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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adonikam

Dr.Mundo, Blue Pills when he pleases

Adonikam Last updated on November 25, 2010
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For those of you looking for playing Mundo in ranked games read my new guide here

NOTE: I removed the other two Mundo's. The reason being is that there is an example of the defensive masteries you can take lower down and in the Having some fun section you can see what the third build did.

I didn't make this video TheRawter160 did but it is extremely funny. =) Dr.Mundo, Wins. There's no doubt about it.

I'll start with explaining pros and cons, my summoner skills, masteries, skill selection, runes, items and situational builds, countering madred's, warmogs armour information, play style, the key to success, side note, key/legend and top scores.
NOTE: The play style information was written as though you were playing Summoner's Rift, you can take the same concepts and use them on Twisted Treeline though.


Summoner Skills
Skill Selection
Counter Madred's
Warmog's Info.
Play Style
Mid-Late Game
Key to Success
Side Note
Having some fun
Summary Video


    Amazing chase ability
Cleaver damage is percentage (DIE TANKS!)
Fantastic farmer mid-late game
CC reduction on Burning Agony
The more health you have the more health regeneration (WIN/WIN)


    You will be hated early game and possibly ganked ALOT
Cleaver takes a little while to master especially against fleeing/weaving enemies
Activation of Sadism is sometimes hard to get right as you can be focused and become useless if you time it wrong
Ignite or other moves that reduce healing can be hell. Check item description.

Summoner Skills

Ghost is great for ensuring that your prey doesn't elude you, I'm talking Master Yi and other annoyingly fast champs .

I use this on basically every champ as it is offensive and defensive, it allows great maneuverability, I have recently been using Cleanse on Mundo and it works x10 better.

This is amazing, especially in combination with Ghost and it has such a short cooldown.

Not something I normally take but if you are going full offensive probably a good idea.

This is useful for those harder games when you are under heavy harassment or want to set up ganks in lanes across the map.

Near useless in my opinion but usable. With Ghost/Ult/Boots/Cleaver you should be able to chase anyone down. The reason I say usable is for the "Blind" effect, it helps against heavy physical carries. (Blinded enemies cannot hit you for a certain amount of time with Auto Attacks). This is definitely an early game spell which becomes obsolete the longer a game goes, UNLESS they are a heavy physical team.

On another note, I don't often tell players NOT to do something but in this case I'll make an exception. PLEASE DON'T TAKE HEAL. Don't get me wrong, I love heal on some champions but heal is utterly dangerous on Mundo. If you use it before your ultimate you cripple your healing beyond repair. How? Using heal applies a debuff to you, reducing your incoming healing by 50%!! Also, heal is simply an early game spell and loses all usefulness on tanks after early game.


The offensive masteries were chosen basically because I like to get kills. The way I play is extremely offensive, I'm a tank that you can't afford to ignore 'till last. Crit strike is great along with crit damage and Mundo's skills have a fantastic cooldown synergy (Thanks to Phreak for this word haha) with runes and masteries. I know the last nine mastery points may seem wasted on Perseverance but let me assure you they are not. That extra 6% of extra Hp regen is what Mundo is about, the synergy between items like Force of Nature, Mundo's passive, Spirit Visage and a Mundo (spammable) Ultimate gives Mundo an endless supply of lane time if you play right. The gold boost is nice aswell especially in really, really long games.
Now the point in Archaic Knowledge is movable, especially if you are working with another summoner spell that you want to boost. However deals MAGIC damage, so this point boosts your cleaver and Burning Agony.

If you wanted to go full tank Mundo...
Skill selection

Maxing cleaver out is a MUST. This weapon is an enemy tanks nightmare. A percentage of their health lost on each hit, along with under 4 second cooldown you can spam this skill all day. Many people wouldn't agree with taking a point in Burning Agony as the health cost is too much for early game when every point counts. They'd be right. The reason I grab this skill is for versatility. Having only 2 skills to choose from until lvl 6 isn't my style. If you manage to destroy your enemy laners then you'll be glad you have this fantastic farming skill to grab as much cash as you can as your items are expensive. Another great reason for this is CCers who spam their skills , chuck on Burning Agony and run. If you took Cleanse don't worry about taking Burning Agony at level 4.

