it considering its only a little more and you dont get armor or hp regen with it. my second item is always boots, help alot. After that i usualy get ruby to get a Spirit Visage,part way i finish getting my last pair of boots witch is usualy Boots of Swiftness (unless you are fighting a stunning, snaring, taunting peice of sh*t team then get mercury treads), mainly for the CDR and health early on (not mandatory to get i usualy bypass it and go straight for the nest item) Warmogs Armor, your bread and butter, the thing that makes you a god and can cleaver people over and over with out diying, this item is a must for mundo, it is stupid why it is not recomended for him. After that you should be getting Force of Nature, I am usualy buying warmogs and force of nature at the same time becuase i usualy never get past warmogs(team usualy surrenders) but if you do get past the FON(Force of Nature) check point then you are heading for Thornmail, for the pesky DPS. After that head for Randuin's Omen, more of everything that makes mundo own. The times when you are getting way fed very fast, forget Spirit Visage and go right for the warmogs and add another for fun and get Atmas Impaler, with it you will own. Agenst heavy AP teams get more MAgic resistence as needed. I do not get Garduian Angel because if you are going to die as mundo then there is no hope of running away from that, even with your ult (trust me I have tryed, better to get another warmogs). Also i do not usualy buy Attack Damage items like Infinity edge or Bloodthirster, your a tank, just dont. you can get Starks fervor if your team needs it but they usualy dont, and its almost pointless. Also Sunfire cape, oh my f*cking god I hate that item on mundo, it is pointless, your Burning Agony does more damage and with your slow you dont need the wasted item space of it, if you could stack them maybe it would be useful, just no, dont get it.

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Skill Sequence

Cleaver(duh),Masochism(MAS), Burning Agony(BA, Cleaver, (depending on if you are getting fed or not, and yes lvl 3 is the very important point if you are or not) then get Burning Agony or Masochism. level you Cleaver all the way getting Masochism when you cant get Cleaver and then go for BA, getting your ult when ever you can. IF you are getting fed, level BA much faster tradeing it out with MAS if you can, it will help you stack warmogs so much faster.

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Summoner Spells

Sprint- very, very helpful, yes you have your ult but when you really wanna piss people off add ghost, you can catch anything, even a Yi's ult and ghost. Add a cleaver and you have more fun.

Ignite- nice early on to get kills with cleaver when they are running back to tower.

Exghust- yes if you want, its nice for the slow, but ever since they took away the blind it isnt as nice. And you have a slow, that does damage.

Flash- can be helpful, for when you are blocked by a wall of minions and you want that kill.

theis are your main spells to get.

ones you get if your stupid and want to die
all the other ones i didnt say were good.

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You only really start to farm when you get Warmogs and by that point your BA is around lvl 2 or 3. Only get the blue buff is no one else needs it for the CDR, red buff is nice but only for the slow, and you have one thats better.

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Team Work

Mundo loves to lane with anyone that can snare, stun, slow. (Ashe, Ryze, Pantheon, Teemo at level 6, ect. Also kassadin is a good lane partner because of his ult, silence and slow)
If your soloing because of jungler on your team or worse a leaver, then ask for alot of help, mundo is awesome but if you are agenst a good ranged, tower will die fast and you will take alot of damage.

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Pros / Cons

Pros- hes a Purple Chuck Norris with a cleaver

Cons- Chuck Norris does not like purple much.

(I'm kidding, i don't know if Chuck Norris likes purple)