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Viktor Build Guide by Ravenous_hydra

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ravenous_hydra

Destroying the mid lane and clearing the path to Viktory

Ravenous_hydra Last updated on January 11, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Viktor guide! Viktor is an amazing, powerful champion. I do notice however, how unused he is. He may be unused, but he is certainly, oh no, not underpowered. Once you grab his augment and get a few points on death ray, the enemy will wish he called a different role.

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Pros v. Cons

Has great burst POTENTIAL.
Has one great cc, helps with escapes and kills.
Death ray is fun to use. Bahaha.
Can melt even the tankiest of champions.
Has a strong DoT as well as initial burst.

No sustain.(With my build, no WoTA)
Delayed Q barrier..
Hard to play against mobile champions.
Difficult to master where to position/fire your death ray.

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Order to use skills in

Start with your gravity field, as it takes a lil time to stun. Use your ULTIMATE, your ult has a DoT, so its best to get the most damage out of it as you can.
Then of course, by this time, one death ray usually secures the kill. Now please, I find this problem with a lot of viktors, don't just save your ultimate for a 5 man cast. Its ok to use it on one enemy. Espicially the laning phase. But hey, if there is a chance for a 5 man cast, hell ya go for it! (Got a penta like that :3)

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Viktors mana in the laning phase

Viktor.......can be mana hungry. This is why we took clarity, and why you have to beg your jungler. Blue buff is precious. However, there are things you can do to not be so mana hungry. Only poke with your laser. If you are spamming q w e every time just to poke, that's like 250 mana your using there. With the augment we selected, your e has even more poke even after it hits the enemy. I can't tell you how many times conserving mana has saved me or picked up a kill. For example, if a jungler ganks you, and your oom, bad news bro. Viktor isn't exactly the fastest character. You need your w to get away, and while you are running away, you can still keep poking with your e. Its castable while running. Whoo, that got off topic.

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I find myself roaming sometimes with Viktor if other lanes need my help. However, it leaves your lane vunerable, and gives your opponent in mid free farm or even some turret hits. I only recommend roaming off if you just got a kill and you feel you could gank bot no prob. Now, with farming. Please...please don't kill minions with your skills, only if you have blue buff. As stated before, mana is precious. Along with farming, most of the time with Viktor,farm up to 1000 gold. I go back, buy my augment, then begin the harass/killing phase. But don't completely blow off farm after that, it's still important.

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Match ups (mostly common mid chars A-Z)

Ahri: Use creeps as your meat walls against the charm. She lands that on you, and say goodbye to Mr. Health bar.
Akali: As in most cases with this character, beware level 6. (Faceroll time.)
Anivia: I don't see a problem here, the death ray will deal insane amounts of damage.
Brand: You can't play against brand without boots. Rush dem boots.
Cassiopeia: Not a very common mid, when you do face her, Dodge those q's, they let her spam e without cooldown.
Diana: All I can say here is try to predict where the crescent is going.
Elise: She can rappel onto you within a matter of seconds. Beware distance, because she can be on you within quite the range.
Fizz: Alright, honestly here, not much you can do. But here's alist of things you can do: 1: Farm 2: Feed!
Galio: Based on recent stats, Viktor has a 100% win ratio against galio. My Viktor build has magic pen. so you don't need to worry about this guy.
Gragas: Move to dodge the barrels the moment he throws them, rather than when you see where it lands. Well that was obvious.
Heimer****er: He will zone you with his turrets, but his turrets don't block death rays.
Jayce: In my experience, I have not had problems with jayce mid lane. But once you see that acceleration gate go up, and you are standing in a crowd of minions, beware his blue hidoken.
Karma: Levels 1-6 she deals insane dmg, but not too much of a problem afterwards.
Karthus: Don't dive in for a kill, he will kill you afterwards if you have low enough health. Remember that passive. And dat ultimate too.
Kassadin: You think you win lane. You thought you were fed. Kassadin level 6. He then proceeds to do prone 360 off the wall backwards sideways upside down gravity defying teleporting giant cataclysmic q. He then ultimates.
Katarina: Abuse her. Use your death ray to deflower her.
Kayle: After level 6, don't 1v1 her no matter her health. Remember dat ultimate. Invunerable brah.
Kennen: Avoid the 3 stacks.
Khazix: the q is deadly: Kill him, and abuse him. Before that q does what we all know it does. Its over 9000.
Kog maw: His range is insane. Use the maximum range of your death ray to outpoke him. Kog is squishy.
Leblanc: One of the many feared champions. Has way more burst than you. 1v1 is not a good idea. 1v2 is not a good idea. 1v3 is possible. 1v4 odds in her favor. 1v5 you might get a shutdown.
Lissandra: she teleports to where the claw ends up, get away from wherever direction its going.
Lux: The q-e combo is real. Don't. Don't. Don't get snared.
Malzahar: Don't let him plant his aids on you. They are very powerful.
Mordekaiser: Hard to 1v1. Has a good passive.
Morgana: This witch who pisses pools of acid, deserves to die in the deepest corners of hell. Imagine I just narrated that in morgan freemans voice.
Nidalee: Hey you. Dodge spear.
Orianna: Keep your eye on the ball.
Rumble: Honestly, I've never faced this before.
Ryze: The king of facerolls.
Sona: Hey, she's good in mid. no hate.
Soraka: she is too, and they both have great heals. Beware the silence.
Swain Bot: my friend got penta killed by a swain bot.
Syndra: A complex character, learn how to predict the next motion of the purple ball.
Talon: He has a great gap closer, but you have a great poke.
Twisted Fate: When he is picking cards, I don't care if it's just the blue card, get away, and wait for the timer to run out on it then go back in on him.
Veigar: This midget proves to be quite the problem for many mids. MR is great to counter, but hey I have none on this build. Just avoid that stupid, stupid stadium thing.
Viktor: Oh wait that's what this is guide is for
Vladmir: When one acquires stacks of e, beware q. (riddle)
Xerath: Has very long range poke, but can be easily avoided with a pair of boots.
Yasuo: Great thing is, you can use your death ray, past his windwall. Not through it. NOT through it.
Zed: You poke harder, but you do not 1v1 harder.
Ziggs: 1: Never walk through the mini bombs. 2: Move sideways away from the q, not backwards.
Zyra: Very squishy, backflip over snares and your death ray will do the rest.

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Team work

Use your gravity field to block out enemies escape points, and use it to position yourself better in the team fight. This goes without saying, beings that your the ap carry, but try your best not to be focused. Which is why I recommended a zhonyas at the end, if you feel like you've are being focused, armor helps, plus a passive that prevents anything from focusing you like that stupid kassadin who floats on to the back just to kill you. Or maybe that fizz who does a 360 off the wall tomahawk onto you.

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Viktor is a hardcore, ap carry, mana hungry, beast. Rush the augment, expect great results. Thank you for spending the time to read my guide. I really hope it helps you, because I want to see more Viktor players out there. Now, kills are great guys, but please, go for objectives as well. You still need to win the game AND get kills. Alright, I have to go for now.I welcome any comments that you might have. Good and bad, this is my first guide and I hope to be doing more. I will update this guide based on the comments you guys give me and feedback. This is a video where death ray, proved viktourious.