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Gangplank Build Guide by AresGod

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AresGod

Dominion Tactics & Strategy Guide

AresGod Last updated on August 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a small guide to dominion (it's not really about Gangplank, but this build can be used for him to play in dominion).

After having played dominion quite a few times (since it is very new out), and having won over 75% of my games, i have decided to make this guide. (would have more wins, if the noobs had listened, and didn't run about like they were invincible).

I will be adding to this guide over time, when i play more and more games of dominion in the future.

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Pros / Cons for Gangplank

Very Good Farmer
From mid game onward can destroy any squishy
Can help his team no matter where he is.
A free stackable slow and DoT that can slow up to28%
Better than Xin Zhao

Pretty Squishy (especially early game)
Armor counters pretty hard until you get a Last Whisper
No natural escape skill. (That's why i have Ghost - it is also very useful to run around the map of dominion)

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Skill Sequence for Gangplank

This is your main damage spell and what makes Gangplank one of the best harrasers. What makes it so good is that it criticals (1600+) and applies on-hit effects ( Sheen, Phage, Frozen Mallet). What makes this even better is that this spell has an insanely low cooldown. Without Cool Down Reduction it has a 5 second cooldown. With Blue Buff (at level 18), Your Boots of Lucidity, and CDR at level 18 Glyphs it will be on a 3 second cooldown! Combined with your Sheen proc and a critical. Parrrley can do over 1600 damage! It also gives (at rank 5) 12 more gold every time you kill an enemy unit with it! Last hitting a caster minion with Parrrley is like killing two minions at the same time! This will be the first spell you max out because it is so good!!

We max it second as it provides a very useful heal for only 65 mana (very cheap). At max rank it has an 18 second cooldown. The single aspect that makes it unique is it removes ALL CC on you. This can be extremely useful especially when those pesky champions such as Malzahar's Nether Grasp, or Warwick's Infinite Duress, or Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

This passively makes you faster and gives you Attack Damage. But, once you activate get almost three/four times as much as your passive would give you and on top of that it gives all your allies. This makes Gangplank a brilliant pusher. You should max this last as Gangplank's other abilities are more useful.

It isn't as big as it used to be, and the slow is now less that a Akali Twilight Shroud at Rank 5. But, it is now much easier for a cannon ball to hit your enemy. First of all, it is a Global Ult, so you can assist your team no matter where you are, getting an easy assist, and maybe even a kill - This is especially useful when playing dominion, for defending turrets that you're not near! Your cannon balls have a small AoE so if it isn't a direct hit, it will still do the same amount of damage. It doesn't only target Champions though. If there is a huge minion wave pushing down your turret you can just ult that wave and get tons of gold and XP. This, you must level up, whenever you can: (Levels 6, 11, and 16)

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Team Work

Team work is very important in dominion.
It requires everyone to work together, and to be part of the team, without arguing and griefing.

The team must work together to capture and defend the 5 turrets on the map.

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3 Up.
2 Down (I suggest Gangplank is one of these players).

(this can alse be done 4 up, 1 down. But this will need a very good player and strong champion to go down. - and then in this case Gangplank should go up, and 3 rush the windmill - preferably buying Boots of Mobility).

2 of the 3 people who go up, should buy Boots of Mobility at the very start and choose fast champions (such as Master Yi). This is because these 2 players should run directly to the windmill (passing through the speed buff on the way).
The 3rd player will capture the refinery is you are blue, or the drill if you are purple.

The 3rd player should then run up to the windmill to help defend against the enemy who should be trying to capture it (if you played correctly - you should have captured the windmill before the enemy).

The other 2 players who ran to the bottom, should capture the Quarry if you are blue, and the Boneyard if you are purple.
Once they have captured these, they should push onto the enemy's bottom turret.

Defense in dominion is as important as offence, and having 3 turrets, whilst the enemy has 2 turrets only allows the enemy's nexus to be damaged, therefore with a team of 5, if the game is proving difficult, just play defensivly after capturing 3 turrets, and you will win.

Gangplank's ultimate Cannon Barrage comes is very useful to defend a turret while you're not near it. This is why i love playing Gangplank in dominion.

The buff in the middle of the map - always try to get a strong champion such as Xin Zhao to get this. Gangplank can also find this very useful.

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Do's and Dont's


  • Play as a team.
  • Play defensivly if you have to.
  • Pay close attention to the map.

  • Get dragged away from your turret if defending.
  • Stray off alone into the fog (of war), because you will most likely be ganked.
  • Don't bother with Health Potion, since Dominion has a de-buff reducing healing throughout the game.

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  • Always use the health buffs whilst defending and running about the map.
  • Try not to leave turrets undefended.
  • Play off-tank champions, as these come in very useful.
  • Use your brain. You are not invincible.
  • Play safe.
  • Communication and team work is vital.

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This is only brief, and I will be adding to it in the future, with picture and links.

This tells you the basics to how to win.

Will be happy to answer any questions, and will appreciate any comments and/or views on this guide.