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Tahm Kench Build Guide by BurnerTroll

Top Drench the Kench - Tahm Kench Top Lane Guide [ 8.24]

By BurnerTroll | Updated on December 10, 2018
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Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hello, there. I would like to introduce myself first.

A 20 yrs old, male, playing LoL just for fun since season 3 so I hate rankeds. Just play 10 matches (maybe 20, with flex) and become Gold. Enough ^^.

I play mainly on TR server but also have accs on EUW and EUNE server.

BurnerTroll (TR)
BurnerTroll (EUW)
CoolDude12R (EUNE)
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First, I hear some voices saying "Tahm with Lethal Tempo wtf dude?"

I just respond: "Try it."

The main reason making this rune selection OP is his passive. After stacking 3, you can do whatever you want on your enemy, even eating them. And our aim is to do this as quick as we can.

Some of you guys would ask "Why no Hail of Blades?"

Yeah, it is a powerful early game keystone for Tahm but he is stronger on later periods and need more than 3 quick hits.

Also the power of Precision path is a criteria. For example, the "Last Stand" allows you to keep "licking" your enemy without doubt. If they hit you, you become even more stronger.
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I would purchase 6 Guinsoo's but...

Guinsoo is our main item. Not only the attack speed, but also the ability power and attack damage boost and the most importantly:


Let me explain it in different way:

Hit minions 4 times, then hit enemy 2 times, stun it with Q, hit more until stun ends and W it...

And hit more, Q more, W more...

Until one of you dies.


TriForce is actually cool because we are not playing our champion with his main playing and damaging style so it provides us enough damage, AS and HP.


Sterak's Gage is needed, because:

We are hitting our enemies furiously and all we have to do is focusing on our damage. Sterak helps to stay and "lick" longer in fights.
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Skill Sequence

Max Q, your main damage and stun ability. And very useful at laning phase while farming. Also a good poke tool with low cooldown.

After Q, max your W, your main defense (The best defense is eating your enemies. -Albert Einstein.) tool. Also very useful:

+After 3 stacks, eat your enemy to under your turret if possible.
+Eat a minion and throw it to the enemy to poke from distance.
+Eat cannon minion under turret to guarantee it's gold and xp, also helps you to kill other minions.

No need to mention about E, it is obvious.

Since teleport is nerfed, your R is very helpful to get your lane, helping teammates, controlling objectives and sharp ganks.
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Again, since the TP is nerfed, it is useful to have ignite. Also fits perfectly on Tahm while fighting because with Tahm, your damage is not enough to kill them without any other damage source on early levels.

Flash is flash, you know. (Insert Barry Allen joke here.)
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Pros / Cons


+Low cd Q
+Has some hard CC's. (Q stun, W.)
+Mobile ultimate which helps you to go far distances, also with a teammate.
+You can easily 2v1 like 1v1 if you eat one of you enemies. (I tried a lot, works perfect even on a 4v1!)
+Unexpected damage


-Too bulky, slow and larger hitbox. Hard to dodge skills.
-Long W cooldown.
-Useless when all skills are on cooldown.
-Ult does no damage so have only basic abilities to damage.
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It is a little bit harder to farm with Tahm but not a big deal. You can Q on distant minions, W under turret cannon minion to guarantee it, spit enemy minion to kill it and also the other minions.

After Guinsoo, it becomes easier to farm.
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Some tips, tricks

+If you want to dominate your lane from the early levels, try to get level 2 faster. After level 2, try to clear some of the minions and let your enemy farm but not all of them. Then just go all in. Attack order: AA - Q - AA - W - Q - AA - IGNITE (if possible) If you can, try to keep your Q to stun the enemy but it is usually too late to hit Q before they run away.

+Rush Guinsoo ASAP. Then you can easily 1v1 if not far behind them.

+Try to spit out your enemy into your minions or your turret.

+Let your enemy to push the lane to you but not to under turret. Freeze your lane in there and try to hit them while getting close. Seek for advantage and when you get one, go in and try to W them under your turret, Q to slow under turret and if needed, ignite them.
League of Legends Build Guide Author BurnerTroll
BurnerTroll Tahm Kench Guide
Drench the Kench - Tahm Kench Top Lane Guide [ 8.24]
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