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Diana Build Guide by judostar25

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League of Legends Build Guide Author judostar25

Diana - The Heretic's revenge (solo mid) (S3)

judostar25 Last updated on January 1, 2013
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Alright so you picked Diana as your champ. Great choice! You'll notice that she can be quite the effective champion, either for you or against you. I will be trying to keep this guide short and sweet. I am not taking credit for anything that might be from other guides.

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Pros / Cons

-Very good at harassing
-Excellent Ganker
-Combos will melt tanks
-Can score triples with one ability
-Get's a free ultimate
-Really mana hungry
-Q is a curved skillshot and must be aimed perfectly

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Skill Sequence

Oh the skill sequence, fairly easy to do, but is very easy to be countered! Watch out for those nice crowd controls!

All you simply have to do is
Crescent Strike

> Lunar Rush
> Moonfall
> Pale Cascade

This sequence will maximize the damage output and will/might end enemies that are attempting to flee.

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Here's just a few pictures of Diana's spells

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling with diana is fairly simple, crescent strike should be aimed in order to hit all the minions. Like most junglers, I recommend going after blue buff first and then start killing neutral minions. Once you hit level 3, get that red buff and start ganking lanes. Fairly simple.

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Team Work

Working as a Team as usual, is a lot more effective than working alone. But, how do I initiate with Diana in a team fight? Well the answer is initiate when the tank initiates. Use your Crescent Strike and then just do your combo. Your offtank/tank should be keeping the damage off of you. Make sure your team mates are fighting at the same time or like assassins (Ex. Katarina), you will be targeted first.

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Couple pictures

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Beware of these main champions

Kassadin: This guy is probably the biggest problem I've ever faced with Diana. Watch out because all this guy does is Crowd Controls.

Katarina: She's not really as annoying as Kassadin, but her shunpo will make you miss your crescent strike and give her the extra edge to do more damage on you.

Malzahar: Oh how I love this guy! Not! His biggest annoyance to most casters is his ult combo. Although other than that, he should be that annoying.

Heimerdinger: This guy... just loves his turrets! So, all you have to do is destroy them as soon as they're down or if you can, melt him down.

Morgana: Her Q will hold you long enough for her to cast her ult and then her W.

Warwick/Shaco: These junglers are there just to annoy. Try to stay away from warwick's ult and don't under any circumstances, chase shaco. Do your damage to Shaco and then leave, he's about 75% of the time run away from you or lead you into his bush filled with his jack in the boxes.

Some champions are just a given on what you should do to them... like cho'gath, who will silence and use his rupture.

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Some fun opponents you will enjoy fighting

This is my rating from 1-10 on how challenging they are (thanks to a guide which I read for this idea)

Anyways Here are your fun opponents:

Ashe (2.5) Stun, shoot, shoot, slow, slow. Oh please ashe, all you can do to Diana is slow her down. Even a good ashe will have a lot of difficulty against Diana.

Darius (3) Pull, ult, spin. Really Darius? Guess what, your magic resist is low! This guy should be afraid of you, all you have to do is stay out of his pull and you'll end him very quickly.

Irelia (7) Dash, Stun, True damage with heal and ult. Have fun with this champ trying to melt you. I do play Irelia, my tip would be to out combo her.

Cassiopeia (8) This champion's counters will make you want to rage quit, have fun! All I can say is attack her and combo her when she doesn't expect it.

Kassadin (9) Silence, slow, teleport to you, nether blade! Oh well that's fun to deal with. And to add, he's almost impossible to gank, have fun! The best way to get him is to kill him early game and to stay out of his range. Good luck!

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Thanks for reading my guide, this took me forever to do. I'd like to say special thanks to the other guides for giving me ideas on how to write this one. Have fun playing Diana.