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League of Legends Build Guide Author oheyitsadam


oheyitsadam Last updated on November 18, 2010
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"Without warning, Ezreal may find himself acting as a champion for, as he puts it, ''a summoner hell-bent on resolving some irrelevant world-shattering League conflict.'' Still, Ezreal feels being summoned into a Field of Justice on occasion is a small price to pay."


(my personal favorite)


+ Good sustained damage.
+ Long range Q with great damage.
+ Easier farming.
+ Don't have to rely solely on your skills.
+ People be scared of youz.

- Other skills don't do as much damage.
- I can't think of any others.


Mystic Shot - This skill got nerfed a couple patches back, so now it only does 100% of your damage, and also reduced bonus damage. But that is not a problem! Essentially, this is like a buffed auto attack because it's your attack damage plus some bonus damage. It also has CRAZY range so that's a plus. MAKE SURE YOU LAND THIS.
Essence Flux - Unless you're laning with a partner, I wouldn't bother with this skill. The only time I find it useful on AD Ezreal is when I'm pushing a tower with a teammate.
Arcane Shift - This skill is amazing. It's like having your own personal Flash that also does damage. Use it to initiate, catch up, escape, juke, whatever. Great all around skill. Take it at level 2 just for the utility.
Trueshot Barrage - Ezreal's ultimate. Crazy damage on this thing, even when you're not AP. Use it during team fights to build up your passive, or use it on a fleeing enemy with low HP. It doesn't have the fastest travel time so try to predict where your target will go.


Greater Mark of Desolation - Pretty self explanatory. This build focuses on attack damage and armor penetration.
Greater Seal of Armor - Seals and Glyphs are your choice.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - Seals and Glyphs are your choice.
Greater Quintessence of Health - I use these for pretty much every champ. Almost 100 extra starting HP is pretty damn nice.


Start off with a Long Sword and a Health Potion for the extra damage for your Q. This will help with your harrassing. Recall back when you have enough gold for some Boots of Speed and a Chalice of Harmony to spam your skills. Next get a Sheen for the mana, extra AP for your R and E, and it's awesome passive for your Q. Turn your Long Sword into The Brutalizer for that sexy damage and armor penetration. By now you should be dealing great burst damage, especially with your Mystic Shot. Once you get enough gold, turn your boots into the Boots of Swiftness, or some other kind of boot depending on the situation. By now it shouldn't be that hard to get gold since you're a killing machine with your crazy burst damage. Pick up The Black Cleaver for the damage and great armor reduction. This will put you at over 30 armor penetration. Now your Q will do even MORE with the armor pen, attack damage, Sheen buff, and bonus damage from the skill itself. The rest of the items are pretty obvious: Sword of the Occult for the damage, turn that The Brutalizer into a Youmuu's Ghostblade, grab another The Black Cleaver (you should sell your Chalice of Harmony at this point), and turn the Sheen into a Trinity Force because you have nothing else to do.


(this build requires you to have good survivability late game for the Mejai's and Occult)


+ Good damage for all skills.
+ Good and balanced.
+ Lich Bane adds all your ability power to your Q.

- Auto attacks do less damage than pure AD.
- Less armor penetration (it's a con for me haha)


Mystic Shot - Still get this skill first because it costs the least. After that, it really doesn't matter between Essence Flux and Arcane Shift, as long as you alternate with Mystic and get at least 1 in Arcane for the utility.
Essence Flux - Hybrid and AP builds make Essence Flux much more effective. If you max this with Mystic then you can greatly slow down your enemy's DPS-ers. And speed up your own.
Trueshot Barrage - The crazy damage from this gets even crazier. It's AP ratios got buffed to 80% of your Ability Power. So, yeah, that's awesome.


Greater Mark of Desolation - Get this for armor penetration, you'll be getting boots for the magic penetration.
Greater Seal of Armor - Fo' survivability, fool.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power - I get per level because the AP really shines late game. Early game is for AD.
Greater Quintessence of Health - Again, health is great.


