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Team Guide by Tiraydian

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tiraydian

Dreamteam 101

Tiraydian Last updated on June 15, 2011
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The objective of this is to show what i think would be one of the best team setups in the game, i won't explain with very detail the builds and playing styles of these champions because there are 1231232432 builds of each and how to play them. Just a idea of what i think would kick ***!

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Summoner Spells

I find these summoner spells to be the best BY FAR for these champs, but one should always be ready for any team so i think kennen and mf could leave ghost or flash to be replaced with ignite or exhaust incase their team has mundo/vlad/ww/trynd/xin, these champions lose alot of power while under the effect of ignite (vlad/mundo/ww) and exhaust(trynd/xin) still i believe that amumu and galio should always keep flash to initiate team fights, a flashed amumu in the midst of the enemy followed by a flashed galio is deadly!

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Pros / Cons

+ alot of CC
+ best teamfight team i can imagine in endgame
+ alot of dmg
+ 100% win if everyone does what they should

- kinda weak at the beginning
- needs great teamplay
- needs some farming

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Ranked Play

So the team is the normal ranked play team, support, tank, AD carry, AP carry, off-tank. In this case, galio would be the off-tank while amumu is the maintank. Most of the damage would come from combining galio's and kennen's AoE, with MF finishing what these 2 cannot. With soraka to keep everyone alive and amumu to protect everyone, to start team fights and to put everyone in galio's ulti.

This team would have so much CC it hurts, besides having soraka's silence and mf incredible damage.

I based myself on the following builds of each team: for amumu's build (somewhat changed by me) for galio's build (again somewhat changed by me) for miss fortune(same as all before, changed a bit by me but not much) for kennen (copy pasta of this one) for soraka build (somewhat changed)

All of these champs are rather good at laning or jungling phase and just murder everything in teamfights.

As everyone can guess, galio would be top lane, kennen mid lane, mf and soraka bot and amumu jungle.

I also recommend reading with attention:


I find the fact that kennen's ult and galio's don't connect perfectly not really that relevant, since i believe that "the more the merrier!". I mean that this way, even if galio fails his ult, you still have amumu's ult to hold them still while kennen's ult ****s them over, or if amumu fails, kennen and galio have enough AoE to make up for it.

Of course never forget that kennen should never enter first, if every team fight starts perfectly, amumu should ALWAYS be the one initiating it!

I chose soraka instead of sonna or janna because i believe that soraka's heal will keep galio and kennen alive and, in the case that mf is targetted even with all of these AOE ults, soraka can keep her up for alot of time. Besides, in the midst of all that AoE i find it hard to believe anyone will target soraka.

Also i chose mf as AD carry since i believe she has the highest ranged dps if left unshecked.

Never forget that even with this much CC kennen mf and soraka have always to be careful and protected by amumu and galio! Amumu and galio should always work together to keep mf away from danger!

Also i think both soraka and mf can be replaced in this team, by vayne/cait and sona (will post this later)

During the jungling phase, sometimes I felt amumu didn't have enough mana to gank and jungle, finding myself going back to many times, if that happens, i recommend buying some mana pots with the health pots everytime you go back.

It is important to buy pots while amumu jungles since he has no lifesteal and he needs high health to gank!!

I build rod of ages on galio because i want him to beefy and have some AP as soon as possible, my objective is for him to be off-tank not a main tank so the extra AP is really useful! Also i build thornmail before FoN for the extra damage thornmail does with his ult. I also believe he would be good with rabadon's deathcap after thornmail since with the RoA, thornmail and banshee's veil he is very durable already and the extra damage could make the difference in a team fight

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Again this is just an idea I had of a great team composition and their items, I won't put much detail on how to play each one of them but follow the links to see how they go.

Thanks for all the great guides in this site and hope i can get some feedback, once i have time i will try and give details on how to play each champion here.

THanks to every person that did the guides i based myself upon, they rock! Read these guides carefully, they are really detailed and good


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