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League of Legends Build Guide Author GeneralMat

DPS Nasus - My Method.

GeneralMat Last updated on July 20, 2010
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Kayle (DPS/Support)-

Welcome to my guide, thanks for reading!

This guide is on Nasus, The curator of the sands. Another one of my most favourite champions.

This build is directed at a more DPS build as apposed to appealing to his Tank side. But he is remarkably good at turning the tide of battle, lane control and dropping towers (SS damage is brilliant against towers).

Firstly a few words about the skill progression:

I always take Siphoning Strike [SS] first, for obvious reasons. then i don't level it until i have my other abilities, #1 to keep the mana cost down, and if your effective at last hitting - it already gains a sizeable attack bonus!

This may seem an odd item choice. But it is useful in my experience. Taking a Ruby Crystal to start is almost vital - as Nasus is extremely squishy initially, and is prone to being first attacked - being as he is melee. Then you turn this crystal into a Phage, for your first damage boosting item - along with a possible slow effect, to stop those pest's escaping! This Phage will later be used to make your frozen mallet!

Next on your list is: Sheen. Nasus needs the extended mana pool, as you'll notice, if your wish to do more than just last hit your creeps. Keeping your opponents at bay with Spirit fire can be quite mana hungry. Sheens main factor is its damage boost to your SS. You hit SS, the ability enables sheens effect - meaning your next melee hit is going to benefit from both the SS and Sheen damage bonus' it can leave a nasty dent.

This can either be done before, or after, getting boots (i reccomend greaves for the AS). This purely depends on your situation. i find sheen is better for getting larger hits on creeps so you can build up its + damage with more ease.

Then, Depending on your cash flow - You can opt to get either tiamat Brutalizer. Both have excellent prospects for Nasus. Tiamat gives you fantastic creep clearance, health regen and a little boost in attack damage. And the Brutalizer reduces those cooldowns, gives armour penetration, and also a little bonus damage.

By this point you should be well on your way on delivering some pain. And you should be nearing late game. The advantage of this item set - is its fairly low cost. Allowing you have a few items before most. Allowing that Phage to be upgraded to a frozen mallet, for the consistent slow, or even the BF sword to give you a nice spike in attack damage.

As for the Bloodthirster, feel free to get it early game, however Phage and Sheen are always my priority as they are both crucial for Melee DPS. Late game feel free to shed your boots and grab a Phantom Dancer or Maybe another Bloodthirster.

Playing Nasus:

Nasus can be rather tedious to some. As he does require some patience. He's not a champion that can run through an army of players, dropping them like flies. He rather lacks in nuking capabilities, and relies fairly havily on his SS. But don't let this fool you. once you have your SS to 110 +(400) and above, along with sheen's effect, people beging to feel it. Coupled with your natural life steal, and your wither - slowing those attack speeds coming your way, combined with a well placed Spirit Fire - reducing armour. You an extremely formidable force. Then if things are begining to look a bit grim - you can pop your ulti - and watch people (usually) flee - as your Attack Damage EXPLODES, and you basically almost fully heal while dishing out a rather nasty True Damage AOE.

This is just a small insight in to how i play Nasus, i have no intention of rambling on telling you how he MUST be played. As after all - i'm almost expecting you to try this build. Then improve it, and post your variant. Its how we all work!

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide. And i look forward to hearing your feedback!

Lasty.. 'Who.. let...the...dogs...out....Woof....Woof...Woof'