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Zeri Build Guide by TinyMoose

Jungle drug addicted zeri jungle guide

Jungle drug addicted zeri jungle guide

Updated on October 29, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TinyMoose Build Guide By TinyMoose 5 2 11,859 Views 2 Comments
5 2 11,859 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TinyMoose Zeri Build Guide By TinyMoose Updated on October 29, 2023
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Champion Build Guide

drug addicted zeri jungle guide

By TinyMoose
About me!
hi diddily ho gamer im tiny noose a mutli season dumpster that plays a bunch of offmeta trash such as the guide you are reading right now (jungle zeri) apart from being a multi season bonafied scrub i also stream, make videos, and make the most abysmal tiktoks the platform has ever seen. ive been a zeri otp since like start of season 13 just to prove my dad wrong(he plays league and said zeri is trash)and after i proved him wrong i realized im a zeri simp and ive been playing her ever since. i used to play her in adc and climbed quite a good bit with her i think but after they nerfed her synergy with sheen i tried her in differnet roles like top lane and top lane but since top lane is funny coin flip role i switched to adc again for a bit and then to jungle where i have been enjoying it ever since.
Why zeri jungle?
its fun

in all seriousness zeri jungle is quite the experience. her E being able to dash through walls give her quite good ganking ability add along her w slow through wall and the ganking actually isnt that bad. her clear isnt insanely fast but her w through wall giving aoe and her E making her next Q's penetrate through targets make it good enough to be viable.
In-depth build order
As you might have seen the build isnt the typical crit build and i have a good reason for that. its just not as fun also playing her in jungle means you would have an actual adc. and cause you have an adc you can build stuff like heartsteel and titanic hydra and all that funny stuff you might not do the most damage but by golly will you contribute if you play correctly
of course since it is quite an offmeta pick there are bound to be some downsides to it lets go over some of them.

One downside to playing this pick normally starts in champ select. With a pick as offmeta as zeri jungle sometimes you get teammates that arent to fond of your playstyle, I have encounter a good amount of people get immediately tilted the second I lock it in but one solution to this problem is a silly little thing called a google slide which I just so happen to make :) this the google slide

Another issue that ive seen with zeri jungle is her clear. Early game her clear is awful, its quite slow and also will leave you at like 2 pixels of health left if you dont do it perfectly. Sadly since I am only a trashcan I have not been able to find a soluction to this problem other than hope that you dont get too far behind early.

One last problem that I have ran into while doing this pick is how easily punishable it is. Incase you are not a zeri player zeri is quite poop *** early which means if enemy jungle is rude and wants to invade you during your clear you should pray to god that you are accepted into heaven cause you are getting cyberbullied hard. One solution to this problem is don't play zeri jungle but that solution is cringe instead what you could do is just not die and just hope to scale.
this build or playstyle might not be for everyone but i enjoy it. i hope to try and climb to the best of my abilities with it at its worst its a fun offmeta pick that your team will flame you for at its best it could be an op pick that your teammates would still flame you for
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TinyMoose
TinyMoose Zeri Guide
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drug addicted zeri jungle guide

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