First off, pick up a Sapphire Crystal and a Health Potion so that you can use Essence Flux if you want, because it has a higher mana cost. Next get a Chalice of Harmony so that you can really spam your skills. I get it on all of my Ezreal builds just for the convenience, but you really don't have to get it if you don't want to. Next, upgrade that Sapphire Crystal to a Sheen. Get Boots of Swiftness next for the speed, or Mercury's Treads if the other team has some crowd control. Hextech Gunblade is the next item (start with Bilgewater Cutlass). Everything about it is great. Ability power, attack damage, life steal, spell vamp, and it's passive is soo good. Then to make your Q do crazy damage get a Lich Bane. It adds all of your ability power to your Mystic Shot. So you have the bonus damage, 100% of attack damage, and 100% of ability power added to your Q. Freakin' awesome, man. Next items just improve what's already there. Sword of the Occult and Mejai's Soulstealer because they're cheap, and by then you'll be getting a ton of kills and kill steals ;D And if the game is still going on for some reason, just get some more damage and life steal with The Bloodthirster.


(much more viable due to the recent ratio buffs)


+ All skills scale off of AP (except for Mystic Shot, but that's why there's Lich Bane).
+ Trueshot Barrage does SO MUCH DAMAGE.
+ Crazy burst.
+ Very reliant on cooldowns.

- Bad for pushing lanes or taking down turrets.
- Damage not sustained.
- Mana hungry early on.
- Early game is hard on you.


Mystic Shot - You don't have much attack damage for it to be effective. But luckily you're getting Lich Bane which adds all of your ability power to your Q! How great is that? Get this first to harass, but then max Essence Flux.
Essence Flux - This thing can do some good damage when you've got enough AP.
Arcane Shift - STILL AMAZING.
Trueshot Barrage - PEOPLE BE RAGE QUITTIN' AT HOW OP THIS IS ON AP EZREAL. And it has a fairly low cooldown if you spam your Q. LOVIN' IT.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Pretty obvious, you're gonna need some magic penetration.
Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration - Gives you some nice mana regen before and after you get your Chalice.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power - Again, obvious. Ability power for an AP Ez.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - For the early ability power. You can switch this out for Greater Quintessence of Health.


Get an Amplifying Tome (or a Sapphire Crystal) and a Health Potion to boost your Essence Flux and Arcane Shift. Next, upgrade that Tome or Crystal to a Sheen, because no good Ezreal goes without a Sheen. Get Boots of Speed next so you can move and land your shots easier. And you don't have to, but I also like to get a Chalice of Harmony to not worry about mana. Upgrade your Boots of Speed to whatever boots you need. Time to get your main item: Lich Bane. Ability power, movement speed, mana, magic resist, and it's awesome passive for Mystic Shot. So awesome. So so awesome. Then you just focus on ability power and magic penetration by getting a Void Staff, Zhonya's Ring, Abyssal Mask, and a Rod of Ages for some added survivability.


- If you're chasing a Morgana or a Lux, and they throw one of their snares back at you, you can arcane shift past it and it won't affect you. And that Shift could get you the kill.
- Your Mystic Shot can hit invisible champions. I've hit an Evelynn a couple times, you could hear it hit something and then she unstealthed because she thought I had Oracle's Elixir :P
- Use your Essence Flux on your team mates in a team fight or when they are taking down a turret.
- It's easy to turret dive if you have Flash. Just Arcane Shift in, auto attack (maybe a Mystic Shot), kill them, then Flash out.
- If your enemies are attacking your tower, and all they have are the mage minions, just Trueshot Barrage the minions away and the turret will focus fire on the champs. (If you are returning to your lane.)
- To juke someone, just run into a bush, and right when they are about to enter the bush Arcane Shift behind them. Works wonders.

''There's little time to study musty tomes when you're busy crawling around where the musty tomes originally came from.'' Such is Ezreal's credo."