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Ashe General Guide by KrzptonOxide

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KrzptonOxide

Dat Ashe, a full-on aproach on the original ADC

KrzptonOxide Last updated on June 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Good day fellow summoners, I am not Nickasaur and this is not the Summoner Showcase.

Let's get real. My Name is KryptonOxide and I am a Silver II Player on the EU West server. This is my first Guide on MobaFire.
Ashe has always been one of my favorites. I always enjoy the feeling when someone hates me for picking Ashe and than I am the one who carries the game. I will try to give you as much information about Ashe as I can but realize that my Playstyle and knowledge may differ from what you think is best.
So without further ado... Let's get started!

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Why Ashe?

Although I will write about advantages and cons and everything else later, I will have to give you a sort of preview.
First of all I have to say that MANY people actually say that ashe is a weak AD and should not be played. THIS IS WRONG. Ashe can indead be a weak ADC. But after reading this guide and a bit of practice you should have the understanding needed to blow the minds of those who don't believe.
Ashe is much more complicated than most people think. Playing Ashe requires: Mechanics, Mapawarness, Champion knowledge and Timing.
If one of these skills is non existant you will have a hard time. But if you got what is takes you will start to love Ashe.

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Many Runes are Viable for Ashe. Feel Free to experiment with the following: Armor, Flat MR, Scaling MR, Flat AD, Flat Armor Pen or maybe even Attack Speed. Critical Damage runes are not very effective if you ask me.
I personaly use:
Attack Damage Reds
Attack Damage Quints
Armor Yellows
Magic Resist Blues

Note For very new Players: If you just started building up a runepage, buy the MR blues and Armor Yellows first. They are the most versatile and can be used eficiently on EVERY Champion.

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Well.... Thats pretty obvious stuff if you ask me:
Taking all the physical damage imrovements in the offensive tree and taking the HP and Armor improvements in the deffensive tree. Also take the summoner improvement for deffensive spells since in 95% of all games we will use ether Barrier or cleanse.

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Here the first diversity appears. Note that the stuff you are building is a very volatile factor. Always build accordingly to the enemies team. This doesn't mean that you have to build an Item you don't like. Sometimes it just means that you have to diverse in your building order.
For example: If the Enemies Stack armor pretty early or have many abilities which passivly give them armor, like Tarics Shatter, you may want to buy a Last Wisper earlier than normaly.

In the end you always want to build loads of dmg. Because of this we almost always want to build:

An Infinity Edge, Berserker Greaves, Bloddthirster and Phantom Dancer. These Items are absolutly essential for Ashe!!!
But why Bloodthirster and not a Blade of the Ruined King?
As Ashe we want to do our dmg by Critical hitting the enemies. Since the dmg of BotrK is more reliant on the attack speed and the passive on hit effect the crits we do wont hurt as much as we want them to. Thats why I consider Bloodthirster better for Ashe.

Build Order:
You got 3 choices to start with:
Dorans Blade, Boots and 4 Pots or Longsword and 2 Pots.
Dorans Blade gives you decent sustain and the upperhand in most trading situations. However it can not be build into a core item and therefor has to be sold later on.
Boots and 4 Pots give you the highest sustain and better movement speed. It makes you lose trades but lets you escape ganks... I dont like to start with Boots now adays, but buy it agains skillshot champs like Blitzcrank or Thresh
Longsword is sort of a Balance start. It gives you the damage of a Dorans and mixes it with the sustai of the pots. It can be build into a quick vampiric scepter for even more sustain.

I preffer to start to with a dorans.

In the late game add a Last Wisper and a deffensive Item of your choice. Possibilities for deffensive items include: Randuins Omen, Warmogs Armor, Guardians Angel and Banshees Vale

If you got a team which is peelong for you very nicely and you are confident in your kiting skills, than consider buying a Zephyr.It provides you with AMAZING attack speed, movement speed, tenacity and even some more AD. It is a risky buy...
Top it off with some elixirs and you are ready to go.

Other Considerable Item Choices are: Stattik Shiv, for some deadly harrasment if coupled with you passive.
Mercurial Scimitar: against enemies like Malzahar or Warwick you may need to buy an early Quick Silver Sash. In the Lategame you can Upgrade it into Mercurial Scimitar. Don't forget to use it though!!

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Skill Sequence

Always Max W (Volley) first. Skill it at lvl. It gives you the best harrasment and huge Utility if you level it up. Than max Q (Frost Shot). It provides excellent kiting an chasing and is the defenition of Ashe. Max E (Hawk SHot) last. However invest a point into your E very early. Around lvl 2 or 3. It is a very underated skill in the laning phase. Ofcourse you skill your ultimate (Enchanted Crystal Arrow) when evr you can. So level 6, 11 and 16.

