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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chobojay

Cosmo Teemo *Updated 25-11-10*

Chobojay Last updated on November 25, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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By Summoner VAIR ee taws


Hello gamers,

I'm Jay ingame as "VAIR ee taws" Before I start I wanna say sorry for my bad English, thats not my greatest thing in life.
Let me keep it short, if you like teemo.. you should take your time to know the champ.
Do alot of games and just use this build, it's a really good build in my opinion (ofcourse I created it) but i've done alot of games and this is one of the most OP builds at this time.
If you are already skilled with teemo then you know exactly what to do with these items. Just go to mid lane and use your stealht wisely. Your blinded dart is a very OP power "Q" against fighters, DPS'rs. It has the same effect as the ability Exhaust. Use it as first attack on fighters.
Your poison is your 2nd skill "E" it's passive and it's really great to have. Low life running away enemy's are most of the time dead when you can hit them one more time. The poison has pretty much the same effect as Ignite.
Now mushrooms, let's talk about mushrooms. When you are at level 6 your mushrooms wont do that much dmg but can harras the enemy very easily. I most times wait till I got 3 mushrooms and then place them at stratigic points. When I'm in mid I make sure mushrooms are all around me (Make sure minions won't trigger your shrooms) they are made the harras/kill your opponents.
Try my build and rate it and have a good time doing it.
I'll expend my build when I've got the time for it.
I won't go to deep cause I suppose you have some talent, experience with teemo and even if you don't these items will help alot.

Slangs, dictonairy.. short cuts

LoL = League of legends
CC = Crowd control = Snare, stuns, taunts etc.
HP = Health Points
ArmP = Armor Penetration
MP = Magic Penetration
Gank = When you charge one player with more then one player (Planned attack)
Asap = As soon as possible
AP = Ability power
AS = Attack speed
AD = Attack damage
Blue pill = Blue buff you get from the golem in 5v5 only.
Red pill = Red buff you get from the lizard in 3v3, 5v5.
If I used another shortcut for something and you don't know what I mean? Please put it in a comment and I'll update it asap!


- Can stealth by standing still, great for ambusing.
- Very strong damage during the whole game, early, mid and late.
- Good chaser, excellent for chasing down your enemy's.
- Can have great escapes by using mushrooms.
- Blinding dart can blind your enemy's causing them to miss.
- Great farming capabilities using mushrooms.
- Excellent for ganking enemy's, suprise them.


- Very squichy.
- Easy target for ganks.
- Cooldown on your mushrooms also your mushrooms aren't that effective at level 6.

Oracle's Elixir and Vision Ward

really screw up your abilities (stealth and mushrooms). Be aware when you want to use stealth make sure you check on people if they are using oracle most of the times tanky champs take those.
- Not good at tower diving
- CC is not what u want on teemo, once you get stunned or snared you're pretty dead especially in team fights.

Runes and masteries

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Yes, Magic penetration marks on red. Absoluty a small boost for your poison damage.

Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power

I've chosen to put ability power per level runes on yellow cause it is really helpfull. Always when I'm on mid lane or where ever you're fighting.. during leveling with only your starting item you'll slowly see your AP growing. Very nice for your damage.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Same story as the yellow runes, AP per level is a very good option for Teemo. You can also try Cooldown reduction runes, only thats a small reduction so I have chosen for these on my build.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

And as last the three big runes in your rune book for Teemo are.... Ability power! Very cool to have around 37 AP on level 1. At level 2 it's over 40. It won't stop growing till level 18.

Some people chose Health runes which grands 94 health if I'm not mistaking but why would you.. it's a small health boost.. if you play safe and cool then AP is more of a boost then health. Just saying this from my own experience ingame.

Skills, ability's

Let me get over the skills teemo's got and also the ability's I use with this build.


My first ability is Exhaust, why? I really love it to blind targets and slow them so you can easy gank or make a kill. It is also very handy in team fights. Try to exhaust the strongest DPS'er/AD they have. It really helps you win a fight.


Second ability, Ignite.. A pretty standard ability used for getting the last HP from your opponent. I use it duo my Masteries, as you can see I've put my mastery points in Exhaust and ignite, each one. It gives a small bonus whenever you use ingite your poison dmg,magic damage will increase by 10.


This is Teemo's passive ability. When you stand still for 3 seconds you will become stealhed. Well thats just wonderfull, this skill is really awesome to use as some suprise attack. (Element of suprise, when you leave stealth you gain 40% attack speed for 3 sec) I recommend you to use this occasually. You can ambush people very easily standing still in a bush. HUH? Bush is empty and BOOM they trigger your mushrooms, losing health drasticaly. And then you open fire!

