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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Beasted

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Beasted

Dominate Solo Top as Kha'Zix - Kha'Zix Guide by Beasted

Beasted Last updated on September 30, 2012
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Solo top Assassin


Solo top Assassin (tankier)

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Hello guys I'm here to give you the most viable guide and build for Kha'Zix as a solo top assassin! This build gives you the damage output you need in order to drop your enemies and live to tell the tale.
He is the most fun I've had in a while and with this guide I'm guessing you will aswel! Enjoy :)

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Early Game

Early game Kha'Zix is squishy for a solo top champion versing off tank bruisers but still has some amazing burst potential. Your main role is to just farm the creeps as much as possible until you can afford your first few items, either Merc treads (if team is heavy CC) or Tabi boots (if team is AD reliant). Once you pick up these boots you should start to build your Phage for some early tankiness and slows. Once you have this keep farming but make sure to poke your enemy with your Q. This Q has amazing damage if the target is alone. Once you get more gold Grab a brutalizer and vampric scepter for Lifesteal (sustain). Also once you hit level Six I recomend Evolving your Q (taste their fear) first As it gives so much more damage output than the others.

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Mid Game

Mid game, this is where Kha'Zix shines and even carries teams to victory. Kha'Zix isn't an ordinary Assassin, He is an AD Caster/Burster who feeds off the enemy that has left the pack.. If you see the enemy team in a group and see that one of the enemy if off alone that is where you come in. Kha'Zix is stealthy so roam the bushes to get to the enemy then jump them. When enemies are alone your Q (Taste their Fear) Will do some amazing damage and burst the enemies health bar instantly. At level eleven your Second Evolution point should go to your W (Void spike) It gives you a slow and if you are bad at skill shotting don't panic! When evolved you get three void spikes instead of one... So its worth evolving second.

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Late Game

Late game Kha Zix should have his core items Bloodthirster, Trinity Force, ghost blade and or Maw of Malmortius. If you feel that you are getting focused or just need some tankiness with a spare live pick up a Guardians Angel. In the late game you will get to level 16 so you're thinking.. What should I use my last evolution point on? Should I use it on the ultimate? Ultimates are always the best skills .. right? Don't Worry! I'm Here to answer that! Your Last Evolution point should Go to your E (leap). Why not the Ultimate Beasted? Well young one.. The Leap skill is very useful but has such a long Cooldown.. When evolved it refreshes the cooldown on kills and assists. This is so helpful because it gives you more evasion and makes you more of a jumpy assassin and no one will bother to chase you down if they know its evolved. The reason why I don't recomend evolving the ultimate because there isn't a big difference in the evolved skill and normal skill.. It only lets you use the ultimate an extra time (the ultimate doesnt give you a damage output) so it's just not worth it! One last note for the late game I would like to make is Ghostblade isn't really good late.. I recommend selling it and buying either another Bloodthirster If the game goes on.

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Pros / Cons


+ Very Agile
+ High Damage Burst
+ Great Juke potential
+ Can avoid ganks easy
+ Hella FUN!
+ Gets to evolve all skills if you kill a rengar :)


- Gets shut down by CC
- Hard to play if you're not used to the assassin gameplay style
- Rengar cuts his head off :(
- Needs to farm well

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Video by BulletOnABiscuit

All credit of this video goes to BulletOnABiscuit's youtube channel. This clip is not mine I am just using it because it shows what great juke potential Kha'Zix has. If you wish to follow BulletOnABiscuit on youtube go subscribe to his youtube channel.

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Summoner Spells

The main Summoner Spell I recommend is Flash for even more evasive potential and to chase down or run away from an enemy.

The second spell entirely depends on the enemy team. If you are up against a tanky team I strongly advise you to take ignite to cut down some health on the target you are killing.

If you are versing a squishy team take exhaust to secure kills and to own your enemy in a 1v1 fight without breaking a sweat

Some Spells that can work:
Ghost can work well on Kha'Zix but with all the evasive assassin like moves he already has I don't think it should be used because he can chase down and run away from enemies quite easily.

Teleport can work well aswel to get to places where little skirmishes might be in order to grab a few kills or even to get back to lane and snowball your enemy.

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In conclusion to this guide I'de like to thank you guys for viewing it and giving feedback I am new to this and this is my first guide so don't hate :) some constructive criticism would be nice not just "hey ur guide sucks" :P

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps you on your Kha'Zix gameplay/build!