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Shyvana Build Guide by otakupirate

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author otakupirate

Dont be Shy-vana, step right up!

otakupirate Last updated on November 2, 2011
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Hello again from the otakupirate! Here I have my guide and person pref to Shyvana! Yes she was just released and no I am not being bold as to say this is the best way, but it has worked out for me well so far when I have tested it. If you have tried other method's that you think might held bring stability into my build the tips would be much appreciated!

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Pros / Cons


  • Aggressive playstyle mid-late game.
  • Fun and not something 'simple'
  • A new way to carry from melee
  • Dragon?

  • Soft early game
  • I feel targeted immediately
  • My minions steal my creep kills!
  • Players more than likely assume yer a scrub playin' the fresh and new champ

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Skill Sequence

Twin Bite - Definitely your hard hitting move in my opinion. As the game progresses this move will smash through people with ease. I take this skill at lvl 2 and get it maxed out secondly depending how well I am farming out the creeps.

Burnout - A really nice skill for farming and keeping the dmg on the enemy. The only issue I have had with this move is my own minions last hitting the creeps instead of the AoE effect getting me the kills, so you have to make sure to try and pick those up instead. If I really need to farm, I max this out first, otherwise second.

Flame Breath - I use this as my opening move, getting that low debuff on the enemy before charging in and smashing them to bits. I just get this at lvl 4 and finish it up last.

Dragon's Descent - The signature move to our new champion, the ability to wreck people or run, the Fight or Flight spell! This ability strengthens all of your alrdy amazing abilities and makes them even better. It also increases your armor and mr by a lot, allowing you to stay in the fight longer without feeling like you need to flee. This move can be used to engage or even to jump a wall and escape.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - A personal choice that I always take. Flash can be used in order to catch or to flee, and is therefore very versatile and a must-have,

Ignite - Finding this to be quite useful more than my usual second spell. Early game people like to escape the dragon lady, so I just ignite them and watch them burn to ashes. Works on picking up those early kills.

The other viable choice I feel would be Exhaust as it weakens and slows your enemies, usable in order to chase to flee.

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I start off by taking the common Doran's Blade with me for that tiny amount of sustain, that she does not naturally have at all. That gives me a bit of extra health and a bit of lifesteal to stay in the lane just a bit longer.

I follow up with building my Beserker's Greaves next for the movement speed and the attack speed. Now you might ask why we want attack speed. Well, in my opinion, Shyvana should be build with attack speed and things that bring out on-hit effects since her Twin Bite strikes with those effects twice. How nice. What better thing to do than make you hit faster. Hitting faster means lowing the cd on Twin Bite too, even better. Anyways.

I next get Wit's End as you are going to be fighting against people toe-to-toe and getting some mr built up would be helpful not to mention more attack speed.

Next I assemble The Black Cleaver in all its attack speed and rendering armor useless glory! Wreck them fools hard and fast.

Then I proceed to get Malady. This will shred tanks apart if you are using your Burnout for tons of magic dmg.

Following that I get Frozen Mallet for extra health and a pretty nice slow end-game when **** gets serious. After this item, I would them replace Doran's Blade with some sort of tanky item that fits the situation that I am in.

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A pretty standard 21/0/9 build. I didn't take too much AP boost as I get a decent amount from the items I pick up, so i make sure to get attack speed, more gold, and more experience to quicken my process.

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Personally since a lot of my dmg comes from my physical attacks and Twin Bite, I figure that armor pen marks and a quint would be nice, more armor seals for defense and I figure for now just cdr glyphs or even magic resistance ones. Maybe someone has better ideas for glyphs? For the other two quints, I figure that more attack speed would be nice for this build.

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I farm by using Burnout to do most of the damage to the creeps and kill them with a quick last hit if they do not perish to my flames. I could easily see you just last hitting like any other champ and using Twin Bite to pick off the creep in out hit.

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All-in-all I build Shyvana like a carry who morphs into a dragon tanky champion late game. I have found the further I get into this build, the more of an unstoppable force she can become. Please leave me helpful feedback and tips!