QUICK TIP: Early game when you don't have much health you cannot afford to be missing with your cleavers. Remember, half the health cost of throwing is refunded if you hit something. Try to line up your shots so that if they miss a champion they will hit a minion.


Basically anything works, (except Mana/magic runes, duh!). For me, as I play offensive I like to have my Armor Pen. Dodge, Cooldown reduction and Health (For early game). If you have a preferred set by all means use it. Runes are about versatility in play styles.
Another good way is to have all crit chance with crit damage quints, I do this sometimes with Mundo, (I bought the set for Tryndamere) and it is so much fun criting early game.

Another viable option would be to go all attack speed runes.

This saves you from buying AS in game and would make you your E skill WAY more powerful.


Doran's Shield is great for the early game boost of pure WIN.
A health potion is for the spamming of Cleaver and stupid poison champs like Twitch and Teemo.

Another item you might choose to grab instead of Doran's Shield is Regrowth Pendant. This choice is entirely up to you. To help you decide I've made a Pro/Con list.

    Gives health which is converted to HP5 due to innate.
    Gives health regen
    Gives armor
    Can sell later for small gold boost
    Allows you to take a health potion aswell

    Does not build into anything

    Gives more HP5 then Doran's shield
    Builds into a Warmogs or Force of Nature later
    Allows you to take a health potion aswell

    Makes it harder to get first blood or kills for that matter
    No armor or health boost

MY VERDICT: Alright, in my opinion, Doran's shield is the way to go. UNLESS, you are versing a heavy caster team in which case the armor from Doran's will not help you very much.

Back to the items!

Spirit Visage before boots? Definitely, by the time you have this you will be lvl 6 and the cooldown reduction + Hp regen boost allows you to chase whilst slowing down enemies with Cleaver spammage.
By the time you get boots your enemies will have already had theirs and onto their main items. Personally I choose Boots of Swiftness 90% of the time because I love the speed it gives me in chasing down fleeing enemies, together with Ult and ghost you can chase down anyone you want, but boots are normally decided upon in-game when you see who you're up against.
Another item to take note of is Leviathan. If you are absolutely dominating get this after Spirit Visage and before Warmogs. Of course if you are dominating this much then the enemy will surrender before you get to 20 stacks. Great for those long games in which you own but your teammates are less then average.
Warmogs is a must for Mundo. Mundo's passive turns this item into major Hp regen along with the hp regen boost. This item NEEDS Burning Agony to get it farmed up, stand in the middle of a group of minions and farm the hell up. You'll need it. After Warmogs you should decide how dangerous your enemies are. If you need more defense jump straight to the situational items. If you are destroying them grab Atmas Impaler. This item increases your damage the same amount as a B.F sword B.F sword every 2500 health you have. Enjoy your ownage.

Now the rest of the items are down to the enemies.

High physical DPSers? Thornmail then Sunfire Cape.

Casters? Force of Nature.

Annoying little CCers? Banshee's veil (You may not decide to get this if you swapped Boots of Swiftness for Mercury Treads)

Champions like Tristana and Miss Fortune that reduce your healing? Take Quicksilver Sash (You need to be conscious of what's happening to remember to activate this item, I don't recommend it for newer players) Another thing to take note of is that this removes Ignite if you don't take Cleanse this is basically a MUST.

QUICK TIP: Having a hard time pressing a number for the activation of Quicksilver Sash? Set the default button for it's slot to a button on your mouse.

Your team mate's skill leaves a lot to be desired? Aegis of the Legion support item which is amazing in team fights.

