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League of Legends Build Guide Author RoutyWillo

Comprehensive Ezreal Guide

RoutyWillo Last updated on September 16, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my AD Ezreal guide. Before we begin, I would like to make three points:
1. Ezreal is currently one of the strongest heroes in the game if played correctly, meaning Riot loves to nerf him.
2. This guide is not set like most other guides and I'll give you several scenarios with different item builds and summoner spells.
3. Ezreal is badass but you need to learn how use his skills. Go into a bot game and just focus on aiming his skill-shots, especially his Mystic Shot. Until you are comfortable with the Ezreal's range and can easily hit the intended target for Mystic Shot, be it minions, champion, or neutral monster, you are ready to read this guide.


The point of this guide is not to create an unkillable Ezreal, capable of destroying the entire team in 3 seconds. Although Ezreal has great damage output, he lacks the damage output necessary to become a team-killer, like Twitch, Master Yi, or Jax. On the other hand, he lacks any form of natural crowd control or a built in heal, making a full support champion inviable. Therefore, I prefer to play Ezreal as a support DPS. His Mystic Shot, normal attacks, and passive allow for great damage output in teamfights. His W, Essence Flux, can turn battles in your favor as it greatly decreases the damage of Attack Speed Characters (I'm talking to you, Twitch and Teemo, annoying bastards) and boosts ally attack speed. As you can see, a support DPS is a great build for Ezreal.

In the beginning, your only defense is your Arcane Shift, positioning, and any Summoners Spells you chose. It sounds like a lot but Arcane Shift has an annoyingly long cooldown. Therefore, his most reliable defense is his positioning. It doesn't matter if your soloing mid or laning, learning how to zone an enemy will become one of your most useful skills. This video explains the basics, just ignore her voice. (The video is at the bottom since something happens when I put the video in the middle and you can't see any of the text under the video).

For Ezreal, zoning is relatively easy due to his Q ability, Mystic Shot. Always try to push the opponent past the minion wave, allowing you (and maybe your partner) free gold and experience. Whenever the opponent tries to farm, hit him with your Mystic Shot until he backs away.

Your basic combo for Ezreal in ganking is Arcane Shift, Mystic Shot, Exhaust (optional) Auto-attack or Essence Flux if they are Auto-Attacking back, continue spamming Mystic Shot and Auto-attacks, and, if they turret hug with less than 300 health, finish them off with Trueshot Barrage.

Unlike many AD Ezreals, I prefer a 15-0-15 build, picking up the important cooldown-reduction, armor penetration, and attack damage in Offensive Masteries as well as the mana regeneration, increased experience, and increased movement speeds in Utility. Combined with my mana regeneration Seals, this gives me enough mana regeneration to spam abilities early game. Feel free to change the masteries to whatever you wish. However, avoid taking Expanded Mind and Greed as Utility masteries due to Ezreal not needing a huge mana pool and the relatively little amount of gold generated by Greed (270 gold/45 minute game).

Unfortunately, I have been unable to try out many runes for Ezreal, primarily because I don't have 9 of every single rune like Phreak does. However, this rune setup is used by many Ezreal players, and I really like it. Armor penetration for normal attacks, mana regeneration and cooldown reduction for spammability, and flat health quintessences for a much easier early game. If you love another rune build, by all means use it and share it in the comments below as I'm very unexperienced with runes :P

Summoner spells:
Summoner spells are among the most disputed of all Ezreal guides. However, I feel that Ghost and Exhaust are by far the best spells on Ezreal. Exhaust is almost a must since it can be used offensively and defensively while providing Ezreal with some much needed crowd control. Ghost is the greatest escape ability. It helps you run away from ganks when Arcane Shift is on cooldown, or it can allow you to catch up to an enemy and throw that last essential Mystic Shot for the kill. However, here is a list where I rank summoner spells for Ezreal (don't hate just for this).
Best spells:
-Exhaust: gives you crowd control, helps you escape, lowers enemy Armor and Magic Resist (with mastery), renders an opposing DPS carry useless, etc; its many uses make this spell great for Ezreal
-Ghost: allow you to easily escape ganks, catch up to running opponents, tower dive, etc
-Clairvoyance: unparalled map control, you can easily line up Trueshot Barrage, scout grassy areas for enemy ganks, track enemy junglers for a gank, scout Baron if everyone is missing, and it only has around 40 seconds cooldown!!!
Good spells:
-Teleport: good for newer Ezreal players, provides a safety net in case of an early death, allows you great lane control since your never absent for more than 20 seconds, great for backdooring a turret when your minions have bunched up; take this and Ghost if you expect to do a lot of backdooring due to general team incompetence
-Heal/Clarity: hey, you're a support DPS, a SUPPORT dps; if no one else is taking it, pick either one up, especially clarity, which gives your great Mystic Shot spammibility early game
Bad spells:
-Ignite: I know, everyone is gonna bash me for this (OMG, ignite a bad spell, what a nub. However, I think ignite is overrated. At level three, ignite does 110 damage, about as much as 1 Mystic Shot. Exhaust is much better for securing kills due to its slow, blind, and Armor/Magic Resist lowering; only take it if you expect more than 2 healers on the opposing team
Revive/Fortify/Rally: just, no, no, and no