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Now the Fun beginns.

Lets Start of with the Passiv...


This Passiv used to be one of the worst passives in the entire game!!
But it got changed. Now it is just amazing. When you DON'T attack you build up stacks. These stacks do not decrease normally when attacking. At 100 stacks your next Attack critical hits for sure. Than all the stacks are lost. This passiv has 2 main porposes. Invades and other early firstblood plays and harrasing/trading/all ins during the laning phase.
Use an Auto attack and an instant W (Volley) to burst someone down. This is one of the highest lvl 1 dmg combos in the ENTIRE game and therefore I strongly advise invading when you pick Ashe.
During normal lasthitting you should be able to build up some stacks. I found myself reaching 100 stacks once in about 2-3 minionwaves. Note that this passiv is VERY usefull for punishing overly deffensive playstyles b ythe enemies. The deffensive enemies will try badly not to push. You dont want to push aswell. So when the enemie does not auto attack the minions you dont do it aswell. As a result you build up more stacks. Than you can use the Crit to zone the enmies very effectively.
This works very nice against: Vayne and Kog' maw. But it works against all other champs aswell.

In the Lategame this passive falls off very hard. You will already have about 55% crit chance anyways and I found myself not recognizing my passive at all. It is however still there and with an Infinity Edge it can scare away an enemy sqishy easily.

Her Q Frost Shot,

Like I said before, this ability defines Ashe. Max it second.
NEVER EVER TURN IT ON WHEN YOU ARE FARMING!!! I have seen people do it and it is not delightfull to see. There is not very much to say about this passive though. Most of its strenght depends o nyour mechanical skills. It basicly just makes kiting and chasing easier.
Turn it on when ever you attack an enemie Champion. When you trade it allows you to put on one or 2 extra attacks or avoid 1 or 2 extra attacks. When you all in it makes it hard to escape you and when you get chased and you kite it makes it hard to catch you! Thats it about this ability.

Her W,Volley

In my opinion this is one of the strongest abilitys an AD Carry has. It deals very good damage, has a high range, a good AoE and scales perfectly with your AD. It has many uses.
When you are invading it deals high dmg to many enemies and makes Ashes' lvl 1 so strong.
When you Chase someone you can use for extra dmg or to slow down enemies with frostshot when they would not be in range of your autoattacks. Use is to apply your Frost Shot when the enemie brakes line of sight. In lane you can use it to harras both enemies at once and to push whenever you want it. It can secure multiple last hits at once and is a good follow up when ever your support harrases.
When you get chased use Volley early. SInce the range is greater than the Range of your Attacks. It allows you to slow down multiple enemies at once and slow down these eveil jungle gankers before the can hurst you at all.

Your E, Hawk Shot

Back in the VERY VERY VERY VEEEERRRRYYYYYY old days this ability used to just be a passiv that gave you extra gold when you killes something and the same Icon as a fcking teemo shroom.

Now it has a lovely active. Use it regular. You have multiple uses for it. You can use it to scout out important objects like Dragon, Baron or maybe a buff. Use it to check for the enemies Jungler. Even if you dont see the jungler and you only see a camp which is ether done or not, your team can use this information to establish where the jungler is. When you think you get laneganked or similar use Hawk Shot to reveal the gank. Many gankers will go away as soon as you reveal them. But not all of them. Be very carefull. Even if the enemie went away. He may have turned aroud to bluff you. Use it when you engage on botlane. It will reveal all the bushes and will therefore avoid unnecesarry line of sight problems.


I love this!! And I hate it at the same time!! It is easy to hit. ut it is easy to miss aswell. 0.o
Lets get real!!
This Arrow can be used to: Engage in the lane. It turns around fight in an instant and is pretty obvious for this purpose.
Snipe someone from a different lane. This is one of the longest CC's in the game and allows most allies to get an easy kill of the enemy. Note that this is very hard and that you should ALWAYS ping where you shot the arrow.
And to disenage when someone is going on you. Stunning a Zed in the middle of your team is just a great feeling!

Here is the actual Guide hwo to shoot an Arrow.
It is not easy, when you don't understand the prinipal of the map. When you play a "normal" game on summoners rift, try to imagin immaginary lines on the lanes. They run Parralel to the lane. For example: There is an imaginary line from your Nexus, thorugh your Inhibitor, through the enmies Inhibitor to the enemies Nexus. If you are in your spawn and you shoot an arrow allong this line you are very likely to hit the oppenent midlaner. When ever you Shot an Arrow, try to shoot it alined to these lines. Paralel to the lanes. The flow of the map. Call it however you want to.
Arrows are harder to hit on curved lines. These occur on the bottom and toplane and all over the jungle. If a line is curved it requires you to position exactly on the enemies line in order to hit them. Note that Arrows do not have to be in the exact line. The can have a bit of an angle. But try not to exceed about 15 degrees of an angle.
Thats basicly it. Practice a bit and you will Master it soon.