A lot of enemy melee champions? Randuin's Omen, this item has a great active and is absolutely amazing in team fights.

So to sum up this section. Your "core" build is.

The rest of your items are situational and are decided in game.
Also, the items I have put up are for "Tank Mundo" if you want to become even more DPS instead, then I would recommend getting Youmuu's Ghostblade after Atmas Impaler.

Typical "tank" Mundo

My DPS Mundo based off Core Build

Note: I can almost guarantee that you won't get past Atma's Impaler on either build. You'll be owning too much =).

Now here's another scenario to consider. Your lane is being dominated by yourself and your partner, enemies are fleeing in terror. Cleavers fall from the sky to smite foes great and small. Mundo smiles, he's only level 8. Basically you dominate early, IF you are OR IF you already have 2 other tanks on your team. SKIP WARMOGS. If you aren't even being put in dangerously low health circumstances then it will not be useful. Go straight to a damage item, not necessarily Atma's Impaler as you won't have the health to gain it's full benefit. If the game drags on after that, then you can get another tank item or some more DPS.

Staying alive AND dealing massive damage

My team mates need SUPPORT!

A new item approaches...

YAY! An anti-caster, attack item! I am now building this on Mundo against caster teams. Why? It gives attack damage, magic resist AND it has a unique passive which is kind of like Blitzcranks magic shield. The reason this works so well on Mundo is that he is one of those champions that (if you can walk the fine line between life and death) absolutely destroys at half to quarter health. His E skill gets stronger as you lose life and at low health he packs a punch. The little shield that this item provides allows you to stay on this fine line for longer and helps you destroy!

How to counter Madred's Bloodrazor

It's pretty simple actually and buying is one step on the way to countering the anti-tank item . How? Madred's Bloodrazor deals MAGIC damage. So, stack some Magic resistance, you really don't need too much as the champions that normally stack this are ranged DPS and they should be the first target in team fights. If you see Warwick with it even better, he dies faster as he is melee.

A quick note on Warmog's Armor

"Blah Blah Blah! What are you doing?? Warmog's is ****! Blah Blah!" You might possibly be hearing this in game. Why? People believe it's not enough bang for your buck. I say this item has the greatest potential if you think right. It basically is useless if you aren't proactive. Get out there, farm with W and get it up! When the team fights start happening get in there and hit everyone with W and get assists. That's right! Warmog's scales on assists aswell! If you are getting a lot of harassment in the lane go into the jungle and farm on jungle creeps. (Being actively aware of MIA's is important when jungling). Every item has the potential to be fantastic when used right.

Whew! That was a wall of text! Now it's time for play style

Lane with a carry . This is important. Carries need the gold and with your help, minimum harassment during early game. You should be in the bush closest to their tower on the Top or Bottom lane, spamming cleavers. If they decide to stay on the other side of their minions, swap to the bush on the stream and keep a constant hail of cleavers going.
Doing this will force them to use their pots or turn them into annoyed little ragers who think dumb and just want to kill you. Let them. When they come to get you, your fed carry, who has been farming like nothing else, will destroy them while they focus on venting their frustration on an annoying Mundo. This will feed your carry even more and speed up the end-game. When your carry is nice and fed let them go gank mid or another lane whilst you turret feed your way to victory. It's possible for you to only recall WHEN YOU CHOOSE. Grabbing Spirit Visage and spamming an ult with a fantastic cooldown. You should only recall when you have a someone to take over for you whilst you shop.

I recently went Mid solo and I absolutely dominated, I didn't recall once and got 4 kills and 3 assists, needless to say they surrendered at 25minutes. If you decide to go mid I'd recommend last hitting with cleaver or doing a cleaver/masochism combo. My cleaver/masochism combo is a 2 hit kill on all minions except the large ones. What is it you ask? Simple. Throw a cleaver at a minion, activate masochism and hit them, you don't even need to crit them, they basically die every time. If they don't let them get to 3/4 or 1/2 health before you do this. I'd recommend last hitting with cleaver but this is good if you can't last hit very well.

