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League of Legends Build Guide Author gwadzila

Creating a Champion - The Guidelines

gwadzila Last updated on September 3, 2011
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Why hello there. This is not really a guide, but more guidelines to creating your own champion. So maybe you have some ideas, but all of those numbers are discouraging, or you don't want to make your champion super OP? This is the place to look.

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The Basics

So What are some basic things to keep in mind when making a champion?


Make sure your champion fits a role.
Your champion should definitely be able to have a role to fulfill, because if they don't, guess what. They'll be the odd one out, nobody will want to use someone without a role when they could be helping the team much more by playing someone with a role.

What kinds of Roles are there?

Ranged Carry
Melee Carry
Tanky DPS
And any combination of 2.


Don't Copy Other Things.
Sure, you can have a damage and snare ability, but don't make it scale with mana. Another way to consider this is from copying items. You don't want to have an ability that makes all of your attacks slow-Not only is that copying Gangplank's Grog Soaked Blade, but there's also many other things that allow your auto attacks to slow (Red Buff, Frozen Mallet, Rylai's, etc.). This will make your ability boring and slightly useless, since you can get the same effect other ways.


Be Original.
This is a pretty obvious one. If you really want your champion to be noticeable, you have to give them something new or something cool. However, this doesn't mean every character you make has to have a new resource bar. There are many spell ideas that haven't been used yet, plus you can modify others to make them interesting. "Original" doesn't have to mean completely out of this world game-changing. It just means bringing something new to the table.


Acknowledge the Limits of the Game.
What does this mean? Basically it means you have to realize there are some things this game cannot do. Let's take an example ability, using a champion I just made up, the Animal Man.

Q: Pet Bunnies
The Animal Man creates three controllable Rabbits to do his bidding. These Rabbits can attack and cast suicide.

So What's wrong with that?
We have the mechanic to control pets... But not three. It would be extremely complicated to incorporate a system for controlling three pets. Plus, having the three pets have spells? That would go beyond the limits of the game - It would be too hard to design. Luckily, this rule generally won't limit you too much.


Don't make your Champion too complicated.
Yes, you can have a slightly confusing ult, but don't go over the top. Here's an example of an ability that's way to complicated:

Magic Resist Vortex
The Animal Man shoots a ball of energy out in a line, lowering the Magic resist of all enemies hit. The ball then stops and shoots out a beam of light at the nearest target, giving allies bonus armor penetration for all magic resist absorbed, and damaging enemies for 17% of their current armor plus 94% of their spell vamp plus lowering their magic resist and giving it to the ball, allowing it to shoot again.

What's the Problem there?
First off, it's doing way too many things. Second, WTF? I fell asleep just reading that, and others will either do the same or scratch their heads. You CANNOT make ridiculous over the top spells like that, because it discourages the person from reading it and also makes them feel a little stupid (at least I did, reading that again).

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Balancing Skills

Skill Balancing

What Makes up a Skill?

There are a couple components to consider when making a balanced skill.

Damage/Healing/Main use of the skill
CC time (Stun, slow, etc. duration)

You have to have an even amount of all of these to create a balanced spell.

So let's design a couple of spells, and I'll take you through how to balance them.

Q: Damage

If you're just having a spell do damage, basically the only things deciding how much damage it should do is cooldown and cost. So, let's say this spell has:
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Cost: 100 mana

This spell has a high cost and medium cooldown for a basic spell. So, we can afford to give it some nice stats.

Now, an average champion starts out with around 500 health, and 30 magic resist (24% less magic damage) So we can have this spell do 90 damage at level 1 and it will do 69 damage to someone with a base amount of magic resist. This is a good amount of damage, but not too much when you consider health regen and health potions.

What about base damage each level?

Most of the time, base damage should not go up by a set amount each level.This usually makes the skill imbalanced, whether it be overpowered or underpowered. Let's go back to our skill, Damage

Let's say our spell, "Damage", does 90/110/140/170/200 damage.

As you can see, at first I'm not giving the spell very much damage, but as it gets later on, I start giving it more. This is because if I added 40 each level, I could be level 3 and have a spell doing 130 damage, which is too much for early on.

Later, however, people can and will build health, meaning the damage needs to be upped more.

Another thing to note is that at level 5 I don't give it as much damage. This is just because later, when this spell is maxed, you'll be gaining a lot of damage from whatever the spell scales with, so having a high base damage still will be too strong.

How should I scale my abilities?

Ability Power Scaling

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Let's go over a spell component that ISN'T mentioned in the description - Reliability.

What's Reliability?

Reliability isn't an actual mechanic - It's a name I made up. Reliability means how easy it is to use that spell correctly. As an example, I'll put up a few spells and show their Reliability.

Extremely Reliable:
Rune Prison

As you can see, Extremely Reliable Spells are ones that happen instantly and are therefore hard to counter.

Null Sphere
Mark of the Assassin

Reliable spells will 99% of the time do what's expected.

Less Reliable
Mystic Shot
Infected Cleaver
Spin to Win (Judgment)

Less Reliable Spells will generally get the job done, but sometimes don't.

Absolute Zero
Grand Skyfall
Dark Binding

Less Reliable spells are generally better, but hardest to use.

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Gwadz1la's Bad Champion: Anti Nunu Bot

For This section, I will have a BAD champion concept. For the next sections, I will be showing how to fix this concept.

Lore: Once upon a time there was a happy bot named Nunu bot. However, Nunu bot had been framed for banning Frustrated Goran's LoL account. Therefore, Frustrated Goran decided to delete Nunu bot. He failed. So he created a Bot designed solely to kill Nunu bot... ANTI NUNU BOT!

Passive: Seer
Every 7 Auto attacks makes Anti Nunu Bot's next spell give him 100 mana.

Q: Devour
Anti Nunu Bot takes a bite out of a minion or champion, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 +0.8 of ability power damage and healing him for 100/200/300/400/500 +0.5 of ability power health. Deals half damage to Champions.
Mana Cost: 100/110/120/130/140
Cooldown: 10 at all levels.
Range: 100

W: Blood Simmer
When used on an ally, gives 20%/25%/30%/30%/30% movespeed. When used on an enemy, slows for 20%/25%/30%/30%/30%.
Mana Cost: 50/60/70/80/90
Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16
Range: 500

E: Rock Blast
Stuns target enemy for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds and does 50/60/100/140/190 +1.0 of ability power damage.
Mana Cost: 50/80/140/200/260
Cooldown: 7/6/5/4/3
Range: 800

R: Punish
Channels for 2 seconds before dealing 100/200/300 +1.5 of ability power damage to the highest health champion in the radius.
Mana Cost: 100/150/200
Cooldown: 140/100/90 seconds
Radius: 1000


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