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Vayne Build Guide by Eizekiels

Jungle diamond

[Diamond 3] Jungle Vayne - Above the limits [10.16]

By Eizekiels | Updated on August 5, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Vayne
    Jungle offtank Vayne
  • LoL Champion: Vayne

Runes: EXPERT (3/3)

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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ADC Role
Ranked #7 in
ADC Role
Win 52%
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Support my stream, get notified when a jungle vayne stream pop out

Here is my latest Jungle Vayne Montage (April 2020)

Hey everyone,

EUW Jungle Vayne here ! I'm a Diamond III Vayne Jungle main playing on EUW (1M5+ on all accounts combined) I've been playing Jungle Vayne for 5 years, starting at 5.13

Note that I highly recommend to have a very good experience and a perfect kiting with ADC/TOP Vayne before starting playing in the jungle.

I have made 3 runesets depending on your experience with Vayne:
- BEGINNER (1/3)
- ADEPT (2/3)
- EXPERT (3/3)

Jungle Vayne is viable until Master (As of now)

Here is the guide for the awesome jungle offtank Vayne !
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Pro's & Cons

+ Damage are mostly true damage, no counter
+ Huge powerspike at guinsoo
+ Build perfectly scale on the powerspike
+ Almost no thornmail damage
+ Can melt adc easily
+ Easy objectives and cleaning after 1st item
+ Can be played frontline for a lot of matchup
+ Red smite (It's op, really)
+ Syncs very well with peeling supports
+ Huge ladder of progress
+ Complete different gameplay

- Complete different gameplay
- Very hard to play without experience
- Loose some power on very late game
- Early jungle cleaning a bit too long and difficult
- Squishy until end of mid game, less frontline
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Skill Order

Starting with Silver Bolts to clean faster, Condemn comes next to reduce the amount of damage you will take and finally Tumble.

We will max the Silver Bolts first to get as much %HP damage as possible, maxing Tumble would just increase your cleaning time and does not makes that much differences on ganks.

Tumble comes next for obvious reason and finally Condemn.
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Beginner -> Fleet Footwork
Medium -> Press The Attack
Advanced -> Lethal Tempo

Precision Branch

- Fleet footwork • Heal & MS Boost
Good jungle sustain, early easier and faster with the MS Boost, good rune to start Jungle Vayne


- Lethal Tempo • AS Boost
Attack speed burst, heavily increase the DPS but has a very high ladder of progress, if you are new to Jungle Vayne I do NOT recommend using this rune.

- Triumph • 12% missing health drawback
Triumph is by far better than Overheal as it the HP drawback scales on HP, which is perfect for Jungle Vayne, Can heavily turn teamfights in favor.

- Legend : Alacrity • AS per kill
More AS, more DPS.

- Last Stand or Coup de Grace (I tend to use CdG rn) • More damage dealt when low health
As a semi-frontlaner You're going to take much more damage than a regular Vayne. Coup de Grace could also be a viable option, but Last Stand gives great output, and the picture of the rune is badass :P

Domination Branch

- Sudden Impact• Lethality boost after Dash
Some nice extra damage, mostly for the early game

-Ravenous hunter• Permanent Spellvamp per kill
As Jungle Vayne deals a tons of %HP damage due in part to her Silver Bolts combined with Guinsoo's Rageblade, This rune does heavy healing that also works with monsters or minions. Can stack up to 5 kills.
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Jungling with Vayne

As said earlier, If you wanna give Jungle Vayne a shot, your kite needs to be perfect else you'll end up getting shredded to pieces.

First let's do a jungle matchup!

Blue : Easiest monster to kill as Vayne, slow and easily kiteable, use advantage of Fleet & Tumble to never take more than one hit when max kited (when kiting further would make it reset)

Gromps: Hardly kiteable, although you can get extra auto's if you kite it to tribush, and then to Wolfs

Wolfs : Play around the little wolfs to make the big one collide with them as much as possible

Birds : The hardest camp for Jungle Vayne, resetting is the key here, don't attempt to clear it all at once before you can 3 shots the little birds. You can kite out a little bird(or the big one if you have smite) without taking damage while moving to other camps.