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Pros / Cons

So after we discussed all the skills we can have a look at the cons and pros:


Not the best damage of all AD Carrys

No true escape and therefore very vulnerable to champions like Zed, Kha' zix or similar.

Takes some mechanical skill. Namely Chasing, Stutter Stepping, Kiting and Farming


Provides EXCELLENT ultity

Has a Strong lategame

Works in almost every teamcomp

Can use her ultimate to peel for yourself in teamfights

Higher Attack Range than other AD carrys. (600 compare to 550 or 500)

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Team Work

Ashe provides excellent teamwork. Her CC and Scouting capabilitys provide a excellent kit to support all sorts of allies.

I will put good Support choices in this section.

Number 1: Taric

In my opinion Taric is the best support for Ashe. He is very versatile and can support ashes Aggresive and deffensive playstyles. He can use his stun and Ashes Arrow to lock a target up long enough to completly kill it. The armor debuff/buff from his Shatter ability is just perfect and adding additional Attack Damage with his Ultimate is just great.

Number 2: Alistar

Although you don't see alistar very often these days he is still a very strong choice to support Ashe. He is excellent when it comes to protecting her in teamfights and has very strong invades aswell as Ashe. Together they can lock up an enemy in lane for more than 4 seconds, which allows for some easy and clean kills. Also when plaing against Ezreal, which is a good counter to Ashe, Alistar can use his ultimate and natural tankiness to absorb many skill shots and other damage sources for you.

Number 3: Soraka

Also not very popular at the moment, Soraka can be the best support in the game. Her sustain is UBEATABLE and together you can really put the hurt on someone who is coming to close. Her armor buff from her W is very strong and counters many of the popular AD Caster. However you should make sure that the soraka you are playing with is a good and experienced Soraka player.
If he/she is bad she will just die and feed over and over again.

Number 4: Leona

Leona has always been a very strong support with high CC and high Burst damage. However Leona has a very strong all in nature. Almost none of her skills can be used deffensively during the laning phase. If you like plazing aggresive than go ahead and play with Leona. If you are more of a deffensive player you may not enjoy the combination as much.

Number 5: Nami

Nami is in my eyes a very underated support. She is one of my all time favorites. Nami has good CC, a heal coupled with poking and she can buff your auto attacks. She also gives you movement speed. What else would you want from a support? Get to play with a decent Nami and you will start loving it.

Number 6: Sona

You saw it coming that she had to be on the list. Sona is the stereotypical support. You just cannot leave Sona out when talking about good support. She has poke, sustain, CC and Mobility. She is just good in everything.

Number 7: Nunu

Very popular as a jungler these days but still a very strong support. It makes Ashe a lategame beast. Use the Arrow to stun someone in his ultimate and combine the slows for a slug fight.

Number 8: Zyra

Zyra has the highest damage out of all supports. Her planties do so much damage and are very effective at bush control. Get her some AP items, like a Void Staff, and she will act like an AP Carry for your team.

A decent but not perfect choice is


He is a very aggressive support with loads of utiliy. How ever I find his abilitys not as usefull for Ashe as for ther AD's.

Not a good choice is


He is a very strong support but don't get me wrong with this. Ashe has damage but she does not have the Burst damage to follow up the Grab.

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Coming soon!!

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I hope you enjoyed the Guide so far and I would like to have some feedback.
When I ask for feedback I mean constructive feedback. Pls do not something like:
"OMFG wo do you think you are, Fcking SILVER II SO BAAAAADDD"
I want to imrove this guide further and I will deffenitly update it.
I am gonna add Icons and Hyperlinks soon! The Farmong Chapter will come out in approximatly 6 days. I am planing to do a Chapter about Kiting and Stutter Stepping. If you demand anything else let me know through the Comments. English is not my first language so please let me know if you find any big and/or repettetive spelling misstakes. I am currently checking or misstakes using some software but the LoL terms makes it hard to work with it. Stay tunned for updates.

Overall Ashe is a Strong Pick for Teams who demand more Utility and/ or are able to protect Ashe from dunking champs. It takes some practice to Play Ashe at a very high level.

Have a nice time playing and PLS DON'T RAGE!!! I hate ragers :(

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Change Log

-26.06.2013- Guide is published
-26.06.2013- after some good feedback a cleansheet was added and and some colours to make it delightfull to read. Also the Change Log was created. Also some "Typos" where removed.


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