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Riven Build Guide by sunasuke

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sunasuke

Don't Die Riven

sunasuke Last updated on December 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there My name is Steven and my summoner name is Lunar Trick
I'm not the most expierienced League player but I do know Melee characters fairly well
this guide is how to destroy in bot matches with the champion Riven

I usually get an average of 20-40 kills a bot match with this strategy and if it doesn't work for you I'm sorry but anyways try it out and see how it works for you and best of luck :)

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The Build Explanation

Alright so this build may seem...strange but it's essentially built around the title you're supposed to make sure you don't die because most of the items you buy essentially...well they suck unless you keep making kills without dying to stack up their attack damage the reason I put no boots into the build is because well it was designed for bot matches in mind and making yourself look like a pro in them it mostly relies on pure damage while relying on riven's Q and E skills to catch up to targets or to retreat quickly enough because they move the same speed regardless of slows and such it usually does pretty well getting around without boots

anyways as you can see Riven stacks attack damage and her abilities thrive on it if you play well without dying with this each of your Q skill attacks do almost 500 damage a strike in comparison that's about how much cho' gath does when eating someone with his base R skill so you hit like a truck by end game which pretty much keeps you in the green regarding kills

the main thing to remember with this build is to also be aggressive but not too aggressive it will allow you to go for a champ near turrets with ease at later levels because your E skill will give you a shield able to soak up a turret hit or two

as for the items you buy them in the order shown working up from one to the next and when you get really higher level I suggest you sell Doran's blade and replace it with something like yormammu's ghostblade or trinity force as those two are just all around fantastic items

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How to Play

have a partner with some kind of early game CC skill (crowd control) such as a pop-up or stun and co-ordinate with them to use it in the beginning of the match on a particular target usually someone squishy or a healer like soraka and while that's going on spam your q skill at them by the time their crown control is over your final hit should go off and knock the opponent back then use exhaust to slow them down and smack them a bit and hit them with ignite if they start to get away this will usually result in you getting first blood and leveling up right away

after this get ki burst so you have even more crowd control over the battlefield by stunning your opponents not to mention it does pretty good damage

after this you pretty much focus on your lane using the same strategy and if the opponent gets near a turret and if you're level 3 or higher use E to get in a last hit or two without fear and get the kill :)

another recommendation is to get the red and blue buffs for yourself ASAP!
these buffs will allow you to dominate as the blue one will make your long cool downs significantly shorter and slow opponents down (remember that your Q skill applies on hit effects such as the red buff)

essentially as long as you play like this and use your r skill for reinforcement of your damage and to hit fleeing opponents you should get a high k/d ration and just keep getting stronger and stronger and destroy everything in no time

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Pros and Cons

so there may be a few pros and cons to this but here's the list of the one I have found while playing this

-extremely high damage output mid and late game
-gets stronger with every kill and assist you make
-has good armor penetration which leads to a good fraction of your damage getting through even if the enemy stacks armor items to try and stop you
-easy to escape slows with and Aoe's such as Nunu's ultimate
-great for killing champions with near enemy turrets
-does extremely high damage late game even to minions and turrets
now for the cons

-extremely squishy and fragile especially during early game
-requires some support from teamates early game if you're going to make a huge difference
-requires teamates to be willing to help feed you kills to make you stronger
-lack of boots means targets may escape you sometimes
-early game relies upon summoner spells so it is somewhat unreliable at times due to their cooldown period
-Riven's long cool downs for her skills can sometimes stop you from getting an easy kill
-does require in some situations that you have the red and blue buffs to survive and get kills

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If this build is not to your liking I apologize or if you expected it to be pvp
I don't neccesarilly play pvp much so I have yet to try it in pvp and see how it works but if you want to try it go ahead :) I do reccomend though you get some kind of boots though for pvp

as I get better with Riven I will start going into pvp more and try different builds and such and if I find one that works well I will post it here I will also update these builds if any significant changes are made through the patches every week or two

Happy Hunting and good luck guys :)