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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadowfax7588

dps teemo

shadowfax7588 Last updated on July 7, 2010
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This is my first build to actually test and publish on my own. It will probably change some, but has worked fairly well. I love playing as Teemo, he is one of the most versatile chars in the game, and can be used as the main damage dealer or as a support dps character, which is what I usually do, I don't get a huge amount of kills with this build, but have successfully gotten great amounts of assists while being able to keep myself safe.

Play style -

The basics of this Teemo is to do damage and to do damage fast. You can gain an advantage early be getting an early kill with your poison, or at least harassing your lane well enough to get ahead in levels or take down a turret early. As soon as you get your Wit's End or Ghostblade, you can start moving lanes and helping gank enemies. Of course there are multiple ways to do this, by pure power attack, laying mushrooms behind them and baiting them, or with you move quick active, chasing down and finishing off weakened foes.

As Teemo you must always be careful of how squishy you are, late game, when you get Banshee's Veil and Frozen Mallet, you have much greater survivability and can stay in much longer to help turn the tide of the fight.

Summoner Spells -

I prefer the Smite/Exhaust combo, Exhaust is obvious, with a super high attack speed char, 3 seconds of slowed movement can mean a lot of damage, and can easily result in a kill. Now a lot of people probably question Smite. The reason I have it is for every third wave, when you have the cannon minion. Early game, it is a huge advantage to be able to take him out quickly, and keep mine alive, and the bonus gold from the mastery point can never hurt. It also works on enemy pets like Annie's bear, and Heimer's turret. If you aren't a fan of Smite, Teleport or ghost both fit there. being able to Teleport to mushrooms that you have set up can help you gank of save a teammate in the nick of time. I am not a fan of rally or flash, just personal opinion there.

Item choice -

Beserker Greaves - I use these to give myself an early attack speed bonus, they are easily replaceable by the Tabi shoes.

Malady - This is a hard choice for me, half the time I go with a Stark's, usually depends on my teammates. The little extra attack speed is nice, and if you are depending on the extra life steal from Stark's, you aren't playing Teemo correctly. The extra damage from malady can really add up, especially early game. Even after you take the enemies Magic resist into account, malady + poison + regular fast attack = mega dps, it also helps finish off chars as they are running away, so the choice between these two is purely up to you.

Wit's End - +attack speed, drain mana, additional damage? count me in, poor Veigar/Soraka/Evelynn don't know what hit them when you get ahold of them with this. Also the Magic resist you get is always welcome for any char.

Ghostblade - If you are fighting a melee heavy team, get it before the Wit's End, with this item, you are able to do more damage, crit more, cut through armor and reduce cooldown of your blind dart/mushroom. As a nice surprise, just as someone thinks they are gonna get away, you can bump up with 20% movement speed and 50% attack speed to nicely finish them off.

Banshee Veil/Frozen Mallet - I get these items if there is time for survivability. If you are truly wanting to be jsut damage, you can put a phantom dancer/infinity edge here and tear through things, problem with doing that is that you die extremely easy, and teams will begin to target you first in team fights. But be flexible and get items that will help you depending on how the match is going.

Runes -
I go with attack speed and armor pen runes to help me get the kills early in the game. But do whatever you feel is best.

I know most people that look at this will probably call it a noob/attack speed build, but when it works, it works. There are plenty of other viable options with Teemo. I would greatly appreciate comments and advice on this build. thanks for looking!


I have been playing with this build for a bit now, and have discovered a few more advantages/disadvantages. I am unbeaten when I take mid with this build, and have discovered that Wit's End can end threats quickly and efficently there, so much that sometimes I get it before Malady. Current record with this build is 8-2