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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hellomynameisgp

Crit Pirate

hellomynameisgp Last updated on September 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first ever build so feel free to post comments on anything you think i missed its greatly appreciated.


    GP does massive damage late game
    Can easily back door turrets with raise moral
    Not really difficult to play
    He talks like a pirate(:

    GP is slightly mana dependent early game
    Until you get your Guardian Angel you do not have much magic resistance
    If you are not careful you could have to recall too much early game causing you to fall behind

Early game (1-6) youre gonna want to lane as long as possible to get enough money for two avarice blades boots and if you did well enough a cloak of agility. Also while youre in the lane look for the melee creeps to get weak and go ahead and use raise morale on them so youre enemy champions dont get the exp and you get increased attack and movement speed.(:

Mid game (7-12) If you have enough crit say over 65% or so you can start ganking cooridnate with youre teamates so when you drop cannon barrage no survivors will be left alive. When starting a battle use raise moral and parley as soon as possible. Remove scurvy on the other hand you want to save until you are stunned or slowed. When you use cannon barrge exhaust can be used to keep enemies in the AoE as long as possible but if youre attacking with a champion like rammus, shen, or galio etc that can taunt an exhaust probably wont be needed. When chasing youll want to use raise moral to run them down now depending on how far they are away you could use ghost as well but i prefer to save it to use after raise morale has worn off. Also parley is great for one hitting champions who think sitting by the turret with low health recalling is a good idea. As far as items go after you get your 2 Avarice blades (i know its cheaper to buy brawlers gloves but the money will soon come back to you and the extra gold helps late game)then youre gonna want to get Boots of Swiftness then start to build youre infinity edge buying a cloak of agility.

Late Game (13-18) By this time if you should have built youre infinty edge and once you get the cloak of agility you will pretty much have all the crit chance you will need and close to 300% crit damage which means you can rape anyway that dare challenge you. You can go for ganks but by this time i usually start to backdoor but watch out the other team will certainly try to gank you if theyre smart since you can do so much damage so just be aware of the enemy champions and constantly watch youre minimap.

After buying your first phantom dancer sell one avarice blade to help pay for a cloak of agility. After you get the cloak sell the second avarice blade for a Soul Shroud or a Guardian Angel depending on if your team is good or if you are carrying them yourself and then after that you are gonna want to build a Black Cleaver and another Phantom Dancer but you will most likely not finish them by the time the game is over.

    Parrrrley: Early game you are gonna want to use this sparingly to keep enemies off turrets and for kills. Late game on the other hand though you can use it to kill minions for the extra gold bonus which can be very helpful if you need some quick cash.

    Remove Scurvy: Basically all youre using this for is to remove stuns slows silences and such late game when you have it completely leveled you can use it for the occasional heal.

    Raise Morale: This will be youre bread and butter when you attack champions or turrets you are going to want to use this for gained attack speed and movement speed if they try to run. Also it can be very annoying for enemy champions if you keep stealing their minion kills which prevents them from getting gold and more importanly exp.

    Cannon Barrage: This skill on several occasions has stopped enemies from getting away letting me catch up and get the kill you can also use it to catch someone sleeping with low hp for an easy kill. Youll mainly just want to watch the map for kills and to aid other ally champions in killing enemy champions by preventing them from running back.