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Tristana General Guide by argentangel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author argentangel

Dominion in a Bullet Shell

argentangel Last updated on September 27, 2011
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Now, why do we need yet ANOTHER AD carry guide? I have noticed that a lot of people have been saying that Tris is useless in Dominion and that playing her is just a waste of a good team slot that could be used for someone like Akali or Rammus.

I say pooh pooh to all ye naysayers. Playing Tris in Dominion is not only useful, but I would even be willing to classify it necessary. The best part is that once you get it down to a rhythm it's not even all that hard!

There is one thing that you HAVE to get straight, though: You are going to die. A lot. Get over it.

Dying in Dominion is not nearly as bad as in a normal game simply because money and exp comes at such a high rate that "feeding" is all but gone in this mode.

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Pros / Cons

*Damage, and lots of it
*Amazing zone control
*Ease of the chase (also good for getting away!)

*Squishy (don't try to do much of anything by yourself)
*Slow movement speed (She's no Yi or Rammus, to be sure!)

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Runes / Masteries

These are pretty self-explanatory. I took the runes directly from a high rated guide (simply because they WORK) and the masteries I chose based on my personal preferences.

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Now, I listed the items at the top with lots of intermediary steps. This is just in case you go back to the fountain before you can get the full recommended item. Of course, they are skippable if you can build the full item prior to getting the pieces. I will, mostly, be explaining the large items and will break them apart if necessary.

One of the main things you are going to want to keep in mind is you have to have a good balance between AD and attack speed. The way I have it arranged it should almost seem to swing back and forth from AD to attack speed from one item to the next. I did it this way just to keep things in balance.

Prospector's Blade - You will be able to get this at the very beginning. It is very useful because it starts off your AD build and gets you a little lifesteal and health to boot!

Boots of Speed - You will also be able to get these from the start. They will give you a bit of a speed boost so you can get to the first capture point in pretty decent time.

Berserker's Greaves - These give you a bit of an early game attack speed boost which is nice.

Sanguine Blade - More AD (from B.F. Sword) and lifesteal from Vampiric Scepter, plus, since we are going to be maxing Rapid Fire first the boost from the passive will rock the enemy's world!

Phantom Dancer - This is just simply a staple for almost ALL AD, but especially carries like Tris. Attack speed, much needed movement speed, plus a bit of crit chance to round it out make it absolutely necessary!

The final two items are almost interchangeable. It really depends on if you want more AD ( The Black Cleaver would be your choice) or attack speed ( Kitae's Bloodrazor is your next item, then,) but no worries, because you will be getting both, eventually.

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Skill Sequence

To you veteran Tristana players this skill sequencing is going to look almost completely backwards to you and, honestly, getting used to it is probably one of the main reasons people really don't like to play her in Dominion.

First you are going to want to max Rapid Fire (Q). Dominion is far more fast paced than the normal game mode so if you are firing slow you will quickly fall behind in score and won't be racking up kills like you should.

Next you want to take ONE rank of Rocket Jump(W) at the very beginning so that you can get in or out of a situation as needed. Since farming minions is generally a very extraneous activity you won't need more than one rank of this until the end.

Next you'll want to max out Explosive Shot(E) so that you can harass and bleed your enemies dry. Now, the passive isn't all THAT great, but you will be using your active a lot just to make sure that either you or your teammates can finish the enemy off.

Level up Buster Shot(R) as you can (Levels 6, 11, and 16) so that you can take advantage of it's damage and help make sure all the enemies are where they are supposed to be.

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Summoner Spells

As far as summoner's spells, a lot of it is preference, but there are certain ones you should choose from, for not all are great for Tris.

Ignite is nice for it's little extra burst if you can kill them, but you die first or if they are likely going to get away. This is like an emergency Explosive Shot without the little burst at the beginning.

Ghost is another good one just because Tris is pretty slow so getting to and from quickly can be very advantageous.

Flash is always nice for getting away.

Any of the others are really not recommended simply due to either the pace or your role in Dominion.

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Play Style

Now, this is my personal play style to go along with the rest of this guide.

One of the major parts of Dominion is very early team fights. I'd honestly recommend avoid engaging in any team fights without a partner unless absolutely necessary (see the section on Team Work).

Tris is squishy, but the turrets don't deal near as much damage as they do in normal gameplay, so turret diving is okay. Yes, you will likely die, but if you get most of your enemies to around 50% your team can wipe up the rest and get the cap.

Sometimes it winds up being the other way around and your team drives the enemies down and you get to finish them off. This leads to multi-kills, and several of them.

Now, when you do die, don't fret, just make sure you get your head back in the game and get back to what you need to do.

Just remember that it is OKAY TO IGNORE MINIONS when you are trying to get to a capture point. Sure, if you're guarding and want to wipe a few up, go for it, but don't farm. You gain enough levels/money as is so farming is not needed.

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Team Work (or how I learned to stop worrying and love my feeders)

You pretty much always have to work with a partner. Be it support to keep you alive/the enemy CCed so you can get the kill, another damage dealer to help you with the kill, or a tank to make sure you don't die first.

Tris is far too squishy to be on her own when initiating. Now, if she and her teammates get the enemy team down far enough she can definitely finish them off with a good combo of her skills. (Really, Rocket Jump should be used to run away or, if initiating with it, prepare to die quickly.)

Another good use for her is a distraction. She can distract a few of the enemies at a far away point just so that her team has the advantage at a different capture point. Realize, though, that if you are playing this way you will very likely die, but, in general, if your team gets the cap (and maybe even a few kills!) it will be likely worth it.

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Now, from what I've learned, the number one rule about following these guides is that is all they are: guides. This is by no means a "you build this way and then you win" all-inclusive manual. You can change anything you want. This is just a tried and true method that has worked for me and I wanted to share it so that hopefully it can help someone else too!

You want to get six Phantom Dancers? Fine. I wouldn't, but if that's what works for you, hey, good on you, mate!

Anyway, I really hope this has been at least somewhat helpful and as times change and I learn more about playing Tris in Dominion I shall attempt to keep this up-to-date so that I can help out whomever still needs it.

Good luck, and, as always, have fun!


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