Blinding Dart

People honestly hate this one, aspecially when it was buffed on the latest patch of LoL. It does tons of magic damage and blinds the target (causing them to miss there target for 2.5 sec max) Same effect Exhaust has only it doesn't slow or trow down armor/magic resistance. I always use this skill as my first attack on people, in group fights focus on the fighters like pantheon, xin zhao.

Move Quick

Uhmm, yeah you move quick when this one is maxed! I always trow one point at this skill at level 4. Most of the time I don't got my boots yet so this comes in handy but carefull when you are hit by a tower or champion this ability stops (You will hear a sound going bufff....) It will go on cooldown and it takes like 6 sec to trow back on again. This ability is like ghost, it makes you move fast very nice for chasing down your enemy's trowing poison darts in there backs! Fun fun fun!!!

Toxic Shot

Ohhh no... another over powered passive skill! Really? Yay really! Aspecially when you decide to go with your friend to a side lane, it really helps getting firstblood at level 2. Cause your first skill following this guide is blinding dart. Squichy targets like ashe, sona are dead when you both focus the target even if they run away with small health your ingite and poison will slaughter them. I always max this as soon as I can. Cause it just a great bonus on your darts.

Noxious Trap

Or shall we say, mushrooms!!!! (If you don't have that awesome space teemo skin) This is like the most harrasing skill in the game next to shaco's jack in boxes. It is really fun to place everywhere on the freaking map. Almost dying enemy's desperate running away and BOOM "A!@#~!@#!@#!@%$$" You'll hear on the other side of the internet. Damn mushroom! Yes, you killed someone fleeing away thought he/she maked it. And you will have a laugh. An evil teemo laugh. I always use mushrooms on places where I think would be a route to run away from your enemy OR they want to chase you down but ohh man.. Never mind Teemo or what ever they are running after.. after running trough 3/4 mushrooms.. they will turn around or probably die by a counter.

Items, build order (Core items)

Amplifying Tome

Now why start with a Amplifying Tome? Well just because you are squichy doesn't mean you can do alot of damage. With this +20 ability power boost you can harras people with your blinding darts/poison from level 2. All thought you have to be very carefull at the beginning, beware of ganks, ultimates and stuff. It kills you very fast.

Boots of Speed

Nothing to add here, you need boots for faster movement, buy them.


Now when you got alot of money from farming you can go back to the shop, if you can you buy Malady in one time but if you can't that doesn't matter. Buy the parts you need and go back to your lane, farm some more money and when you think you can recall buy it.
Why Malady? Because it has great attack speed, you expended your first item bought and it makes your poison more effective. The item is overall cheap.

Sorcerer's Shoes

I chose for Sorcerer's Shoes because they penetrate your poison dmg from your darts and mushrooms. You dont need fast running boots when you have your "W" skill do you? It helps alot vs people that try to make your poison less effective with magic resistance.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Interessting choise isn't it? Well it isn't really. Cause this blade does a very nice bonus at ability power and attack damage, on each attack you gaine some ability power which is very nice.

Stinger or Phage

YES! The Stinger, when you are able to buy this it is a pretty big boost for your cooldown reduction and also attack speed comes in handy. When you trowing your poison darts super fast and your blinding darts, they won't stand a chance! also your mushrooms will be ready ever 15sec.

But you can also choose to take out phage as it gives you some attack damage and life. Also you have a chance to slow down enemy's that are probably running away.
This item eventually will expend to Frozen mallet.

Last Whisper or Madred's Bloodrazor

Weird after buying those AP/AS items? No! More attack speed isn't wrong! Also it adds hardcore armor penetration which is nice vs tanky champs. Remember you're shooting faster now! Now I would choose Last Whisper when ever the opponent has alot of armor, like Shen, Garen and Cho'gath etc.

Whenever the opponent hasn't got alot of tanky champions then I would recommend Madreds Bloodrazor as it has a very nice bonus on magic damage which 4% of the life as magic damage. Now both items are very good its just Bloodrazors take a little more time to buy as it has more items that are needed to make it. It's finally your own discussion.

My personal experience is that I most time buy Last Whisper cause it is cheaper.

The Bloodthirster

I mostly first buy a BF sword. Why attack damage? We'll since you got enough AP and enough AS. Attack damage is what you want. people die faster you know ^^ Also it adds life steal when you upgraded your BF to bloodthirster.

Nashor's Tooth or Frozen Mallet

And finally at last, Nashor's Tooth or Frozen mallet! Upgrade your Stinger or phage to this and you're cooldown reduction increases + more AP + more AS and if you have chosen for Frozen mallet you'll have an awesome slow like ashe and you're not that squichy anymore. Also it grands you some more AD which comes in handy.

After all these items and the game isn't over yet? Buy those potions that upgrade your life/AP/Critical chance.

Good luck with winning now!
Please post your stats, If you have a good game the stats should be amazing like my last few.

Feel free to play this build and please rate my build in all honesty!