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Tristana Build Guide by bloodhorde

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bloodhorde

DPS Tristana

bloodhorde Last updated on February 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide and it's a build I have used for Tristana and it helps me win about 90% of the time. If someone could tell me how to insert thumbnails for skills it'd be greatly appreciated (I'm new). As for how I made this build, I played Tristana about 300 games straight here is a link to a scoreboard I had a bit ago (I don't know how to insert pictures).

My Scoreboard

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Alright, first thing about this build is that this build is built around purely AD runes. Meaning you want to stack armor penetration in runes to bring down the tanks faster. I put armor penetration on marks and quintessences, and attack damage on seals and glyphs. This makes it so early game you can deal lots of damage when you combo poke Explosive Shot and basic attack. Also these runes are very useful when high armor or high health characters come into play.

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Masteries are basically all around attack damage. I found cooldown reduction to be not as useful, since the main thing to do on Tristana is Rocket Jump and Buster Shot, which have low cooldowns anyway. Since I don't use ability power or need cool-down reduction, I just put those points into armor and improving my summoner spells. Also the offense tree builds attack damage, lifesteal, and crit chance, making most champions get killed easier.

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Skill Sequence

My Skill sequence is what surprises most people, I don't usually get Rapid Fire until a very high level. This is because I don't usually need more attack speed until the very end, in which attack speed comes into play when taking down towers. Explosive Shot comes into play at the beginning to slowly chip away at the enemy's health. Then Rocket Jump at level 2 in order to slow the enemy down and prevent them from running away. I max Rocket Jump and Explosive Shot before even getting my Rapid Fire.

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Pros / Cons

-Great amount of DPS
-Slows units easily with Rocket Jump/ Frozen Mallet
-Great tower killer
-Escape artist
-High range due to passive
-High crit damage

-Decently squishy
-Can't push turret alone unless all champs are in other lanes
-Low damage before The Black Cleaver

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Team Work

What you need to do in a team fight is instantly use Rapid Fire and start blasting off shots at the squishiest one on their team. If a teammate is running away, use your Rocket Jump to jump on the enemy to slow him down, and if needed ult him away. If an enemy is running away, use your Explosive Shot and then jump at them to try and slow them with Frozen Mallet. The best way to stop someone from running away (this is before they are too far away to jump on) is to Rocket Jump in front of them and ult them towards your teammates/tower.

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Farming minions is really easy on this character. Just last hit lots of minions and slowly poke the enemies with Explosive Shot, this will cause them to back a bit more when ganks come. When you're about level 13-14 you can just Rocket Jump on minions and take the rest down with your Rapid Fire. What's most important is to combo CS with your Explosive Shot, meaning attack the lowest health minion in order to damage the minions around it, hopefully killing them too.

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The main purpose for items is as listed below
- Berserker's Greaves: Attack Speed and movement speed
- Phantom Dancer: Attack Speed, Crit chance, movement speed
- The Black Cleaver: First attack damage item in build, movement speed, armor penetration, real kills come as soon as you buy this item, this item helps kill pretty much any ap caster on the other team
- Frozen Mallet: This is the second damage dealing item which is also really important. It stops Tristana from being too squishy as well as slow down the running prey.
- Madred's Bloodrazor: This is REALLY important due to the armor, attack speed, and attack damage. This also causes basic attacks to do magic damage too, in case someone is stacking armor.
- Infinity Edge: Last but not least, this build needs even more damage. Infinity Edge makes it so critical damage is even more and you get +80 attack damage, causing many people to go down very fast.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells are Teleport for lane control/ganks and Flash for getting away or chasing people. Variations can be used, such as ghost, cleanse, and ignite. Personally I would keep Teleport since it is very important to get to the towers to defend/wards for ganking. Ghost is good for running away, making it a good variation for flash. Cleanse is really good in case Tristana gets snared or stunned, meaning death since this build is quite squishy. Ignite is another variation in case the enemy goes past a tower and has just enough health for one shot to kill him. No exhaust is needed since I am sure Frozen Mallet and basic attack have more range than an exhaust skill range. Flash is important for going over walls to escape or kill, but Rocket Jump and ghost combo could work as well.

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Easy ganking

Easiest way to gank someone is to hide in a bush nearby or stand near a wall near an enemy. The first thing to do is Rocket Jump over the wall (or flash and Rocket Jump to slow) and then Buster Shot the enemy towards the pursuers and keep slowing him with a Rapid Fire and Frozen Mallet combo. But really, once you get the full build you can pretty much just walk out of the woods and keep shooting someone while they run away, 15% of the time they'll get away.

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1 on 1 fighting

If you are in a 1 on 1 fight and you know no one's going to come help you or your opponent, here is what you have to do. When going against an ap caster all you need to do is dodge his skills while slowing him down with your basic attack. When he's low enough Rocket Jump him and buster shot in midair causing massive amounts of damage and hopefully killing him. If against a tank, simply run away (you're probably faster) and shoot at the same time. He won't be able to catch you and eventually will run away from you due to the massive amount of damage you caused.

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Thank you for reading my guide for DPS Tristana. Have fun with your criticals, attack damage, slows, and movement speed. Hopefully you'll like it since I spend more effort on this than my college papers. Feel free to comment and help me improve this build, or PM me in-game, Summoner name Bloodhorde. Later I may do a build for Ziggs/Nautilus.

If you like you can add some doran's blade (I don't like them) or you can rush The Black Cleaver before Phantom Dancer.