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Teemo Build Guide by CrossXxBones

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrossXxBones

CrossXxBones's Teemo

CrossXxBones Last updated on March 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Teemo has always been one of the most underestimated champions in the league , but he is a very good choice if you know how to use him .This build excels at the usage of on-hit damaging effects and a high amount of attack speed.In this build i will be showing my way of playing him and i hope you understand it and from now i'm saying if you have anything to add or something that you don't understand please contact me on e-mail and i'm sorry for my bad english too.

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The runes i have recommended are for more advanced players .If your skills aren't that big you should go with defensive runes , but these runes help you grab early kills . The good amount of armor pen + your passive can really get a couple of kills in the bag but if misused you can be the one who is killed so as i said get to know the strategies first and than play with the recommended runes.In the Unique Spells chapter i will talk more about the passive and the ways to use it.

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As the runes the Masteries i've recommended are for advanced players . The usage of 21/0/9 makes teemo squishy early game and could be replaced with 9/21/0 .The masteries i use take the bonus magic pen because of Teemo's E spell - Toxic Attack. The other offence masteries help for the early game damage of Teemo.

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Starting with a doran's blade gives you some extra survivability and some damage early game.
The attack speed boots are as for every AD carry.Than comes the important stuff - i take early frozen mallet for the extra heath witch lets you sustain better on your lane and gives you the advantage of chasing enemies , if you feel confident you can take infinity edge instead but that is an item i do not recommend for Teemo.After you get your survivability item you can build the rest of your core - Nashor's Tooth ; Malady ; Stark's Fevor . Thease items help you gain an exceptional amount of attack speed benefiting a lot from your Toxic Attack and giving you a small AP boost wich you want 'cause of your E and R.If the enemy team has a heavy tank witch is most likely you Should go for Madred's Bloodrazor (combined with your attack speed willmake the tank's health allmost useless unless he has magic resist to counter the passive of Madred's but even so it deals a good amount of dmg and gains extra attack speed.Pick up Elixir Of Agility every time you have some extra gold - it will help you a lot.For defensive items I recommend Wit's End or Banshee's Vail against heavy AP FON is an option too but would not take it . Against AD you have your Q to protect you so i wouldn't spend money on protection against AD but if you have such problems with strong AsDs s Graves Trynda Xin or caitlyn you can get Thornmail or randomin's omen only if they are most likely to focus you.

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Skill Sequence

I start with Toxic Shot because it helps your last hitting early and gets some free damage on non-ranged champions .I like to get Blinding Dart at level two and leave it there until i max Toxic Shot (for damage) and Move Quick (for fast map movement and fast escapes).I take Noxious Trap at levels 6 , 11 and 16.

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Summoner Spells

My Flash- Teleport choices a good choice if you know how to use your ult right . The teleport can get you some free kills on unsuspecting enemies. Teleport can be replaced by ignite if you feel bad with teleport . Ghost is pointless after you have W.Flash is to consider knowing the new nerfs of its range and the increase of its cooldown. Other good summoner spells are ignite/teleport and ignite/exhaust combos.

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Unique Skills

Teemo has two skills that i like to talk about. They are his ultimate and his Blinding Dart .
His Blinding Dart (if used on time) can counter the enemy ad carry and helps teemo for his strong 1v1 abilities and if combined with exhaust that makes him a really strong 1v1 champion.
Against melee-ranged ad carries like Trynda and Xin save up Q for when they get to you . Dont just waste it on them before thy have the chance to hit you.
Teemo's ultimate is mostly with a supportive role.Every time you get some time off your lane - go shroom important gankways as the river and the neutral monster buffs also Dragon and Baron.
The plases where the river gives a way for enemies to go in to the jungle should be shroomed too because they are one of the most-often used escape ways the jungle brushes are all a potential shrooming plase if you are leading in the games because this makest escaping enemies more easy and caching them really faster so think over the plases in the jungle you are going to shroom.5v5 mushroom placements
3v3 mushroom placements
WOW OW OW HOLD IT COWBOY i almost forgot the skill that makes people's back hairs go strait up iiiits camouflage=64 . This skill can get you so many early kills it can even make your enemies waste money on sight ward or oracles wich will be a + for you ├žause its a - for them.If you position good you can surprise your enemy.I like to position myself where will be the bacl of the enemy minion flow ( right behind their own minions and w8 for the oportunity to aim and FIRE when my enemy goes in front of of me . But that ofcorse is verry dangerous if you panic because you can get attacked by a secont player and in this position you are vulnerable if you are not calm and if you have not planed it .You can occupy your enemy brush if you get there first but you won't be able to do that without wastin early Teleport because teemo is a champion with a very low base movement speed of 305 witch isn't swift at all.

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Enemies on lanes and laning parters

Teemo has a very short range of 500.This range stops him from being a normal ad carry.
He should avoid early conflicts with better ad carries as Tristana Ashe Caitlyn Graves.Later on he can counter allmost all of those guys with his disable Blinding Dart NEVER GO AGAINST Urgot
early its not very smart to try this on lets day Graves because his bukshot deals a very high amount of damage so you should avoid laning against him and the other carries i wrote about.
Teemo is a really good choice against Tryndamere Xin Zhao because he can really have an easy farm because its not good for xin and trynda to jump on someone who can just disble them by q and walk away . As i said DO NOT WASTE Blinding Dart BEFORE THEY GET IN THE RANGE TO HIT YOU - you want the max durnation so you dont get damaged and have a couple of free hits on your target anf if you can make it use its flash or his ulty defensively like Tryndamere Undying Rage you can open your lane for ganks later.This teemo is also a good anti tank mini railgun - explanation : your attack speed combined with the poison from Toxic Shot + Malady wish gives you additional damage per hit makes the highest of hp tanks melt in front of you.

For me the best laning partner for Teemo is Alistar.He gives you recent heals , he pushes enemies away from your farm and he isn't a babysitting support like Soraka so you will be able to go arount forr neutrall buffs when your jungler lets you have one . Alistar will be able to defend your lane when you use your Noxious Trap and Teleport to gank different lanes so i think he is verry good for teemo.

Teemo is a good solo top laner too but you shoult avoid getting against a Nidalee she has a better sustain , her traps can neutralize your mushrooms and she cant be disabled with blind .Around mid game if you farmed enough you wont have problems killing a nidalee but soloing against her can be a pain.I think its this way even tho everyone knows that cats hate mushrooms :D!!!

The 2x range dps option is good too.The combination of Teemo and lets say Caitlyn Tristana Ashe etc. Is really good but my best game experience is with the high range Kog'Maw.

Be careful ! Do not lane with Janna! She is probably the worst choice for a partner for Teemo . Don't go with her unless you have no choice because with her you will just get kited to death , you maybe don't think so but my game experience makes me think that Janna is not the support for Teemo

Janna on the other hand she is a perfect support because of her shield that both increases your damage.All tho you will need to sustain without the heals so you will need a little more health potions but i guess its fine.Her CC can save you or help you get kills even tho i prefer Soraka Alistar Taric

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Future Updates that Will be made soon

-Video of a game with the build

-More masteries and rune options
-More to come for upcoming game patches

Please, comment below ! I really want to know what you think about my build and i hope i helped you chose a build for your SUPER TEEMO :D :P

Don't forget to comment !

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Did you know ?

Did you know that Teemo's shrooms have a short delay before going om ideal state?
You can use them to block skillshots like rocketgrab!

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