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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author P.DiddyXD


P.DiddyXD Last updated on October 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey guys! Ive loved playing galio since they brought him out, although nowdays his mana costs and ult is getting nerfed down (i.e. things cost more and do less) cos of patches. Hence a full ap galio is no longer a viable option. Ive found that a tank galio (can be customed to be anti-mage or anti-mele) is quite fun to play and provides great support to the team with his aoe taunt and overall survivability.

Masteries & Spells:

--> Ive tried many combinations and find that 0/21/9 is good for anti-melee galio, and 9/0/21 is good for ap galio, but since this is a hybrid build, 9/9/12 gets both good magic capabilities with decent tanking (i.e. u still get the benefit of spell penetration and mana regen without compromising armor or MR).
--> I like to use Teleport because it helps you move to allied lanes for ganking and enables you to shop and come back to your lane so you dont lose on xp. In this way, combined with the threat of ur ult near a tower, galio can easily hold a 1v2 lane. In addition, i like to use Flash with galio because it makes the timing of ur ult unpredictable (i.e. people wont be able to silence u!). Instead of most galios that activate Bulwark or 'shield' and run into a group of 5 (yes very predictable eh?!), you simply need to wait in a bush or nearby creeps and then suddenly flash in with ur ult! Gets em everytime :)


For this hybrid tank build, its best to max out ur favourite, spammable, aoe-slow spell Resolute smite! Then, since of course ur gonna tank, max bulwark or 'shield' for huge armor and magic resist (very useful since u can cast it on allies too if ur on low health and wanna support the fight from range). U might think of maxing righteous gust before 'shield' like most galios, however ur smite does better damage than gust for less cost, and you need the tanking capability for this "tankio" build. In addition, i find that maxing both atk spells early is far too mana hungry after the recent patch and so u are never able to sustain harassment, whereas careful use of smite to harass is good for mana sustainability and farming. Not to mention that early 'first bloods' using ignite and skillshots are easily prevented by careful timing of 'shield'.


--> Red is Magic Penetration (useful for his ult, and better than ap since u can easily buy ap items if needed).
--> Yellow is Health (hes tankio! But if u wanna be more aggressive then replacing these with mana or ap is viable).
--> Blue is Cool Down Reduction (very useful for his ult and for spamming smite, but again this is upto personal preference).
--> Quints are Mana Regen (no joke ppl, since the new patch all his spells cost more to cast and so unless u dont wanna harass for lane control, ud better grab mana regen runes!).


Ok here is the tricky part because galio can have so many viable builds! My advice is not to be set upon ur item build sequence before the game (like some champs) but rather u must judge what attribute u need to build to counter the opponent team. For example, if they are heavy on melee then you must stack armor after your boots, but if they are mages (and u love mages!) then u should stack magic resist (which improves ur damage due to his passive! Galio converts 50% of his total Magic Resistance into Ability Power!). As such, if ur opponent team is smart and have a nice mix of ap and ad, then you should hybrid ur item choices as well - one suggested hybrid build is what i have outlined above. However, since this is an in-depth and 'complete' TANKIO guide then i will extrapolate on 3 viable galio builds:


2) My ANTI-MAGE BUILD (if they are mostly ap):

3) My ANTI-WARRIOR BUILD (if they are mostly ad):

Note; all the above builds assume that you can time pull off ur ult using flash, however if ur opponents have a lot of silences (in particular: garen's silencing blade can stop ur ult even if ur channeling/taunting it on him!) then you must get a banshees veil after your boots!

Final tips:

--> Use flash to surprise enemies and 'pull off' ur ult (this takes some practice to get right).
--> Its best to use ur ult on a champion when he is near another champion or even just his creeps!; this is because ur ult gains 10% more damage (upto 80%) for every atk against galio in those 2.5 seconds. So if ur gonna do damage, make sure you ult into a crowd!
--> When defending a tower against melee champions, who will only atk ur tower when creeps have swarmed it, you should be just outta sight and cast gust to speed you up, then flash into his face and channel ur ult immediately! Not only with you gain the 80% boots to ult damage (since creeps are also taunted) but your tower will begin atking the stupid melee champ becos u have taunted him! Thats GG :)
--> Dont be afraid to towerdive! If an opponent is on very low health and they are tower-hugging, you gust urself in, use ur ult (u wil gain some damage increase since the opponent tower also atks u), kill them, then flash out of tower range and activate shield to absorb any other damage. Of course you should laugh after doing this for added effect ^^


Galio is a frickin brilliant champ who is often underrated but really shines as a support character with his uber aoe-taunt! The fact that his ult makes it easier for ur allies to atk or use their aoe abilities makes it a real game changer if done right. Of course never rush into a 5 group if ur allies are stupid or dont know when/how to teamfight cos u will die for no reason. Though galio is great initiator, i find it better to wait for moments when your opponents are not suspecting ur ult, and then destroy their whole team whilst they thought it was a 5v3 fight. Anyway hope you guys liked this guide and enjoy playing galio!! GL HF ALL!