Early Game:
To start, you can either pick up one of four items: Doran's Blade, Longsword, Sapphire Crystal, or a Meki Pendant. I definitely prefer starting with a Doran's Blade. However, if you know you're playing against a nub team or the entire other team is melee DPS with no range (almost impossible in high ELO), you can pick up the Longsword for increased damage at the cost of 120 health and 4% lifesteal (basically, just survivability). Also, I sometimes take a Longsword when laning with a competent partner in order to get First Blood. I highly recommend taking either Heal or Teleport with the Longsword. Sapphire Crystal offers increased spammability and later builds into a Sheen, useful if you're Sheen rushing. A Meki Pendant is what I recommend for people when they are playing against a good team or trying Ezreal for the first few times. It allows you to easily last hit minions for gold and harass the enemy with Mystic Shot. Purchase Plain Boots and your Brutalizer or Sheen asap.

Mid Game:
At this time, there will be two scenarios: you have leveled way faster than everyone else and they are still laning or people are starting to group up into teamfights to push down towers. For scenario one, purchase some Sight Wards (or vision wards if they have a Twitch/Eve/Shaco) at base and set them in the grass to freely push. They'll put you back slightly in purchasing items but they'll save your ***. For scenario two, try to finish your standard build (either Plain Boots, Sheen, Doran's Blade, and Brutalizer or Plain Boots, Sheen, Chalice of Harmony, and Brutalizer, depending on starting items) while keeping up Red and Blue Buff. Ask a teammate for help if needed. A good strategy now is to "push all lanes." Basically, push back two minion waves in one lane and move to the next while never overextending. Of course, only do this if there is no major teamfight breaking out. This will force your opponent onto the defensive, allowing your team an easier time in teamfights since someone will most likely be MIA to kill the minions bunching up around their turrets. Purchase a Vampiric Scepter if you are still in scenario one or a BF Sword before a Scepter for scenario two.

End Game:
Ezreal is not a great backdooring champion; his skill is shown in teamfights where his hi damage attack speed buff/debuff make him invaluable. At this point, the standard combo no longer applies. Start with Trueshot Barrage to gain 5 stacks on your passive (75% attack speed boost), followed by Essence Flux (try to hit as many allies and enemies as possible, particularly attack speed champions), spam Mystic Shot and Auto-attacks; if the enemy tries to run, Arcane Shift + Exhaust + Ghost + Red Buff = Dead Champion :D A good strategy I have found for jungle fights is to Arcane Shift over a wall and continue Mystic Shotting and Auto-attacking the enemy for damage without danger.

Items on Ezreal:
Standard Build-

Most games, you'll only have time to finish this build. It offers great damage and lifesteal, good cooldown-reduction, on-hit damage boost with Mystic Shot, and a little bit of health.

Long Games vs. More than 3 Tanks-

This build gives you the ability to deal heavy damage vs. high damage characters. The Frozen Mallet gives you additional health vs. tanks and the slow allows you to easily chase and kill both tanks and squishies.

Long Game vs. Heavy DPS-

This build gives you more mana as well as additional armor and cooldown reduction. In addition to that, it lowers the attack speed of nearby enemies, making this great for Master Yi and Twitch.

Long Game vs. Heavy Magic-

Health and magic resist are both given through Banshees Veil. It also blocks one negative spell per 30 seconds, making this great for combo mages (Ryze, Morgana, Veigar).

Thanks for reading my guide and I hope it was informational for you. Please rate it well and any suggestions would be appreciated. Good luck and have fun with Ezreal!