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League of Legends Build Guide Author xaoscontrol

Crazy Sion!

xaoscontrol Last updated on September 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey yo GigliPockets out there! Crazy Sion is in the house and ready to fully kick the pants out of your sockets!
People at fisrt look will think this build is terrible and i should die by a crazy malphite (with frozen mallet) in my face! But wait and read this guide and i guarantee the next thing you will see in the dictionary for the word "***********a killing tank!" is the crazy sion build!

I separated this guide in such ways:
1 - Explanation
1.1 - Runes
1.2 - Masteries
1.3 - Summoner Spells
1.4 - Skill Sequence
1.5 - Build

2 - How to lane, how to help (3x3 ways)
2.1 - Hints
2.2- Observations

3 - How to lane, how to help (5x5 ways)
3.1 - Hints
3.2 - Observations

4 - The great lane partners! A friend needs help! = PDA

1 - Explanation: Obviously i dedicate this session to give you a motive for all the things i picked to turn this himalaia beast into a nightmare to your foes!
1.1 - Runes: Well, the first thing we must keep in mind are this top keys to make you deadly and annoying at the same time: Armor, anti-tank and cool down.
The runes that grants you armor is for that extra boost of tank power to help in initial ganks. So that your team may guarantee an estupendous first blood and an increase of morale.
The runes that grants armor penetration will be an excelent ally for crushing tanks in oposing teams or to just detonate the paper champs!
The runes that grants you cooldown reduction will help you to become (as i like to say) the "azedo" stunning and shield factory! If you can stun quick you can help your team always!
1.2 - Masteries:No mistery theres in why i chose those right? YOU ARE A TANK MAN YOU MUST HAVE A LOT OF DEFENSE! The other utility points is just to help ghost and get a bit more of XP, its great!
1.3 - Summoner Spells: Well, just because you are a tank that doesent mean you cant chase and run! Ghost gives that extra speed to stun, to chase, to help gank, to escape... a great tool for the azedation master! Flash can do all those things as well but with the surprise factor - VERY USEFUL IN 3x3 so you can make the great POP UP NIGGA effect... simply... crusher..
1.4 - Skill Sequence: Well, now it comes to the skill. Well you just need one point at stun in the start because, obviously, you just wanna stun those crazy manolos! Then go upgrade your shield so you can defend and attack AWESOMESLY with no regrets! Then enrage is an important factor for your damage. Since you dont have a build for massive damage enrage will help you in that (KEEP IT ALWAYS ACTIVE BOY!). Thats why i prefer to upgrade enrage a bit more before getting the ulti. Speaking of ulti, after getting it, just remember... YOUR ULTI IS A LIFE SAVER FOR YOUR *** AND THE REST OF THE TEAM! REMEMBER TO ALWAYS ACTIVATE ON THE RIGHT TIME!
1.5 - Build: Well, now this build is the key to make you a really, really annoying tank.
The ninja tabi boots will give you defense and a dodge, thats great and a full pack for a crazy tank!
Frozen heart will make a hugeeeeee diference since you will focus in those fundamental keys i said in the runes section. It will not only give you a great armor, but also will give you a reduction of cooldowns and a slow attack speed of nearby enemies as a bonus! For god sake! WHO NEEDS A BAZOOKA WITH THAT?!
The banshee is always good to do for that help with mana and to make any spellcaster in the other team a laugh near you!
Thorn mail... someone hits you a lot but pays a heavy price for that...
Sunfire.... someone stays near you but pays a heavy price for that too! And as you are always ganking and stuning around you are always near them! MAKE THEM RUN IN FEAR BOYS!
Another sunfire to make more damage... and.... vou a la! You are deadly and CRAZY!