Red: Same as Blue, but faster.

Krugs: Easy but long camp, use a well placed condemn to keep the big one away.
Kill order : Big -> Medium x2 -> Little x4 -> Medium -> Little x2

You should always start by invading. You can't get invaded if you invade :)
if you start blue side, clear your 3 camps then head to your red, there's a chance you get invaded by the enemy jungle. If you invade enemy's blue you will never get invaded at your red, and you can also get a free scuttle.

Usual jungle route :

Invade enemy's Red or Blue. If invade fails, start at Blue

Red -> Bird(Kill the Big and one small) -> Blue -> Gromps (smite) -> Gank OR Wolf -> Scuttle

Blue -> Gromps(smite) -> Red -> Gank OR Bird -> Scuttle
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Ganking with Vayne

When ganking as Vayne, you will most likely all in as hard as you can, you should also always be aware of the enemy dangerousness to avoid a wipe if he turns back.

Vayne's ganking trump card is the Condemn + Flash combo.
Hardly dodgable, a well used E Flash into your laner or walls will crush your enemy's hopes and dreams in a second.

Do not underestimate the power of Red Smite, It deals tons of true damage over time and is refreshed every auto.
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Your role in the team

Jungle Vayne is an Offtank Bruiser specialized in melting the enemy frontline or backline with her high DPS based on %HP damage.

You should be between your frontline and your backline, and from there you have many options available :
- Going for their backline to get their carry down
- Staying in midline and bursting their frontline
- Peeling your carry from any potential engage by their Tank/Assassin

Remember that you are an offtank, your principal role remains to do as much damage as possible to their team while acting as a frontliner for your carry. You can heavily punish any mistakes made by their frontline and backline and should not be afraid to all-in whenever you feel it.
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Jungle Vayne Video Guide

Here is a complete jungle vayne video guide made by Synday

It will tells you more tips on items, pathing, and mechanics
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Hey thanks for reading my guide to the end!

I have many more things to explain as Jungle Vayne but not enough time to do so!
Don't hesitate to comment my guide if you have any further questions, I will mostly respond within a day :)

If you liked my guide and want to know more, please take a second to upvote! I will try to provide video example & a more detailled guide if you guys gets supportive!

IGN : EUW Jungle Vayne

Lazy as ever
Catch'ya later !
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29/06/20 : Removed Death Dance, switched Domination to Sorcery
20/02/20 : Updated Build
19/02/20 : Updated Jungle path
30/11/20 : Added Jungle Vayne video guide made by Synday
19/11/19 : Added PTA as main rune,final build updated
17/11/19 : Added Death Dance to the Damage Path (Experimental)
06/04/19 : Updated Jungle Path, changed Eyeball Collection to Sudden Impact
21/11/18 : Added Ganking with Vayne chapter, updated Jungling with Vayne chapter
20/11/18 : Updated Runes descriptions, added a music!
19/11/18 : Refreshed build path (Frozen/Warmog)Added synergy supports (LULULU)
18/11/18 : Lethal tempo replaced by Fleet (Use it if you have a pocket Lulu)
07/01/18 : Changed secondary branch from Resolve to Domination, guide more colorful.
23/12/17 : Heavy guide update
15/11/17 : Updated runes, I'm currently testing many differents builds
25/07/17 : Back at it, build updated to the newest patch
09/05/17 : Build adapted to new patch
24/03/17 : Changed mastery, 18-12-0 to 18-0-12
21/01/17 : Removed BOTRK, Buildpath more tanky with guinsoo changes
04/12/16 : Update skills tree
03/12/16 : Added BOTRK back with 6.23 changes.
09/10/16 : Removed BOTRK, most info up to date, Index almost complete
17/05/16 : Created guide, Added Botrk in build path if ahead, finished all matchup description.
18/06/16 : After a long time and experience trying to find the best build & role where Vayne belong, toplane vayne isnt that much viable now, but jungle Vayne is insanely strong !
League of Legends Build Guide Author Eizekiels
Eizekiels Vayne Guide
[Diamond 3] Jungle Vayne - Above the limits [10.16]
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