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Draven Build Guide by thebluecrusader

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thebluecrusader

Did you hear that? That was your friend critted in the head!

thebluecrusader Last updated on May 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my new updates Draven Guide. I did a guide "The formidable League of Draven" not so long ago but I didn't think it was in depth enough. Seeing as Draven is probably one of my favourite if no my favourite champions, I decided to remake the guide with a few small changes, first of all I have two builds the classic one from my other guide and a new improved s3 item composition with the new AD jungle item which gives him a double burn. So let's get onto the real information.

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Early game

Draven is a strong champion early game and if the enemies play it wrong, you can pickup some very early double kills and lucky kills near the bushes. Make sure to take up your Q first maxing it at level 3 take your E for disengages or making sure the enemy jungler doesn't get a gank on you and at level 2 or 4 get your W which is your steroid increasing your attack speed and movement speed.

Early game is where you shine by bullying your enemies, now Draven counters a fair deal of enemies and some are Ezreal, Ashe and Vayne. Use this to your advantage, usually every ranked game I have as Draven against an Ezreal, Ashe or Vayne lands me an easy double kill early game because of their stupid play. You out damage them by a longshot early game and those spinning axes from your Q will land a fair amount of finishers to land you some easy kills. Make sure you play passively but agressive when you can, as long as the wards are up from your support make sure you punish your oponent. It always helps if you have a beefy support to " get in there " such as Leona or Taric to land some kills. Leona will hook and stun/slow the enemies making it easy to land the double whilst supports such as Thresh have an amazing kit with the pull and ultimate slowing and damaging their composition bottom.

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After level 6

After level 6 is where you should go fully agressive unless your against a Varus or high counter, it's time to shine. You can win almost any trade if you can keep up your farm if you are low ploughing your ult through both of the enemies, the support and carry can easily win you the trade especially if youre accompanied by an agressive support, make sure if they initiate to land your e to buy you some time to steroid up with your W and land lots of spinning axes. Don't waste time catching them if it's two hard, to make sure you finish it use your ult and crit them down. It's much easier once you get your bloodthirster and with the infinity edge is a GG if you are ahead of your opposition.

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Farming as an AD Carry is very important. If you think you are going to miss a lot of last hits make sure you use your spinning axes to get the last hits especially by your turret. A main skill to master as an AD Carry is to never use your spell to farm , it pushes the lane too much only do this if you are pushing your lane intentionally. Wait for your minions to damage their minions until it takes one auto attack to kill then last hit the minions do not auto attack continuously or your lane will push too far and you may be subject to being ganked by the enemy jungler and feed unintentionally to the enemy carry.

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To round off, Draven is a very agressive AD champion designed for botlane, his kit is amazing compared to a lot of carries with the steroid from his W increasing Attack speed and movement speed. Play aggressive whilst playing Draven. I hope my guide was fairly informative and helps you to make a finalized decision on mastering Draven, if so. WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE OF DRAVEN.