Mid and Late Game

You and your fed carry should be dominating. Push mid turret and raze it to the ground. If no-one on your team needs mana buff (unlikely) grab the enemies for a 36 second ult cooldown. ALWAYS use your ult BEFORE a team fight. I can't stress this enough. The health cost is TOO much when you are getting nuked and the earlier you use it the earlier you can use it again, to chase those fools who think they can escape. In team fights you will receive a lot of hard CC, as I stated above in another section, you need to keep moving. This is where Cleanse really shines. If they trap you in a stunlock you can escape with ease and know that your squishies have been saved from potential stuns. Another amazing thing about Cleanse which people don't realise is that it lowers any other CC's on you after use by 66% for 3 seconds, this really helps escapes. OR if you haven't picked up Cleanse then your Quicksilver Sash will be necessary to remove all those bloody ignites.

The key to success

Whats that you say? A sure fire way to win as Mundo? This is the reason I can deal heavy harassment while taking minimal in return. The key, my fellow Mundo's is MOBILITY! As simple as that. DON'T STOP MOVING. This picture will help explain what I mean.

In this picture (just an example) follow the blue lines and the green dots are cleavers you should throw.
If you are mid solo this is more relevant to you. Or even if you don't use bushes on top or bottom lane. Anyway, you are going to want to follow the blue lines every time you hit the end you throw a cleaver, aiming at last hitting or their champion if they are in range. Of course DON'T be PREDICTABLE. Mix it up. Cleanse works extremely well for me because stuns don't stop my mobility and they simply can't tie me down. The minions also act as a shield for incoming projectiles. Remember: MUNDO HAS GOT TO KEEP MOVING.

QUICK TIP:Having a hard time right clicking enough? Or getting R.S.I from right clicking? You can hold down right click and your champ will constantly follow your mouse.

Side note (Dragon, Baron and other tanks)

These 2 NPC's are very scared of Mundo. Why? A percentage of their health goes missing whenever Mundo's cleaver pleases. Same for tanks. Mundo wins.

QUICK TIP:Find yourself constantly short of cash for this builds' expensive items? Grab dragon as often as you can, I recommend getting him within 30 seconds of each re-spawn he has. Coordinate with your team mates and have constant ward coverage.

Having some fun =D

I was playing a game with Simple Logic and we were completely dominating, winning was inevitable so I decided to have some fun. I got... BUM BUM BUM... . That's right! My fire SLOWED the enemy! It was super ice-fire and it was awesome!!

Video Summary

The song is "The Waster" by my band "Milk" check us out on Facebook. (I'm drumming =D)

For those who don't know certain terms.

DPS = Damage per Second, referring basically to champions who lower your health in a frenzy.
CC = Crowd Control, referring to stuns, slows, taunts, etc.
Carry = Champions who can basically solo an enemy team late game, usually only good when fed.
Tank = Basically a meat shield champion, one who can take hits.
Blue Pill = Means "recall".
Gank = Gang Kill, basically uneven team fights.
Jungling = Instead of fighting minions in a lane, going into the areas with the lizards/golems/wolves and fighting them.
MIA = Missing In Action. If you don't know where an enemy is tell your teammates it could potentially save them from a gank.
Auto Attacks = Your normal "right-click" attack.
Last hit = Hitting a minion when it is on low health instead of constantly attacking it. This grants you the gold and also lowers the amount of harassment enemies can do to you.
AS = Attack speed.
AP = Ability power.
AD = You guessed it! Attack damage.
ArP = Armour penetration
HP5 and MP5 = Health per 5 seconds and Mana per 5 seconds respectively.


This is my first build, sorry for the wall of text but as my ideas surfaced so did more and more until what you see here happened. I will be happy to answer to comments. Please don't down-rate without leaving a comment.